Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cat VS Dog

Yesterday we decided that it would be smart to try to introduce the dog and cat again. This is because, Quincy, the dog, sits at our bedroom door sniffing so loud that I'm sure the neighbors can hear him. Sometimes the cat is on the other side of the door and sticks a paw out to egg it on, and sometimes he is laying on the bed and the dog is just going crazy.

So Dave had the idea to put Tiny, the cat, into his kitty kennel and let Quincy sniff him out. Yeah that didn't go quite as planned. It was hilarious don't get me wrong, but I'm surprised that my cat was still speaking to me this morning. Quincy went ape shit on the kennel sniffing it like mad and pushing it all around. Finally Dave put it up against a wall and put his foot on it. Well it was like Quincy was trying to bite the bars, but he was wagging his tail the whole time. So I'm not sure if that meant he liked the cat or he just thought he was doing something good. Tiny on the other hand, did not find this one bit amusing. He hissed and growled and turned into a giant puff ball. He was good about being in there and he got lots of treats for trying to help us out. Dave was like I've never heard a cat growl...oh yeah only when they are in strict attack mode and are so pissed off they are going to attack the next thing within a paws reach. He raised his paw like 5 times and Dave was hoping that he would stick it through the bars and just snag Quincy, dousing his interest in the cat. But no, Tiny didn't do that. So really the whole kitty in the kennel thing wasn't as helpful as we were hoping. As I speak Quincy is at the bedroom door sniffing his heart out.

I am hoping they can get along. I think the dog wants to play and the cat understands that dog is not a friend. I hate having Tiny live in the bedroom while we have the dog here. It keeps turning into more and more time. Dave's dad finished the fence but Quincy ran away last weekend because he jumped it. So now he is going to build a kennel run with a roof. But Quincy loves Dave and when we took him to Fernley the other night while we went to Fallon, he cried and whined the whole time and was a total pill. Yep just like dropping off the grandkids!! So either Quincy needs to learn to deal with Fernley, or we are going to permanently have a dog. And we aren't supposed to have any pets at all! It is much easier to hide the cat from the landlord...the dog won't be so easy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lying, Cheating and the words Fuck You

Sorry for such the harsh title, but hey that's just what this blog is all about. So I teach third grade. I have always said, I teach kids therefore I need no birth control. Today was one of those days where I could come home and throw the pills away because I won't be needing any hormones to deter me from having kids.

Actually it started yesterday. One of my little girls, the sweetest girl you could imagine, cheated on a test. Now she is special ed and me being a bone head didn't really think about her accommodations for the test because she just was qualified as special ed. She has always done the tests before, flunked them, then redid them for a higher grade. Well yesterday she was so frustrated and wanted to please me so much, she cheated on the test. Yes in her mind this made more sense than asking for help or saying it was hard. And all of my kids know how I feel about cheating. It is unacceptable. Well I figured out that she cheated and when I asked her of course she said she didn't cheat. So I told her I could give her the test again now that everyone was done, she could do it over and if she didn't get the same exact answers what would I think...and she said that she copied. Bingo! So I asked her the same question in a variety of ways while making her another copy of the test. Finally on the last page she admitted that she cheated. So I sent her to the back table on the verge of tears to do the test. I talked to the teacher next door to me because she has many years of experience and I just couldn't believe that this little girl cheated. We decided that yes she did it and it's wrong, but she didn't do it because she was a little shit...she was frustrated and this way made sense to fix the frustration. Well our special ed teacher who loves her to death and my student teacher all said to just give her an F to learn her lesson. NO! I did what my mom did to her..."I'm not mad at you, but I am very disappointed in your choice." BINGO came the tears. Yes moms out there, you are never mad at your kids, you are always disappointed in their choice (not disappointed in them) because when your parents are disappointed in hurts way worse than any possible punishment. So today I read the test to her as an accommodation because I really wanted to know what she knew about fact and opinion not if she could read it. I already know she can't read it. So she cried for 20 minutes and I reminded her that everyone makes mistakes that's why we have erasers. Today was a better day for her. That takes care of lying and cheating.

