Thursday, September 27, 2007

Music and Love

Music is probably one of my favorite things. I listen to music on absolutely every occassion and I am pretty sure that there are certain songs that were written especially for me (well not for me but I can completely relate to them so you get the point).

One of the fun things that Dave and I do is play songs for each other. Every once in a while I will find a real sentimental song (yes I am an admitted sap!) and play it for him. Usually it brings a tear to his eye (and yes he would kill me if I said that) For example, I found this song when he was away one weekend called say yes. It's all about asking a girl to be in your wedding telling her how wonderful it would be to walk down the aisle and blah blah blah it's a proposal song. Hello perfect song for people that love music. So I played it and he of course teared up. Lately, he has been playing all of these retarded songs becuase if Dave isn't sarcastic 95% of his day he might die. Tonight I came home and he was like I have a song to play for you. I thought oh boy here we go again. Corny as this may be I have to post the lyrics here for you all to read:

You're the angel in my pocket
You're that whisper in my head
You're the perfume on my dirty shirt
The favorite words I've ever said
You're the edge I've just stepped off of
You're the sunlight throught my window pane
You're the road I wanna break down on in the pouring rain

'Cause I know I"m not easy to hold but you've reached me baby
You saved me from me before I was too far gone
Girl I love you for taking me on

I spent my life spinning my wheels
But I was getting no where fast
You took my foot off the gas
You brought me miles from where you found me
And now I ain't going back

Ok that's enough of the lyrics for you to get the point. The chourus especially speaks true because dating him is truly taking on a lot. He is so relationship wearly and a disaster when it comes to this stuff that it's not just dating someone as much as it is working on the relationship, but in good ways. So I just thought that was a very cute song. Corny I know but I just absolutely love love music!!!

I'll be back later tonight to write the in law type blog!


I haven't been able to write on here for a while. It just seems that I am getting home from school around 5ish then we have dinner together, then I grade papers and some where in between all of this I would actually like to spend time with Dave. So I have been putting off writing blogs (not that I've had anything all that interesting to talk about) and trying to speed read in the morning after my shower all of the blogs I like to read.

One fun thing that did happen a few weeks ago was parent night at my school. Had the best turn out ever...tons of parents were there and it was great. Till that last parent was there and he's a nasty stakerish kinda guy. I was prepared for him and my principal was super cool and kept coming in to get this guy out of my room. Well when I asked my principal if he would be around, he said yeah and then hesitated and said call my cell phone if you can't find me. Well he was thinking that I didn't want to be alone with this dad (which I didnt' but I could handle) but I really had a question for him (boring teacher stuff). He finally came in and made the dad leave which was nice. Well to make a long story short...a new fifth grade teacher has the sibling of my student with this dad so we were sharing funny parent stories and I said he talked to my boobs all night becuase he did. I have had parents talk to me and glance down at my boobs, but at least they could make eye contact. This guy was exactly the opposite...he talked to my boobs like they were acknowledging him and then he would occassionally glance up at my eyes. It didn't bother me I was just saying it was funny. I have big boobs...tell me that if a woman walks by and has big knockers you don't sneak a glance and think holy shit she has big tits! So people look whatever. Well this new teacher went to the principal and told him how UNCOMFORTABLE I was and that I was terrified to come talk to him about it!

WTF! Hello I played softball with this guy and have had way more conversations with him than her. If I was bothered I would go see him and tell him, I wouldn't be embarrassed or bothered so I was annoyed she said something. You ask how I knew she said something? Because I went into his office to ask a question and he immediately started apologizing to me. I was obviously confused and then when I realized that we were talking about my boobs I was like uh...what the hell am I supposed to say. So I said what I said to you guys "Boss, I have big boobs people look at them I wasn't uncomfortable about that I just didn't want to be here all night because that dad wouldn't shut up!" Does it sound like I have a problem telling him things? NO! He laughed but he really was concerned that he had let me down and that I could come talk to him and that I had felt uncomfortable and he didn't want that. Which was very thoughtful and nice but all the while I was thinking...and I know I have caught him glancing at the twins on more than one occassion!!!!

Hmm I think that's about all for now...I'm trying to put my thoughts together to write a blog very similar to Shannon's today because I know exactly how she is feeling and I don't quite understand that point of it either!


