Thursday, March 12, 2009

Move over Martha Stewart!

My friend Monica called me on Sunday and said her mom would like me to make a cake for her dad's surprise 50th birthday party tomorrow night. She said that all the "Over the Hill" cakes had tombstones and she didn't really like them. She knew I liked to make cakes, especially recently, and asked if I would do it. I said sure...I went with an "Over the Hill" in the man really going over the hill!! I don't like to brag or anything but you know for not knowing a thing about actual cake decorating, I think it turned out AWESOME! So move over Martha Stewart...step aside Betty Crocker!! Here's my Over the Hill Cake!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

He knows just what to do...

I have had the most bizarre of bizarre days at school today. I swear to got the moons weren't aligned or something and everything was just wacky! My kids were good, it was more the colleagues that I stood around looking at them like SERIOUSLY??? DID THAT JUST COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH? Yeah one of those days.

I stopped at the store to buy myself a new stamp so that I can stamp all my books during my class thing this weekend. Yay now I have one that says Angie Reeder and I don't have to write it 15 bazillion times in my book. Dave ran to the store to get some chicken for dinner while I was at the store. (Side note...I really wanted some Taco Bell because I had a yucky day, but he insisted on cooking...that's good news for the Tummy Tucking blog haha!)

I came home and he said I brought you a treat because I knew you were having a bad day. Fantastic!! What might he have brought me?? Hopefully something chocolate!! Please be chocolate because chocolate would make up for not getting Taco Bell on a crappy day!

He got me a snickers!!! YES! Chocolate ewy goodness! He was going to make me a margarita...even more thoughtful, but really I would have much more preferred the chocolate!

He knows just what to do when I'm having a yucky day! .

Lesson of the post:

He's a fast learner haha!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Time for me

Clearly since my last post was about Christmas I have sucked at blogging. I haven't even done a great job of keeping up on the Tummy Tuck blog and even if I sucked at blogging over here I've always been good about blogging there! I don't know what the deal is and I can't seem to get out of my funk! I haven't even read everyone's blog and I've spent the better part of the last hour trying to speed read and catch up on everyone's!

That being said it's time to make time for me. Lately I have been reading a lot and I think that's taken away from my computer time. I have to say it's been nice and I've really enjoyed it. I've been plowing through the Janet Evanovich books and trying to catch up for when the new book comes out. This has left me with a great sense of accomplisment because I've been reading so much and unfortunately a sense of always looking over my shoulder because I've read so many of the books I'm pretty sure there is a bad guy lurking around the corner and I lack Stephanie Plum's kick ass bounty hunter skills! Seriously today there was a car driving slowly around our block and I was inclined to turn the car around and follow to make sure they weren't weirdos on the block!

While the reading has been nice, I have missed blogging. I have missed reading my favorite blogs and sharing things on mine. Since the wedding is over I felt like there was nothing to write about. But before the wedding, I had stuff to write about so I don't know what happened. I never even blogged about our Honeymoon! Last week I wanted to write about the awesome cakes I baked for my class. It was Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday and I made and cake and decorated it like the Emancipation Proclamtion! The kids had an absolute blast and I suddenly became the coolest third grade teacher ever!

For the first time ever since I started dating Dave he sent me flowers. That's all I wanted for Valentine's day. He got me flowers one other Valentine's day 3 years ago and I will never forget because he walked into my classroom carrying six pink roses and a box of bullets (not his brightest moment walking into a school with a box of bullets but it had a purpose) and one of my students turned around and said "It's about time you showed up with the flowers!" The only other time he has ever given me flowers was on our one month anniversary in November. He was being all cute and got a nice card and a single rose. But never has he sent me a bouquet of flowers. Finally he did this year and they were beautiful! I dont' like flowers all the time, but on that day they were perfect!

I guess lately I've also had that feeling of being the only friend without a baby! I'm not exactly ready to have a baby just yet, but if it happened it wouldn't be the end of the world. The other day we were at school and three of my teacher friends were has a 3 year old, one has a 2 year old and a 7 month old and then one has a 4 month old. They were talking about the 3 year old's birthday party and how the other two missed it. But they were having all this mom talk and I totally felt left out. Chrissy immediately sensed this and was like aww Ang when are you going to start having babies so you can join in on this...she knows when I clam up and when she got back to her classroom she called and said I'm so sorry...that was such an awkward moment because the one teacher just started talking about it and we got all wrapped up...I'm sorry! Great now I'm making my friends feel like they can't enjoy their own offspring for fear they will hurt my feelings! I'm THAT friend!