Now for the words fuck you. At the very end of the day today, my class was picking up the floor. A child found a sticker that went on one of my books (I use stickers to tell the level...yeah my room is very anally put together for that stuff) and I knew which child had lost it because of the level it said. So I pointed out to this little boy that he needed to find the book he was reading so we could put it back on. The girl who found the sticker quickly told me that she saw him write in the book with marker...OH NO HE DIDN'T! I stress the entire first month of school and probably once a month how to treat my classroom library. (so you understand...I have over 800 books and if you average that each book is $5 yeah that's $4,000 worth of my money that I have spent in three years to make my classroom literature rich...yes it's a good thing...seeing $4,000 in three years written down makes me want to vomit!) You put my books away neatly, they are never to be kept in your desk, and you are never to take them home. If something happens to a book you tell me immediately so that it can be fixed and the problem doesn't get worse. Back to the kid...he brings me the book and he has written on the sticker on the front with black marker...traced over what I wrote. So that means the sticker isn't even from that book, but why did he write on my book. I get annoyed, but that's not that bad. Then I start looking at the book and it looks like it's had water spilled. Hmm...I ask if he took it home and he said no. But he said no...then because the pages are all funky with water and it opened up to the very back page. This is what I find...2.8/.5 and FUCK YOU and then another student's name at the bottom. Ok I really don't like my pages being torn or do you think I will feel about a kid writing FUCK YOU? Livid that's how I felt! So I asked him and he said that he didn't write that he only wrote the 2.8. Oh that's right and the desk fairy wrote it in the same black marker in the same handwriting. Hmm interesting. So he had his chance with me and then he got to visit the principal with me. Well the one nice thing about our principal is that he stands behind his teachers no matter what. I was looking for a Saturday school...they have to come to school on Saturday from 9-1130 for a punishment. Well he lied to the principal like 5 times when he was asked each time if he did it and when he said he was going to call his dad he was like ok I did it. Well Dad showed up and Dad was ten times more mad than me. Yeah I didn't get my Saturday he got suspended for tomorrow! Whoa...more than I was wanting but it got the point across. He was thinking he was going to revoke his variance which means he would then have to go to his zoned school making it hard on his dad. But the principal gave him this as a warning and then if he messes up again he is out. YIKES!!! So he had to pay for the book, and his dad doesn't want him to have recess all next week, and he can't use my classroom library. There that takes care of lying (again) and Fuck you.

And you know, I say they are good birth control, and yet, I drive to work in the morning and think about how much I enjoy my job. I truly love teaching, even on days like this!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Droppy Boobs

My niece and nephew are very entertaining little creatures. At times, you never know which one is going to come up with the more clever saying to just make you laugh hysterically. On Saturday, it was pretty much a toss up who would win.

My sister called to tell me the funny story. They were watching Dog Eat Dog on the Game show network. Because they have dish I couldn't watch it until three hours later but I swore I would watch just to see what the kids were talking about. When Anthony was around 5ish...we would watch Maury Povich with my dad hates talk shows. He will only watch Montell and only if Sylvia Brown isn't on and he will make an exception and watch Maury Povich if it's a show about is it a girl or a guy...those are great. If he says a girl and it's a guy he says...son of a bitch that's a man?? You would have to know my dad to truly appreciate that statement. day we were watching one of these shows and Anthony said how do you know if it's a girl or a boy? Well I then taught him how to spot fake boobies! I told him that if they were really really round like a coconut and they didn't really move...they were fake. The kid has never forgotten that talk. One time in the mall he grabbed my hand and said look tia, she has coconut boobies!! So it's always been a joke around our house or our code for when we see a nice set of purchased boobs. (Yes I realize I could have taught the kid something else, but I was going for life skills here people).

Back to Saturday. On the show, there was a girl who had some huge boobs. Then came a commercial where a girl was running across the beach and her boobs didn't move AT ALL. I watched it three hours later and he did a good job of spotting the coconuts. His dad was cracking all kinds of jokes I guess and Anthony and his friend were laughing really hard. Then my sister said that with the straightest face as though he was answering a question in school Anthony said, "You know when they are really round like that and they don't move, they are called coconut boobs and they are fake. But if the are a little droopy, they are real." My brother-in-law was like and you are an expert on this since when...of course I'm expecting to get blamed but my sister said there was no time because Allie came right in with a comment of her own. Anthony is 10 and Allie is 5. Here were her thoughts on the subject. "Momma's boobs are really droppy so they must be extra real!!" I about see she didn't say droopy like she said droppy even better. Of course my poor sister wanted to just die in front of Anthony's friends but she couldn't quit laughing long enough to do so.

I told you they were entertaining creatures. So ladies...enjoy your coconut boobs or your droopy/droppy boobs...whichever may fit you best!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Only a little drama...