Ok so I owed Jen two more weird quirky facts about myself from the meme she tagged me for. I have now remembered number six after watching Kid Nation (which by the way I think is an odd show because I don't like it but I do...weird I know)

#6 I hate port-a-potties. I would probably rather shit my pants than use a port a potty. If I have a choice of going to the bathroom out in the open behind something or using a port a potty you can best believe you are going to see my butt. I am terrified that something is going to come up out of that NASTY hole and bite my butt! Yes I really do believe this and it was further proven when my sister was building her house. While the workers were in the process of building the house, there was a port a potty up there. It was seriously really nice, didn't smell and was clean. So I suck it up one day because there is literally nothing to hide behind and I go in to pee. Guess what runs across my foot...A GOD DAMN LIZARD!! Yeah proving my point that things live in there whether they are in the shit hole or not. I am always worried that I will get locked in and what if the thing tips or something and I have all this shit all over me??

Not to mention the awful smell that plagues this places. It is a literal shit hole in every sense of the word. Oh and the other thing is I can't stand the sound of my pee hitting all the other stuff down there...JUST PLAIN NASTY!!!! Someone was telling me (and now I can't remember who it was and how valid this could be) but there was a guy somewhere back east that was arrested because he was down in the SHIT HOLE looking up at women's hoo haas when they were peeing...thus FURTHER proving my point!

So port-a-potties are quirk #6...I thought of a 7th one and then I forgot it...don't worry it will come to me!

Monday, September 10, 2007

All the blogs I've needed to write...

Ok I have tons to write about and I was sick this weekend which is why I didn't get them up this weekend. So here is all of the blogs I have had to write about:

#1 - Quincy and his ungodly vet bill! Ok last Thursday (like a full week ago!) I came home and Quincy had pooped all over his kennel. Ugh he was sick. So I let him out and threw the kennel outside...well while he was out there he went to the bathroom like a straight 10 I thought geez he is really sick. Then I brought him in and gave him a bath. Yeah disgusting! Well as soon as I let him out, he went running back outside and again like a straight 10 minutes and then he threw up a huge pile of ickiness. Well never having had a dog before this struck me as weird (yes I am now aware that I probably over reacted to start with) so I tried calling Dave. He didn't answer becuase he was getting a hair cut. Long story short I took the dog to the vet and they basically told me that he had a tummy ache...the damage: $451.07!!! HOLY SHIT! UGH so I was very disheartened over this damn bill but happy there was nothing seriously wrong with my dog!

#2 - Burning Man and the missing boys. Again you can have the condensed version. Dave and his dad had a great time other than the icky weather. They decided that since they had never stayed for the Sunday night burning that they would this year. Well of course there is no cell service out there so Dave couldn't call and say hey plans had changed. I was expecting Dave back in Reno sometime around 10-11 on that Sunday night. Yeah I got no sleep becuase I was really worried about them. We had heard there were some wrecks out there and I got nervous becuase they NEVER stay for Sunday. His dad finally called me on Monday morning at like 7:30 to say they were home and Dave was in the shower. How my genius boyfriend didn't think to call me first is a whole other story! It took them 8 hours to get home from there due to the traffic. Yeah needless to say they won't be staying next year until sunday but rather leaving at the butt crack of dawn that day to avoid some traffic!

#3 - My friend Jeremy was here this weekend. God bless the kid...he was hit by a drunk driver when he was younger and we became friends in high school. There are times when he just drives me absolutely bonkers but this weekend he made some great strides for himself. I don't baby him at fact I can be kinda bitchy and mean to him because everyone else babies him and he is never going to be able to do stuff on his own. Before he could drive to the University Inn and that was it. Then he learned how to do that and drive to my house (fortunately I have always lived off of McCarran in some direction). This year he stayed at our house to go to the hot air balloon races. I was not getting up at 4am to take him so if he wanted to go he had to learn how to drive up there. He did and that was pretty big for him. He also learned how to drive to my school from the park, and how to get back to the mall from the park. Pretty good steps for him!

I think that's all I have to blog about for now...if I missed something I'll go back and read that post and see what I missed!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Meme

Ok I was going to write about all of those things in order, but Jen gets priority because she has waited oh so patiently for me to do the meme she tagged me for! So I am supposed to write 7 weird or quirky facts about myself...