Like I said it's not that I want a baby tomorrow...or even within a year for that matter. I guess it just feels like it's the next thing to do (not to mention most people went from saying so when's the date for the wedding to when are you going to have babies?)...we got married now we have babies. All my friends were pregnant around me...most of them have now had their babies with the exception of my one friend who is frantically trying not to go into early labor! Then I got to watch all of my blogging friends have their babies and I just loved watching them write about how passionately they couldn't wait to become mothers for the first time or how they couldn't wait to see their son be a big brother.

So anyway...that jumbled up post being written...I'm going to get better at blogging again. I'm going to get out of this funk, take time for me and get back to writing.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Traditions...New and Old

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while now...since we put up our Christmas tree. For some reason, I just cannot find the time to blog anymore. I love blogging and enjoy reading all the blogs, but for some reason lately I just haven't made time for it. At the beginning of the new year, my goal is to start blogging again like I used to.

This was my first Christmas as a married woman. I've lived with Dave for the past 3 years, but you know being married I assumed we needed to start our "own" Christmas traditions. As we started pulling out the tree, I got all excited to start our own traditions. In my mind I knew all the traditions I had as a kid and I wanted to make sure that I passed those down to my children some added a few of our own fun things. As I was planning future Christmases in my head, Dave was trying to explain to me that we already have traditions of our own. As I snapped back from my future thoughts, I tried to understand what "our" traditions were. I mean we decorated the tree, but it's not like we did anything special. We were already 2 songs in before I realized what he was talking about.

You see neither Dave nor I are fond of Christmas music. I don't mind it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or even once in a while here and there. But when Magic 95.5 starts the all day everyday christmas songs, I want to pull my hair out. Or when you are shopping...drives me nuts. So last year as we decorated our tree, Dave had downloaded a bunch of funny Chrismtas songs. He downloaded I Want a Hippopatomus for Christmas, the 12 Redneck Days of Christmas, Merry Christmas from the Family...all songs like that. There was no Jingle Bells for us...unless of course it was the version where dogs barked it so that Quincy could enjoy decorating too! We listened to them while we decorated our tree last year and this year he had them all ready to go when I started to pull out the ornaments. He reminded me that last year I said I had so much fun decorating the tree listening to these goofy songs that I wanted to make it a tradition every year! I guess that our "own" traditions had already started.

Another tradition that I have had in my family is that we always open presents on Christmas eve. I can remember the first year that my brother in law had to work on Christmas Eve so we waited to open presents on Christmas morning so he could be with us. I was ok with breaking tradition a little there because it wouldn't have been a tradition if he hadn't been there to open presents with us, but none the less it was breaking my tradition...I think I was like 14 at the time! As you can see breaking traditions doesn't go over well for me.

I can also vividly remember the first Christmas where my sister and brother in law left on Christmas day to go and spend Christmas with his family. Again I think I was like 12, however, not ok in my book. That was NOT how we did Christmas in our family and if he was going to be a part of our family he was going to follow OUR traditions. My mom quickly pointed out that my sister was now starting her own family with her own traditions and she was going to have to share her time at Christmas with both of her families. Annoyed, I tried to understand. This year, my niece and nephew, and I must admit even my sister, had to learn this lesson all over again. You see we went to Winnemucca for Christmas Eve and then came back on Christmas Day to spend it with Dave's dad. I went a day early so that I could have some extra time with the kids, but you could tell that they were bummed we were leaving on Christmas morning as was my sister. I think she tried to keep us there as long as possible! In 26 years, I have never not attened Christmas mass. I'm not overly religious, but we are dealing with tradition here, not so much the actual act of church. It snowed like you cannot believe in Winnemucca. I swear they got at least 8 inches of snow if not more and then I come home to Reno where we literally have a dusting in comparison. The snow was too much in the morning and my dad decided they would go to church at night. That meant I wouldn't be included. I tried to be like yay I get out of a long mass with a boring priest (even if my sister called to run in that it was a nice service because of the new priest), but part of me was sad. There was another little piece of tradition slipping away from me if I had to spend Christmas day not with my family. You would think that it's not a big deal because all we do on Christmas day is get presents from Santa and then it's pretty much over. We do the presents and big Christmas dinner the night before. But we are lazy and play games all day on Christmas day...something I didn't do this year.

When we got to Fernley, it was all different. No games, we just sat with Dave's dad and talked. We ended up watching a movie and then he opened his presents from us. We had already opened ours from him while he was gone to Wisconsin because he gave them to us early. Even though it was a different tradition, it was nice. I had fun spending the time with my father in law. I realized it didn't matter if it wasn't the same tradition, it was still Chrismtas and he was just as much a part of my family now as I was of his. So time must be spent equally. It's a lesson in growing up if you will. Things change as we get older.