Well last night turned out much better than expected. The boys got home about 10 till 7 which was not good. Teela and Eric had dinner reservations at 7:30 and Eric still had to drive to their house which is in North Reno. Eric never came in and when Dave came in I told him that was just a little inconsiderate that they got home so late when they both knew that Eric and Teela had dinner plans. I didn't say this rudely I just said her night is already partly ruined and then you guys coming home at this time is going to ruin dinner. He wrote her a text to apologize and even though she says that she isn't mad at him because she knows it is all Eric's fault, Dave is the one that drove and he could have said well let's go you have somewhere to be. Now Dave didn't see where he was responsible for Eric and I said he wasn't but he could have respected Teela because she is his friend too.

Well he told me that they went to our friend Steve's house because they owed Steve lunch for losing golf and that he didn't even sit down...see golf was over at 5 and they didn't get home till 7?? Not adding up. So I said see that is rude because you knew I wanted to see a movie and you knew Eric had plans so both of you should have said we have to get back to Reno. Well Dave CONVENIENTLY left out that they sat there and played pool! Teela called and said it was all Eric's fault because after he tried to blame everyone else for making him late, he let it slip that they played pool. Well I let Dave have it. If there is one thing I absolutely despise is people who lie...and lie about the dumbest most insignificant shit! I hung up with her and said why the hell didn't you tell me that? He informed me that he didn't lie he left it out (which makes me blow up even more because you are just being stupid!) and he did is so I wouldn't blow up at him. I quickly explained that I wasn't even annoyed with him that I just felt bad for Teela because what was supposed to be her Valentine's night was getting ruined and Valentine's Day is more important to some people than others. See Shannon, an I told you so was partly in order! Anyway...we got into a huge fight and I just said I am not going to be happy around you until you apologize and I don't want one right now so that you are just saying it to make me happy. You will actually think about why I am so angry now. Hello not telling me caused me to actually blow up and become furious with him. He thinks I have trust issues...they aren't trust issues they are issues that he can't be considerate and turns into macho chacho when he is with his friends. I don't think he is going to cheat so therefore it is not a trust issue in my book. It is with him I guess because he thinks I don't trust him to make good decisions around his friends. Hello, obviously he didn't! I absolutely hate liars I hate it! And if he is going to lie about something as stupid as playing two games of pool, what else does he lie about!!

On another point, because I knew that this golfing day with the boys was important I left him alone all day. Never once did I call or text or anything. Even when it was getting late and I didn't hear from him I didn't even text. Teela wanted me to to see where they were but I said no...I gave him his guy day all in peace. I was the only girlfriend that did this. Teela texted and talked to Eric all day...Jamie talked to Steve twice just while she was with me...and I left Dave alone. So I'm thinking he is going to be proud of me...he was and then when I said you could have texted me when you left Fernley (we always do that so we know about when the other person will be home so if they aren't we can worry about where they are) and he goes I thought about it but figured you were going to be mad. AH HA! Well shouldn't' that hurt my feelings because you are assuming that I am going to be mad...hello I wasn't even annoyed and I wouldn't have cared less what time he got home if I didn't know about Teela and Eric's plans. I told him I wasn't mad at him, I was just upset for her because their relationship is so rocky as it is, let the girl have one nice night. Dave said he thought it was weird that I didn't' text him all day, and I just said you were with the guys I didn't want to bother you. I think he just thought it was out of character for I told him if I was really mad and wanted to know where he was trust I would have called or texted and he knows that. Maybe he actually missed me just sending a text to say hi or see how his day was...oh well he could have written me too if all his friends were busy with the girls.

All in all, we just had minimal chit chat and we will till he sees that stupid little lies are where my supposed trust issues come from. Teela and Eric didn't go to dinner and her night was completely ruined. And funny thing, no one went out dancing despite how hard Eric tried to get them to all come back into town. If he would have just let well enough be, no one's evenings would have changed.

We'll see how Dave wakes up this morning...I am awaiting my apology!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drama...there is no need for it!

So my alone Saturday turned into a nice Saturday with a few of my girlfriends and then has turned into Drama!

My friend Monica and our friend Steve's girlfriend Jamie were in town today so we all went to grab a late lunch and then visit at my house. Well while we are at lunch I get a text message from my infamous friend know the one that I have referenced before in blogs. Well he TELLS me that we are all going dancing tonight. First of all, no one ASKED me if I wanted to go and I'm certainly not going to be told that I am going by him! I replied with a no, I'm not going dancing tonight. Now instantly I am feeling an annoyance towards Dave...I'm feeling an I told you so coming on (Shannon should understand that one) and I'm also feeling a twinge of anger because I hate having plans just made for me and I especially hate when it deals with this group of friends. Sad to say but our friends are drama! It is a rare occasion if we go out and there is no drama...even if it's little I swear there is ALWAYS I ask Eric who is going and he gives me the list of couples that are going. Have I mentioned that Eric and his girlfriend Teela have Valentine's day plans tonight because he worked late on Valentine's day? No ok well now you know and you will understand where her annoyances are coming from. Eric then tells me that everyone is going and it would be nice if Dave and I because our entire group of friends is going out we are not obligated to go. You know like when your mom said you had to invite that one friend because you just had to it was polite...that's what it reminds me of. And of course I am going to feel like a huge bitch because I really don't want to go...I wanted to see a movie tonight and I'm kind of a homebody...I'm not big on going out "dancing" mainly because there is always drama involved!!!

