Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dispicable Woman

Ok so this is going to have to be a really short blog (chances are I say that and it won't be) filled with a lot of anger. Dave's mom will not be here for his graduation...ok we knew this and while it irritated me to no end he just kept saying he was fine with it. She is coming up in two weeks for a wedding and he didn't want her to have to miss the wedding (hello moms out there this is a no brainer you come to both!). Well yesterday I made the mistake of mentioning that he was walking. She bursts into tears because she had no idea he was walking he told her he wasn't. #1 I guarantee you that I told her before he was walking to make her feel like a terrible mom because after yesterday that's what I think she is! I wanted her to feel guilty for not being at her son's college graduation. #2 I tried to be nice and help this bawling mom! I found a plane ticket that would have left today (keep in mind I am purchasing this ticket the DAY BEFORE she should leave...prices should be outrageous) and she would have gone back tomorrow because she has to she wouldn't even be here 24 hours. She would make graduation only missing one day of work that she said was easy to cover and oh wait here's the part that should seal the deal...the ticket is only $296.20!!!!!!!!!!! AND I OFFERED TO PAY FOR HALF SO SHE COULD COME!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said with it being that cheap she could afford it alone so I am so excited. We were going to surprise him tonight by just having her here when he got home from work and how great that would be for him.

BUT OF COURSE WE CAN'T DO THAT BECUASE SHE IS A SELFISH PERSON!!!!!!! After I spent my entrie lunch hour, and most of my transition time between teaching looking up tickets and arranging it so she wouldn't miss work today...this woman comes up with every freaking excuse you can imagine. "No one will cover...the tires on the jeep are bad and i'm afraid to drive it san diego...I can't just call in sick...I can't get everything done before I other endless bull shit!" Why didn't she just say...I"m a selfish person who is passing up the opportunity of a lifetime to see my son graduate and weeks down the road I am going to regret it but thanks for asking me to come anyways! That would have saved me time...or the even shorter statement...I SUCK AS A MOM!

Now I do understand that I dropped this on her last minute (however, we shouldn't even be having this conversation becuase a good mom would have already had a plane ticket to her son's graduation!!!) but she works at the good will and I know she could have gotten friday off. She told me so earlier in the day and then it just changed over and over and over. So unfortunately Dave was talking to her on the phone when he walked in from work and I was livid...why because she was avoiding my call back to tell me that no she wasn't coming. Instead she tried to look like sally good mom and tell him that we tried EVERYTHING to get her here and how bad she feels! Guess what part she left out...the part about how I offered to pay for the incredibly cheap plane ticket (might I add that she paid for his brothers' plane tickets to reno in two weeks and she bought them 2 months ago and they were $400 each!!! but I found a ticket for $296 the day before leaving UGH!) or how I offered to miss my softball game tonight so that I could pick her up at the airport so she had a later flight that worked better for her? OF COURSE SHE DIDN"T!!!!!! I pretty much told Dave I thought she was an awful mom and I ended up crying becuase I remember how much my mom cried when she wasn't physically healthy enough to make the drive to Reno and had to miss my graduation...and I ended up crying becuase I know deep down he wants his mom to be here but doesn't want her to feel guilty.

She asked me to take lots of pictures...which I will however I will NOT share them with her!! You all on the other hand will have some nice pictures to see soon!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Old Flames

Earlier this week I had quite the interesting surprise. My ex-boyfriend (not sure why I still call him's been three years but still) Jonathan sent me a text message. You can imagine my surprise considering he never talks to me because his girlfriend doesn't allow it. Not sure why because again it's been three years and she invited me to his birthday party this past summer (and of course I went to torture her looking smoking hot if I do say so my self ha!) Let me preface this blog with the fact that Jonathan and I broke up for no reason other than we had grown apart. I think we were both young, and just comfortable in a relationship and really didn't want to try dating anyone else. We had been through so much together yet we didn't really want to date each other. We went through his brother dying and my mom being incredibly sick, and finally passing away a few months after we broke up. Jon finally had the balls to finally break it off and while I acted like I was so incredibly hurt, I really wasn't because I knew this was going to be the best thing for us both.