I hope that next year at this time, Dave and I will be in a house of our own. I think we are going to start the process of seriously looking right after the first of the year. My hopes is that next year, everyone can come to our house for Christmas. That way we don't have to worry about Dave having to rush home to get to work the next sister and brother in law always have the day after Christmas and Christmas Eve off...Dave never does. My dad is retired so he could come. Plus then I would be able to actually have a Christmas at my own house where I get to cook a dinner for everyone. That would be a new tradition in itself!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In which I swoon...

Today is our one month anniversary! I'm not sure where the time has already gone, but I can't believe that we have already been married a month! I went to the store tonight to get a special dinner. I made him a steak and got myself some chicken to grill. That's right...I said grill. I have never barbequed in my life because I am afraid of fire and BBQing involves flames!! Well tonight I had Dave show me how to do the BBQ and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!! I was really proud of me for doing that because that meant that he could come home and relax and I did it all!

But...oh but ladies...he didn't just come home! He came home with a single rose and the cutest card! The other day we were talking about being married a month and we figured out that if we were married for 90 years that's 1081 months. So my card says that this has been the best month ever and he can't wait for the next 1080!! Plus the card is all about a fairy says once upon a time...happily ever after...just to make a long story short. Yep...I oohhed and aahhed at him all night. SWOON...

And without further ado, here are my wedding pictures! Unfortunately if you really want to see them you get to see them ALL. I won't get them for another few months but now the website is already up. I know some of you that read have already seen them because I sent them to you in an email but for those that haven't here is what you need to do:

Go to
Username: Angie & David Wedding
Password: 14057

The pictures of Dave under his name of him all alone on the wall...well let's just say I saw those and fell in love with my husband all over again! They are my favorite, but then I'm a little biased :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The last day of my single life!

All of our wedding guests started arriving on Wednesday night. My friend Callie that I hadn't seen in 5 years came out with her parents for the wedding. That was great because I hadn't seen her parents in like 7 years and they came all the way from Virginia to spend the special day with us!

Me with Callie and her parents at the wedding

Then everyone else came into town on Thursday. All our friends from Wyoming, Dave's family, my family...everyone! It was so much fun to have everyone here, but at the same time very overwhelming. You feel like you need to spend time with everyone, and at times, it's hard to mix everyone together. I have to say I was so happy with my dad that weekend. He was good about doing everything with us and even came to lunch with all us "kids" after the rehearsal. We took my niece and nephew with us and went with all our friends...we didn't figure my dad would want to come. Then my sister called and said to add 3 more because they were coming. He was a good sport the whole weekend and stayed the entire time at the reception...never once complaining about anything...that added to the perfect weekend in my eyes!

Here I am with my daddy...

Here are Allie and Daunte at lunch...once they met each other, we had a hell of a time separating them. They actually got along really well, again something that added to the weekend. This is why Allie came to lunch with us...she got the sad pouty face and walked up to Daunte and said "bye Daunte" in the voice that says...nobody invited me to go. So the kids came with us!

After our lunch, we all just went and hung out. I should go back and tell you what a disaster rehearsal was. The lady seemed like she didn't have a clue what the hell she was doing which bummed me out because when we met her she seemed to have it all together. The priest didn't even come to rehearsal, which is probably why Dave and I were suprised to have a kiss in the middle of the ceremony! Fortunately, we worked all the kinks out at rehearsal and you wouldn't have known they happened by the looks of the ceremony.

I should also back up and tell about the fight with the mother in law Friday morning before rehearsal. Thursday night I called Dave's sister and told her there was no way that I was going to be able to go with her to pick up her cousin at the airport on Friday morning. I had to get Dave's brother at 9:30 and hurry to the tux shop to make sure his tux fit (only two of the tuxes fit when we all went in to pick them up! and if I didn't have him there before 12, his tux couldn't have been fixed and rehearsal was at 11). She said she forgot that she had to pick him up so she called her mom. Is it my problem that her mother was drinking and partying it up and so she didn't apparently pay attention to the fact that she said she would pick up the cousin (her nephew) the next morning...I think not. However, I get a phone call while I am up picking up Gabe and Bubba that morning before getting Dave's brother asking me why I couldn't wait 15 minutes for the cousins flight. Dave's mom started giving me a bad time and I calmly told her that I didn't have time to wait for him and that I didn't have room for him in the car. This is why I called Kayla the night before to let her know that she needed to make sure she got him! Well she just kept saying over and over so I leave to go out of my sister's room to talk to her and I hear Dave's grandma say "that's just great, he would do anything for them and then last minute they can't even pick him up!" That pissed me off so I calmly told his mother that I could hear grandma and I did not want everyone fighting. I told her I couldn't get him, I had called to let Kayla know that I couldn't wait for her to get him (originally we were going to the airport together to get everyone) and that there was really nothing I could do. So I hung up and called Dave pissed. I started crying becuase when I told his mom that I didn't want everyone fighthing she said oh get over yourself Angie no one is fucking fighting. Well my sister finds me crying and says give me the phone (as if more drama will make it better!) Ask Shannon my sister is a fiesty one. So I yelled at her and told her if she caused a scene I would be pissed. Then his mom called back and "kinda" apologized but I was still annoyed. She was just pissed because she had been up partying and she wasn't going to make it into town on time to get him...again not my problem, I got my stuff taken care of and it was never my responsibility in the first place to get the cousin! Oh well, she got the cousin, Dave told her to knock her bullshit off, and everyone made to to rehearsal on time. And it's a good thing I didn't give in because Dave's brother's jacket was way too small so we had to make another stop to get another jacket!