But I have turned the cheek...see normally I would take this immediately out on Dave and ASSUME that he was the one that had most part in it...he hasn't text messaged me yet to say anything. I wrote Eric and said does Dave even want to go or did you just tell him he was going too? He of course responded that he wanted to go if I did...that translates into if you don't go everyone will think you are a bitch keeping Dave from his friends. Well if Dave really wanted to go, he can go...I'll stay home and avoid the drama. But back to the cheek turning. Because Dave hasn't written me I'm NOT going to take this out on him. I'm not going to be angry with him when he walks in the door and I'm not going to give him attitude. Instead I will just be nice. Now Eric's car is at our house and he is going to come in and try to tell me that I am going and beg us to go...HE might get attitude but not Dave. Because I know that this is all coming from Eric. It was Jamie's idea to go dancing and she hadn't even made solid plans yet. Eric just heard the word or maybe Steve said we were thinking about going dancing tonight and Eric then took it upon himself to invite everyone and tell us all we were going.

So I am proud of myself that I have made a conscious effort to not take it out on Dave. And if he REALLY does want to go and it's not just Eric talking for him then i will be more than happy to consider going. I just really don't feel like the drama...

Even Teela is upset and she swears she isn't going...which Eric has ruined their night and I think that's sad. She should be more important than dancing, but we shall see what happens! If I do go and there is good drama...please expect a GREAT posting in the morning!

Alone on a Saturday

While Dave is out golfing today I cleaned the house. Not just like you know the weekly go through the cupboards and muck them out and then sort all the laundry and do the complete cleaning with scented candle to top it off. But today I decided when I was getting ready to mop the floors that I swear they are never clean. No matter what I use, no matter how hard I scrub, they never look clean. I think part of that is because of the type of flooring we's like a funky linoleum I don't know. So today I went to my beloved Target and bought a Swiffer Wetjet. Oh yeah their commercial got me. Usually commercials don't make me want to go out and try/buy their products. But this commercial did. Want to know why?? On their commercial they show two different people mopping their floors. One with a mop and bucket and one with the Swiffer Wetjet...well then they let their kids loose in what must be brand new white socks and the kid on the mop and bucket floor still has gross stuff all over his the floors still wet and he picked up the nasty dirty water! However, the Swiffer Wetjet floor made his brand new white socks look the same. Oh yeah I ran right out and bought one!

I came home to use it and I will tell you it smells so wonderful in my house. I have yet to give it the white sock test, but when I was doing the bathroom I saw some left over wet stuff on the floor that had that nasty dirty water look...I cursed the commercial and me for buying something on an impulse for a silly reason, the floors do look much cleaner than they did with the mop and bucket! So maybe it was a good purchase!

See why I have no need for alone time? I don't do something for me I freaking clean!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grey's Anatomy and what were they thinking??

Ok I just finished watching Grey's anatomy and I cannot believe what happened!!!! I don't know if anyone is an avid watcher of the show that reads this besides Shannon, but oh my god can they seriously kill off the main character????? I actually went through and tried to find the spoiler for next week and the best I can find is that she does die like it shows but that she is quickly revived! OMG is it Thursday yet????? I have to know I have to know I have to know what is going to happen next week!

Yes I'm an addict! I am aware but that's ok...I have a problem and I can admit it haha!

If anyone watches this show I need some answers here soon! I want to hear some of your opinions if you do watch the show!

Student Teaching part annoying

So student teaching is getting a little better. Now just the little things annoy me. Her teaching instruction is on her way to getting a little better...but it's still not that great. I figure that she is just learning and that's ok she shouldnt' be close to perfect yet. HOWEVER, when I tell her something, she should probably take that into account and try to make things better. So the other day I tell her that she needs to not talk to the students and have them talking while other kids are taking a test (it's a specific district test, not just like a regular math test). She gets all huffy and argues back with me...I blew up. I had had enough of the attitude when I ask her something or tell her how something is supposed to be done in the classroom.

