Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our First Fishing Trip

For my birthday, Dave's dad got me a gift card to Sportsman's Wharehouse. These boys are going to get me all set to like the things they do and I find it very cute that his dad gets me gift cards to places where I can get stuff to participate in these activities with them. It's like an open feeling to be included in the "boy things" if you will. Anyway...I knew exactly what I was going to buy when I opened that card and saw what he got me. I was going to buy a fishing pole!

Dave had been talking about going fishing forever. I'm always like yeah we'll go but apparently I have never showed a great interest. I've always been fine going, we just never went. So I thought I will get the fishing pole and surprise him! I called Steve to ask what kind of pole I needed and he was actually helpful. I walked into Sportsman's Wharehouse and played the dumb girl act. Actually I walked up to the guy and said I need a fishing pole, I'm clueless as I"m a first time fishergirl! He laughed and spent the next hour helping me. This guy was awesome and if I wasn't in such a hurry (I was late to pick dave up for lunch) I would have found a manager and commented on the great customer service I received. Dave always laughs when I do this but seriously, the guy spent an hour helping me...he deserves some kuddos! Anyway the guy helped me find a fishing pole (IT'S PINK!!) a tackle box and all the stuff I needed to go in it. Then I went up and picked out some waders so that I could go out in the float tube with Dave too.

I went to get Dave and he seriously thought it was the best thing ever! He saw it in the back of my car and was like aww honey you bought a fishing pole. He liked it so much it brought a little tear to his eye because I wanted to share in an activity with him. What can I say he's a bit sensitive and I love it! I got exactly the reaction I was looking for and more. He understood that this was my way of saying yes I would love to go fishing with you. He loved it so much that we went this past weekend and he gave up going down to Hot August Nights to spend the weekend fishing with me. He's a big H.A.N fan...it's the equivalent of Patty missing the SuperBowl if the Jets were playing :) So that showed he really wanted to take me fishing.

We went to Squaw Reservior on Friday and planned to stay until Saturday evening and then come home. The weather SUCKED! It was windy and yucky and where we had to fish was all rocky so my line kept getting stuck and Dave had to break it off. Needless to say the fishing trip did not start off like either of us hoped for! Here's a few pictures from Friday...

Here I am loading my bait onto my hook (thanks to the helpful guy at Sportsman's showing me how to do it all!)

Here is Dave with his only catch! You'll hear more about why that happened later on.

Here I am all pissed off about fishing...I was thinking it was boring and I was pissed that I was now on hook 4 of 5!!

We gave up on fishing and went and played games. Someone had a chocolate donut and got a messy face...I love this face!

After we played games for a while we decided it was time to cook some dinner. While Dave was cooking, the wind calmed down and you could see the fish jumping. So I went back down and tried fishing again. I didn't catch anything, but I had a lot more fun! Here we are getting dinner ready!

Dave working with our spread!

Us together at dinner

I got bored so I took pictures of me!

After dinner we sat down to eat and the damn mosquitos ate us alive! Julia will appreciate this story! They were annoying to me but they were down right pissing Dave off. He was freaking out slapping his legs and cussing at all the bugs. We ate fast and he goes that's it we are going in the tent! The tent? But we just built a campfire and it's like 8:30. The campfire was put out and we were in the tent! I must say it was much nicer. We hung the flashlight from the top of the tent and then we played games. We also took pictures because we got bored!

Quincy was pretty much over us playing the game...so he got in the middle of it! He wanted lights out and time for bed, not us up talking and laughing with bright lights!

Saturday morning we woke up and fishing was much better. It was like glass so I casted out and caught my first fish!! I was very excited but I wasn't sure how I felt about holding mr. fish for his photo op!

I had to laugh at Dave...he said honey do you want this picture from the waist up?? I looked at him with my best snobbish look and said HONEY...waist up pictures were so last summer! I've lost weight full body pictures are AOK now!!

And here's a few more pictures of me out in the float tube...in all I caught 3 fish that day. Dave never did fish (he only did on Friday) because when the game warden came to check our licenses he asked Dave if he was familiar with the trout stamp. Dave said yeah don't I have one on there? Apparently he didn't and he forgot to buy one this year. He always buys one and he said he probably thought I never actually go fishing and use it so why bother...why bother?? Hello bother because I bought a fishing pole dork!