Ok back to where I was before I had to backtrack...after lunch on Friday we all went home and just hung out. Then Monica, Kayla and Callie and I went up to decorate for the rehearsal dinner. For my little luau going to an inside deal, it actually turned out really cute. The boys from Wyoming were staying at Boomtown so they came down with their wives and helped us. It was nice to have them there because when I got to pick the boys up was the first time that I didn't feel any stress whatsoever during the wedding. They were both great in calming me down after my little upset with the MIL and made me laugh the whole way to the airport. Here's a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner Friday night...

Dave's grooms cake that I made for him!!

no idea why it's's not that way on my computer!

Dave cutting his groom's cake

Dave and his brother Brian

Dave's family and me

Baby all remember she was supposed to come 6 days before the wedding, but came a month early! She is doing great and getting big. Her dad, Eric, and I thought the picture with the flask was funny...we got her to smile haha! (PS getting annoyed that blogger is turning my pictures around and I can't fix them grrrr)

Brian, me, Dave, Robert, Courtney

Lisa, me, Shasta and Callie...friends since grade school

My dad and us

After the dinner I told Dave bye as we spent the night apart. I'm glad we did because when I finally saw him as I walked down the aisle, I understood why you don't see your groom the night before. It's what you wait for all day while you get ready to see him and then there he is and it's a perfect moment! Dave's sister stayed in the bridal suite with me and so we figured it would be fun if we had all three kids stay with us, her son, and my niece and nephew. It was seriously the best thing I could have had the night before the wedding. Having the kids with us made me remember what life is all's not about the stress of planning a wedding. It's not about worrying about if every detail is right or if something is going to go wrong. It's about having fun and spending time with people you love. That's what's important! We started off by piling into the jacuzzi tub and letting our feet sit in the water. We tried to all jam together for a picture but you can see it didn't go so well! Then we decided to play a little elevator tag and run down to see if the reception room was done...but they had locked the doors on us! So we ran around the casino (well the part that is actually the convention center) in our pjs and bare feet playing elevator tag. Then we went upstairs to go to bed. Surprisingly none of the kids argued when we said it was time for bed. The only argument we got was a few tears when we had to separate Daunte and Allie and they had to sleep in separate rooms. We bribed them and told them that the sooner they went to sleep, the sooner they could play together again!! It worked and we all headed off to bed.

Tiptoeing around to play elevator tag

Smashing together in the elevator for a picture

Allie and Daunte (our flowergirl and ringbearer)

Everyone in the jacuzzi tub

Me and my sister in law Kayla

The kiddos in the jacuzzi tub

Trying to separate them for bed!!

It was the perfect night before the wedding...

Welcome to Married Life!

I're all thinking oh my gosh Angie is actually blogging! I have been a complete slacker and am finally ready to get back to blogging. I chalked it all up to the wedding and trying to get things ready...then it was report cards the Monday I went back to school (what I was thinking not taking that day off I have no idea!) and I had to have them done by Thursday. Got those out of the way and I feel like I actually have time to myself again...time to blog and time to relax!

The wedding was perfect. In my eyes, not a single thing went wrong. The priest did do our vows wrong (that only bothered Dave and he actually wasn't that bothered...he wanted to say I do because he knew he would cry if he had to repeat everything, the priest messed up, he had to repeat the vows and he cried!) and randomly had us kiss in the middle of the ceremony so we totally weren't prepared for that at all, but aside from that the day was seriously perfect. The weather was beautiful, everything was on time (or at least I never knew we were running late if we were) and things went smooth. I don't have many pictures of Dave and I together yet, but I have a ton of the reception. Here's my favorite picture so far of us together:

That's really the only picture of us together that I got on my camera.

I see I'm going way out of order so I figure I will break this up into a few posts...the rehearsal dinner, the fight with the mother-in-law, and the night before the wedding...then the actual wedding!