So today her supervisor comes in again. I am talking to her in the back and she is telling me how she thinks that my student teacher isn't doing that well and she is really appreciative that I am working with her so much and that she is going to keep a close eye on her becuase she is really sketchy in her teaching and in her lesson plans. Ok so someone other than me is seeing these things. The supervisor actually talked to my principal about her...and that's not good because he doesn't think that she is doing a good job. That is good. today her lesson actually went pretty well. She took some advice I gave her and did a nice job. But the supervisor only wrote down how wonderful she was! HELLO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALL THE THINGS THAT SHE WAS TELLING ME THAT SHE NEEDED TO WORK ON???? So I had to be the bad guy again and tell her again everything that her supervisor really said she needed to work on and I also was the only one who wrote anything down about the lesson that she could improve on.

I don't sugar coat shit. I don't have time for people to mess up the hard work that I do with my kids. I don't by any means think I am wonder teacher and teach perfect...but I know that I do a good job. that's why my principal asked me to take on a student teacher because he knew that I would not allow her to become anything that the best. He is a new principal at our school this year and he is great. He really backs his teachers and does a good job at our school. His exact compliment was that I have a very direct way of teaching...if I come to a wall, I don't let it stop me...I plow right through it and I drag each kid right behind with me so that they are all up to speed. That's a really nice compliment...he tells me I do a good job, but if I asked he would also tell me something that I could improve on. That's how I am I seek out some kind of constructive criticism so that I can improve and become that wonder teacher.

I hope I can pass that on to my student teacher...and I hope that her supervisor starts writing down the things she needs to work on instead of just telling me that she is nervous about how her teaching is going!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Yes I am aware that I have been away for a few days. We had our academic science fair at our school last night and that meant that I was at school for 13 hours yesterday! Yeah I came home and missed all my favorite shows because I fell immediately asleep!

Anyway on to's Valentine's Day. Most would think I just LOVE this holiday. Not so much. 4 years ago, my old boyfriend, Jonathan, lost his little brother, Nicholas. He was only 13 and he died of pneumonia. He had down syndrome so part of his little immune system was already not up to shape, but still...if Winnemucca had any decent doctors at the time, it wouldn't have gone from him being short of breath at 4 to dead at 9. So for the last 4 years, Valentine's has sort of been spoiled for me...maybe spoiled is not the right word. It's just changed and I don't think of all the lovey things on that day...instead I think of Nicholas.

This works well for Dave. He of course isn't (well he wasn't he did a good job this year) big on the holiday because he didn't like all that mushy gushy type of stuff. So I always let him know that pink roses are always safe and if nothing else just don't forget the card. This morning he woke me up to give me my gift. Let me give you a preface to this morning. We had been talking about those boxes of chocolates that you can find at like Wal-Mart. I HATE those things and I said I would never ever want one of those because first of all it's not the good chocolate that I's the yucky chocolate filled with yucky middle stuff. Again I would never want one. So you can just picture my face this morning when he handed me a box of those. Now I know it's the thought that counts but how many times do you have to say that you HATE those things for him to get the point? It was 6 in the morning and I didn't have my nice face on so I said am I supposed to open this?? Oh wait did I mention that he decorated the top with fuzzy pink fabric that was left over from the stocking he made me at Christmas and he wrote Happy Valentine's Day Darlin on it? He also glued a little bobble head jackalope to the top because of a joke we have that jackalopes don't exist and one morning in the shower I was bobbing my head whistling and I thought he was going to die of he found a bobble head of a jackalope and glued it on there. Cute, thoughtful, yes...I'm still thinking that isn't going to make up for the shitty chocolate inside!! He said yeah you are supposed to open it! So I do and a starbuck's gift card pops up like a pop up card...inside there was no shitty chocolate...instead he had filled it with reese's peanut butter cups, pink and white M&Ms and the pop up starbuck's card. He goes I even tasted the chocolates that were in there and you are right they are gross haha!! So that was a very cute thoughtful gift and I was really surprised that he thought to get me that starbuck's gift card...he knows I like it but for him to think of that was really sweet. Plus I'm sure my candy will be gone by the end of tonight because really those are my favorites. Even his card was cute and somewhat romantic. I was expecting a really funny card with a nice little blurb from him on the inside because he doesn't do mushy gushy. My card was way funny and I just wrote something nice...his card was nice and he wrote something nice. So then of course I felt like I was inadequate! I gave him a huge bag of peanut M&Ms because those are his favorite and I also got him two new movies because he loves movies. He really seemed to like them but his gift was much more thoughtful.