#1 - I must do things on the hour, half hour or every 15 minutes. I will not get out of bed in the morning unless it is an "even number" as I call the hours, half hours and 15 minutes. Example: I set my alarm for 6:30 am. I then hit snooze...well that means I have to hit snooze 3 more times until I will get out of bed...becuase that would make it 6:45 am. I don't care if I am going to end up being late...if I hit snooze again at 6:45am, I will not get up until 7 am. I do have to say that I have gotten a little better about this because sometimes if it is 6:40 I will drag myself out of bed but if it goes to 6:41, nope gotta wait! This also applies to things I do in my classroom...I have computers this year starting at 12:45 instead of 1 and I think that is just ridiculous! Things like events or classes should always start on the hour!

#2 - I cannot for any reason stand blood in my mouth (the taste of blood) or see it in anyone else's mouth. It literally makes me gag and want to throw up. You could have a gash the size of Texas on your leg to where I could see bone and I wouldn't flinch...but last year I had a little girl who had her tooth pulled out and I was helping her change the guaze out because when she returned to class she was still bleeding quite a bit. I gagged...everytime I had to help her my class would bust up laughing! Even she felt bad because as we are throwing stuff away, I am heaving over the garbage can...the same said day I cleaned up a knee that had a huge gash on it...didn't bother me a bit!

#3 - EVERYTHING must be symmetrical in my world. And by everything I mean absolutely everything. I will not hang a picture frame on opposing walls unless there is another one for the other wall. I have three pictures hanging on my wall and there are now three pictures on the wall on the other side of the entry way. They also must go like this (think of paper and setting up a word document) portrait, landscape, portrait. On the other wall they go landscape, portrait, landscape. So not only much the be symmetrical, they must also be complimentary and be opposites of each other to balance. I am incredibly anal about this from my house, to my classroom, to general things in my life. If you are friends with me at some point, I have made you change something because it wasn't symmetrical. I honestly bought Chrissy another picture frame because she had hung up this one cute one but didn't get another one...therefore her wall was unsymmetrical and bothered me! I fixed it for her and she filled it with pictures of us because I am so damn quirky she said!

#4 - Colors were meant to be complimentary that's why we have a color wheel. In my classroom if I write a poster, it is done in complimentary colors. Red is underlined with green, blue with orange and purple with yellow. My homework folders are yellow and purple, my tubs all match my color groups and every poster in my room is done with complimentary colors. And I refuse to put the colors red and pink together for any reason other than Valentine's day...

#5 - I have weird food things...I like to eat salty flavored things with sweet things...I like to eat M&Ms and something salty like Ritz crackers. Dave also says I am weird because when I get chicken nuggets I have to have three different sauces to dip in. Not one...3. And I dip in a certain order. First Hot Mustard...then sweet and sour and then BBQ.

That's all I can think of for now...I still owe Jen two more and I promise I will get them up here!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pulling Out My Hair!!!

Ok I have tons to blog about and I'm not going to get to until this weekend. Here's my list of blogs to come:

Jen's Meme - I have some good ones
Burning Man and the missing boys
Quincy and his ungodly vet bill
More School Stuff
My friend Jeremy

So see I really do have a ton and a half to blog about, but no freaking time. I promise either tonight or tomorrow these blogs will be up so be ready for some reading!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lesson in chocolate and girls #1

Last night we finished up a yummy dinner and went outside to wash our cars. After we came in I sat down and Dave went to get a water. Here's what I said:

Honey, will you bring me a cookie (we have the super soft chocolate chip kind YUM!)

He comes back with A cookie! ONE cookie. I looked at him and said um how come you only brought me one cookie? His reply: Well you asked for A cookie. I quickly gave him a lesson in girls and chocolate. If I ask for a cookie, I am trying to be lady like...please return with no less than 3-5 cookies...otherwise you are just going to have to make another trip to the kitchen to get me more!

When he went back in the kitchen...he brought the whole bag! Does he not know that I have no self control over chocolate? Fortunately I managed to only eat 3 more cookies...phew!

oh and Jen I haven't forgotten about the meme...I have a few things and I was trying to think of more but I will be posting I have another few blogs to write about my hellish weekend! So there should be plenty to read tonight!