Now to the text message informs me that he had just been dumped on his ass. My initial response?? Laughed my ass off! Mean I know, but that's what my gut told me to do. He is so distraught over losing this girl and all I can do is we text for a few minutes so I can get the details of what's going on. Then I tell him that I will call him later after I get out of school and we can talk. So I did and he was very appreciative of that. Still a little awkward listening to how he feels like a family memeber died and all of this...hello did you feel like that when we split??? While I have NO romantic feelings whatsoever for him and I am beyond happier with Dave than I ever was with Jon, you still don't wnat to hear that someone was better than you ha! So then he called me last night...we probably talked for at least a good half hour. Now Dave knows all of this...he was sitting on the couch and he had already heard the story. We talked again and I just gave him the best advice I could...he was like wow that's really good advice...I like that. I said yeah I learned all of that for myself when YOU dumped ME on my ass! He goes geez so in a way I ended up helping myself!! Guess so! He was asking me things like what if she wants to know what I am doing with other girls...I said well what did you tell me?? Then I told him to LIE and save the drama because when he tells her she will flip out even though SHE dumped him. I also got a nice dig in when he was talking about how it would be hard if she was talking to another guy and I said yeah try LIVING with the person you broke up with while he sits on the couch talking to this NEW girl for hours while you sit next to him watching TV...he informed me that he was very sorry for doing all of that stuff to me and he was really shitty. I however, did not inform him that I more than made up for that in past mistakes of my own! No need to put salt in his wound by telling him I wasn't the world's best girlfriend all the time!!

So now that you have the story what's a girl to do? I have a feeling that he will want to call and talk at least for the first few weeks because he doesn't have any family up here and I was the closest thing to family that he has now that she is gone. He mentioned getting together for lunch once and I think he just wants a comfort friend. I know there is nothing between us so I"m not concerned about that at all. He also told me that if she hadn't made him erase my number out of his phone and forbid him to talk to me, that this wouldn't have been our first real phone call in three years. He explained to her that we would always be friends because we hadn't just dated...we had lived together and literally been through hell together! She said no, he respected that knowing that I would always talk to him if the day ever came and that it wouldn't be awkward (his words not mine...I still found it a little odd that he came to me for consoling!!) I explained that I inturn respected his relationship and said that is why I never called...tried to save him some drama. This by the way is also the girl that called me a fucking bitch from pump 6 while I was on pump 3 at 7-11 getting I did not even see her she just up and came with the name calling. So you see why I save him the drama.

Got off track do I befriend him again and include him once in a while or just leave him all the way out? I have no animocity towards him and it's not like I want to hang out with him every single day. But if he wants to do lunch as friends what do I say? I know that if I ask Dave if it would bother him, he is going to say no...because Dave isn't a jealous person (no matter how much I would like him to have just an ounce of jealousy), but how do I know if it really will bother him? More than likely I wouldn't go to lunch alone because I wouldn't want Dave to feel awkward, although inviting him might make him feel even more awkward...I dunno!

So ladies what are your thoughts...

Friday, May 11, 2007


I have no idea what to get Dave for graduation...any thoughts, ideas or absolutely creative best present ever type of ideas??? He graduates Friday and I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Absolute Randomness

So the other day we were at On the Border eating dinner and I had to use the bathroom. Now these seems normal, but I was the kid growing up that HAD to use the bathroom wherever we went...not because I actually had to go, but more because I just wanted to see the bathroom and what it looked like...yeah I know I'm weird. See the blog about friends...the bathroom was my favorite place growing up and I have no idea why.

So back to On the Border...I walk to the bathroom and realize that I have never used their bathroom...this of course strikes me as odd because well I always go check out bathrooms...but the randomness doesn't stop there...I come out and I wash my hands. As I turn around to throw away my paper towel I read the sign that 99.2% of all public restaurant/stores bathrooms have...ALL EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK. While this is a nice thought, I found myself many employees ACTUALLY wash their hands before returning to work...and if they don't is there a hand washing nazi that actually enforces that little sign or is it just there to tell the public that if they get change back and it smells like poop it's not their fault their employee is lame and didn't wash their hands...there is a sign telling them to do so in the bathroom so therefore it is not the company's fault? I have always chuckled at those signs because I guess deep down I have always wondered who enforced that rule...

I said it was absolute randomness!!