All in all it was a good start to an ok day of the year for me. While I'm not with Jonathan anymore and I am able to have a "normal" Valentine's Day again because my partner isn't suffering from the same pain of that loss, I still carry that with me because I was at the hospital in Winnemucca when it happened and I had to call all over Reno to find Jonathan and then wait for him to make that drive. So today I will think of Nicholas and appreciate the great boyfriend that I have.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Grocery Store -- My Enemy

OK so I have a slight issue with going to the grocery store. Actually I absolutely hate it. Aside from trying to fight the people, I hate spending that much money all at one time on food. I can remember going grocery shopping with my family every Saturday morning and I can remember spending on the average $100 a week for three people. That's $400 a month!!

We go grocery shopping once every 3-4 weeks. Since there is just the two of us, what we get at the grocery store usually lasts us right about a month. Now we spend anywhere from $140-$160 every time we go. Dave is totally fine with this. I on the other hand turn into cranky mccrank pants and just detest everything he puts in the cart. I refuse to shop without a list and then when something is placed in the cart that is not on the list I get annoyed. Guess who puts 90% of that stuff in the cart...yeah ME! No matter how much I stay to my list, I always put something else in the cart. We went to Winco today and we spent $152. I was shocked considering that we didn't get as much as we usually do and we still spent the same amount of money. I cringe literally every time a checker hits the total button and Dave just laughs. Let me break this down for you...

Today's trip: $152 and some change
That is an average of $40 per week (yeah I rounded up)
That is an average of roughly $6 per day for two people to eat.

Yeah I am aware that spending that much money for a month's worth of groceries really isn't that much. I'm sure that other families spend much more...especially families with children. I either need to shop more often so that I don't see such a high total and I feel better because I FEEL like I didn't spend that much when in all reality I'm probably spending more or I just need to get over my weird quirk. I seriously tried to get out of going to the grocery store today...I dread it more than my gynecologist and I really hate that place!

Yes I am aware that I am weird...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Alone Time

Alone time. This is something I have no concept of. I don't need it, I don't crave it, therefore I don't understand it. I've had lots of people tell me that they enjoy their time away from their significant other. Yeah me too it's called work. That is my break from him and that's good enough for me. Now I won't say that sometimes when Dave is out hunting with his dad or doing something in Fernley that I don't enjoy my time to myself. But it's not something that I crave and feel like I need to tell Dave um I'm going to have alone time. I guess I don't need to make it.

Dave needs alone time. And when he says alone time, he really means that. It's not like he means code for oh I want to hang out with my boys or anything like that. It truly means he needs some time to himself or at most it means he is going to Fernley and will spend time with his dad. He has been cranky this week for some reason that I dont' get. This morning I sent him a text and said what is your deal. He informed me that he was having that feeling of needing to be alone and I just got annoyed. Like I said because I don't have those cravings or needs I don't get it. This means that your alone time needs an explanation in my world and I need to know EXACTLY why you want time to yourself. Did I do something to annoy you, are you unhappy with me? What is the deal here? I don't accept the answer I don't know. I get very annoyed at that answer and it just prolongs any possible fights that have started or will start in the near future due to that answer. Of course he says that he doesn't know I didn't do anything blah blah blah but because I don't understand this need I need a clear explanation.

So any thoughts on the concept of alone time? Am I just a nut because I don't have the need for it or is he really needing alone time because he is unhappy with something?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today and Student Teaching

This is going to be a mighty short blog and it will be continued when I get home. I am in the computer lab with my kids right now and I had to send my student teacher out to duty. She is all huffy because I told her what was what earlier. She basically cut off my lesson because she felt that it was time to start math facts. Rule #1 as a teacher...sometimes lessons run over and you are flexible and you adjust. My principal said this morning if she can't get it together and she messes up my kids because she isn't doing her job she is out. He said we would have a coming to Jesus meeting...that translates into pull your head out of your ass and listen when someone tells you something. After school should be interesting because her and I are going to have a chat about how she does grades and how they aren't very important to her. Grades and Assessments are the most important thing a teacher can keep organized. I'm not usually a very organized person, but I will tell you what I would recite my assessments for each kid to you because they are so organized. That's rule #2 about teaching. I'm sure she is going to feel all stepped over when I tell her that when doing math facts it only confuses the kids when you give them the wrong answer in order to try to "trick them" into catching it because they got it right. Ugh she has a lot to learn. Look for more tonight!!

Veronica Mars cont...