Me in my new waders

Fishing in the float tube

Catching the fish that swam under my butt when I was trying to reel him in!

A good day of fishing

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bachelorette Party

After the shower, we all went out for the bachelorette party. The night started off at dinner at the Olive Garden (YUM!!) and then we were supposed to go miniature golfing and then downtown. Unfortunately the mini golf girl was a bitch and there was miscommunication or something and we didn't get what Chrissy had talked to the manager about. So instead of dealing with this rude girl, we all left and took the business with us! So we went downtown a little earlier than originally planned I guess. It was all a surprise to me what we were doing other than I knew we were having dinner and I knew we were going downtown. We went to Rum Bullions, a local little piano bar, and they pull you up and sing to you. I got to do I'm a little teapot which turned into I'm a little bimbo haha! It was fun none the less. Then we headed down to Brew Brothers where we danced the night away. Here's a few pictures

Monica, Shasta and I all ready to go

Chrissy and I at dinner

Me doing I'm a little bimbo...and the girl that was pissing Shasta off because she wouldn't get out of our picture!

My dare was to find a man to marry me...this was the lucky suitor. He was a good sport! The first guy we asked actually thought we wanted him to marry me! Weird!

The girls at Brew Brothers...Katie got cut out of the picture!

All the girls at dinner

Shasta and my sister taking their shots!

Me giving baby Cambrea a kiss...she was our designated driver for the night haha! Chrissy was a trooper and stayed out pretty late with us for being 7 months preggo!

So we had a pretty good time...I ended up only have one drink and a shot when we first got there and then it was so hot I didn't want to drink...plus I didn't want to be all hungover in the morning. So I'm glad I didn't get drunk...this way I can actually remember my bachelorette party!

The Cooking Bridal Shower

Wow I've totally slacked...I apologize now and have much to blog about. I am supposed to be at Walmart making a CD of pictures so that we can start working on our slideshow for the reception. That will take me oh like over an hour because I have many pictures to scan. Then I'm supposed to be at school working in my classroom because school starts in two weeks and I have nothing done! But instead I feel I owe some good blogs and chose to procrastinate just a little longer.

Shari, the most wonderful woman in the world, or Mama Bear as we like to call her threw me a bridal shower. I was very excited because it wasn't going to be a normal bridal shower. It was a cooking shower and everyone was going to be working on making something for us to eat. Then everyone brought recipes that were easy for me to make! You know I'm cooking challenged but the shower proved to be a great thing. I got this great cookbook from Monica's mom called Anyone Can Cook. It's the best! Dave has gone through and picked out dinners this past week (the nights we were home) and I cooked them up. I wasn't even nervous...I figured if I screwed them up oh well we started over or found something different. So far I have made pulled pork sandwiches and last night I made an AWESOME Buffalo chicken pizza. It was by far my favorite!! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the bridal shower...I won't over do it with pictures because it takes so long to load the stupid things, but for those of you who are on my myspace (I'm pretty sure all of you that read me regularly are on my myspace) the pictures will all be there.

My cute little apron that Chrissy got me...it says Mrs. Reeder and then my favorite saying of live, laugh, love. Plus she's super thoughtful and it is yellow, my mom's favorite color.

All the girls...well the ones that were still there...we were missing a few

Monica and Shasta...Shasta had to work really hard to make my little bouquet for the rehersal dinner...we only had one bow!

The best man in the whole entire world! Literally...Dave was supposed to pick Bubba up when he was done golfing around 12 and golf ran over and when the shower was over Dave showed up. Thank god Bubba is a good man and can go with the flow...he was there the entire shower. He made friends with Shari's husband Don!

All the bridesmaids minus Kayla...she wasn't here :(

So needless to say it was really fun. I learned how to cook a few things and best of all I got over my "fear" of cooking if you will. I learned that if you mess it up it's not the end of the world and sometimes you can improvise on your recipes. The best thing about the shower?? Dave finds my new cooking skills sexy haha!