In case anyone cares...Shannon and I found the guys proposal that was supposed to air on a commercial for the superbowl...then on Veronica Mars. It is cute and if you can watch the reaction video with her it is even better. However, he said he only aired in on Pacific time from 9-10p.m. Hello that's the Veronica Mars that I watched and I still didn't see the commerical...yes I fell asleep but Dave watched...oh well at least I saw the video.
In case anyone else would like to see it, it is


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Student Teaching

Well today was an interesting day. This is my first blog about my student teacher. She is a really nice girl I like her, but she just isn't as great of a teacher as she thinks she is. Last week she had a rough week teaching math. She messed up all four lessons either teaching the wrong one, using the wrong page, or not using the correct vocabulary. Now you have to understand that I am very very protective of my kids. If they don't seem to be understanding something as a whole class, I understand that I probably didn't teach it in a way that they understood. If one or two kids don't get it, then I sit with them and just teach a little more. But I don't go "oh ridiculous how could they not get that!". Yeah she did. And that doesn't fly with me at all. My kids are good kids...yes I teach in Stead no that does not mean I teach all white trash, ghetto kids. My kids are smart and I will not let you tell me otherwise. was her first day having her supervisor come out and observe her. Now I will watch her teach and I give her some constructive criticism and tell her the things that she is doing well. She acts like she takes constructive criticism well...however she just looks at me like "hmm thanks but you don't know what you are talking about". We are the same age so I think that has something to do with it. Irregardless, it is MY classroom and MY kids and therefore what I SAY GOES! She doesn't seem to understand this rule of thumb. When I did my student teaching if my lead teacher told me what do to, I did it. I took it that she knew what she was talking about because she had been teaching for a while not to mention she knew these kids better than I did at the time. My student teacher acts like what I say means nothing. I'm rambling...let me get to the point.

Today her supervisor watched the lesson. I am expecting this woman to notice some of the same things I did otherwise I am going to feel like I know nothing. Well she does notice that she lacks enthusiasm, she seems sketchy in her teaching and overall she is going to need a lot of modeling. Ok so I think great I am on the right track when I am telling her this stuff. Well the supervisor writes down all these GREAT things that she does and really doesn't tell her that she needs anything to work on. Well after she leaves I'm kind of trying to tell my student teacher that this doesn't mean that she is wonderful in a nice way and she goes well i think she just told me a bunch of shit today. I said oh! My student teacher said that she didn't give her anything that she could work on. I always give her things. I'm thinking that she is hating the stuff I give her. Turns out she actually appreaciates it. Go me!


Then she goes on to tell me that if she thought that I overstepped my boundaries she would let me's my classroom and I'd be the ones overstepping my boundaries...hmm no no!! This is after she tells me that she DOES NOT have to show me her journal because it's just between her and her supervisor because if there is a problem with the lead teachers that's where the interns get to talk about it without confronting the lead teacher...but wait she just said she would tell me if I overstepped my boundaries with her and I can't read the journal that I am supposed to check off?? Freaking contradicting girl!!!! Like I care what she writes in her journal!

Anyway look for more rambling blogs about this girl in my classroom!!

Veronica Mars and nonsense

Ok I have never seen the show Veronica Mars...I don't watch it and probably shouldn't start in the middle of however many seasons this is. But I was told by two different people that the damn superbowl proposal that was supposed to be on a superbowl commercial had been moved to this show last night. I watched the show. Then my eyes got heavy....yeah I fell asleep for like the last two sets of commericals. DID ANYONE SEE THE DAMN PROPOSAL...DID IT HAPPEN OR WHAT??? Good lord I need a freaking life!!

That's all for this fine morning.

I will have more to write after my day today at school...have I mentioned I have a student teacher...yeah there's plenty to write about there!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Imagine my surprise...

Ok people I have some interesting news. I heard that on the superbowl that some guy was going to propose to his girlfriend. I waited the entire game of commercials to see what a $2.5 million proposal would look like in 30 seconds. Imagine my disappointment when the only thing that I saw was part of a Prudential commercial that had a guy showing a girl a ring and then she hugs him...hmm I'm thinking that can't possibly be the commercial that EVERY tv thing had been talking about. So I'm disappointed. Then I come home tonight and saw that there was something on the yahoo news about this girl that had an extreme proposal...ok this must be the video...well if it is, the damn thing won't load! Oh well I get over it and start clicking on all the links that are supposed to go with it about the best proposals, the most romantic, how to do it without spending very much money and so on. So of course this sets off the part of my brain that I have SWORN to turn off.

Dave is sitting on the couch. I was reading a thing at that time that was saying how you really need to know your girl and how she wants to be proposed to. If she isn't cool with having it done in front of everyone, don't do it in a major public place. If she is very formal go to a nice restaurant and blah blah blah. So I was going to drop the hint that I don't need some huge fancy dinner or anything like that...I want something that is special to us both. So this is how the conversation went:

Me: Honey, have you thought of a place where you want to propose at (I think that's what I said because I can' t remember after my utter shock).

Dave: Yeah.

Me: Oh well I was reading this article...WHAT?????

Dave: I said yeah I have.

Me: uh have you thought of a time? (yeah I am trying to find my question that will get me an answer to let me back down)

Dave: Yeah.

Me: Oh ok that's what I...WHAT?? Let me get this straight you have thought of a time and a place???

Then he goes what would you have said if I said no I hadn't thought about a place...I said I would have just read you the article! I wasn't looking to provoke a conversation about this. Imagine my surprise when not only he had been thinking about this and planning something but I didn't get a rude "I don't know" answer, an uncertain answer...I got a real answer with no prodding!!!!

Then the best part of the entire 3 minute conversation was that when I said that I didn't need a big fancy dinner blah blah blah he goes I don't give a shit where you want to be proposed to or what you want. I know when and where I want to propose to you and that's all that matters.

Um could someone please tell me where/when my boyfriend suddenly got a clear head and stopped being so afraid of all this stuff??? Like I said...imagine my surprise!!!!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The First Few Days...

So our first few days with Quincy have been much better than expected. He is actually a really good dog. The first night we got here, he was very jumpy. Imagine that since he has never been in a house before. He barked like crazy at himself in the oven and in the bathroom mirror. He doesn't bark when people come to the house or when he hears he barks at himself because he can see himself and has no idea it is him! Steve told us that he was going to be really bad in the kennel the first night because he wasn't used to it and he was going to freak out. The dog never made a peep that night other than moving around in the kennel. He has done really good and we kept him in the kennel while we were at work on Friday and Dave came home at lunch and checked on him. He did a really good job...and Tiny...well Tiny is adjusting to living in the bedroom. He became brave this morning and decided he was going to venture out into the living room while Quincy was sitting there...yeah Quincy chased him and Tiny became a ball of puff because he is trying to look all big and bad! So they are still working on adjusting with each other. We will have Quincy as long as it takes Dave and his dad to build the fence and then I think that it will become Dave's dad's dog. Oh well he needs the company since he is out in Fernley by himself. I guess we will look at it like he is our family pet!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Quincy...the new family member

Well after feeling like complete shit all day at school because I am pretty sure that my nose is going to fall off my face, I get a phone call from Dave. He calls to inform me that our friend Steve's parents have taken their dog (actually our friend Steve's dog) to the pound!! Now you have to understand that they weren't exactly nice to this dog. They might not feed him for a few days and he stayed outside ALL the time, no matter what the weather was like! You can instantly see my problem with the situation. Well Dave has always liked Quincy and thinks he is a good dog. They used him for hunting but he just wasn't as good as their other hunting dog. That's becuase they never practiced with him DUH!! So I can tell by the tone of his voice on the phone that this little dog is about to be ours. I asked if he wanted to go get him and he said yes. So we called his dad. See we can't have pets at our house unless we pay an extra $100 a month and even then she doesn't really like pets. Yeah I hide the cat! So Quincy will live at Dave's dad's house in Fernley until we get a different house. I think it will be good for his Dad because he will have some company now. Anyways back to the story. I call the pound in Silver Springs to see if he is there...he is so I tell Dave and he goes to get him. The lady at the pound is fuming because she knew Steve's dad was lying when he said Quincy was a stray...he just didn't want to pay the fee. I can't believe that someone would just give away their dog...not because they could no longer have him, not because he bit someone or did somethign wrong...but simply because they didn't want him. That's awful.

So Dave went to get the dog. He is going to stay at our house in God's name that is going to work I don't know! Then Steve called me today. The totally screwed up part about this is that Steve didn't even know they gave HIS dog away to the pound! He just found out yesterday. While I think he is happy that someone nice like Dave got his dog, he is still really irritated that they just gave the dog away without saying anythin to him. Quincy is a registered, papered dog by the way. So now Steve is a little upset about the whole thing, but like I told him at least he is with someone you know. Steve thought they took the dog out and just shot him and that he didn't really take him to the pound. So at least they didn't do that.

I'll try to figure out if I can post some pictures later once I get a chance to take some. I hope he really is as good of a dog as they say he is. I told Dave if he should hurt my cat in any way...I will hurt Dave in MANY ways! It will be grounds for not talking to him for months!!!!