Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 3

Alright...I need a place to vent! I am already very very annoyed at a child in my class. Now being a teacher, you are supposed to like all your kids. Guess what...we don't! This child is SOOOOOOO distractable. Literally a breeze could pass by and she would be completely off task. She sits directly in front of where I teach meaning I am in her face all day and she still gets off task and doesn't pay attention. UGH! I have never ever had a child pull their clip on the third day of school...guess what...she pulled it TWICE!!!!!!

This is also the child whose father is going to drive me bonkers! He sent me and email yelling at me...I responded. The same day I got the email he sent a note with his daughter saying to email him to let him know I recieved this message. Ok wrote again and said I got that message. Yeah no response from him though. I am supposed to drop everything and write him immediately, yet he can't take the time to actually respond to my email.

UGH UGH UGH. I don't know how I am going to be able to deal with this child all year long. She wanted to go to the principal's office today becuase she was tired of being bullied by this boy...who upon talking to him has no freaking idea who she is!

Other than was decent...came home and had a yummy dinner! Oh and to clarify for shannon...yes one of the boys that is a twin has two thumbs on one hand! I'm pretty sure that he can actually use it like a claw and it is opposable...very interesting little guy!

oh and did everyone hear that someone lit the Man on fire already at Burning Man??? I'm surprised the guy isn't dead! I guess he could go to prison for arson...craziness!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The first two days...

Ok a two minute blog because I actually have time tonight and I can still feel my feet! Last night I was so dead from school...dumb as it sounds when you are used to sitting all summer long and then you go to standing all day on your feet in shoes built for fashion not comfort, your feet kill. Fortunately Dave gave me a foot rub! So needed it...and he was so well rewarded later on ha!

My class this year is going to be intersting. I have twins and they are way cute. They are identical so I have to really try hard sometimes to tell them apart...although if their hands are where I can see them, one has two thumbs so then I can tell them apart! I am going to love the boys and I think the girls are going to drive me nutzo! I really wish I had my girls from last year (sigh I want Justine back Steph!) but I will get used to these ones. On day two of school I already have a dad that is going to be SUPER ANNOYING! Granted he just wants what's best for his daughter, but making her school day hell by pestering her teacher is not helping the poor kid...she also has some health issues that could pose a challenge.

All in all should be an interesting year. I can tell you now I will have great stories!

Sorry this is a short one but I'm off to sort out assessments...yeah that's my life now!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trying this out...

I have never loaded a video before on the computer...I see there is a new link in blogger where you can just add a video so I'm giving it a try. It is a video of Allie on our trip to Elko...she was sleeping and watch what she does with her tounge!! She was totally asleep the whole time!! It's only about 30 seconds long too.

FYI: It is taking forever for the video to upload!!!!!

It says I can continue editing my post during upload so that's what I'm doing because it's taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!

I will be very upset if it doesn't work and I sit here and wait for it to says it is 13M of 56M so far...and I have fast internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND THERE WAS AN ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH I told you that I would end up just getting annoyed...I will try again tomorrow!

My poor niece :(

Allie broke her leg today...she is five and is starting kindergarten on Monday! The poor thing is going to have to start school with either a cast or some other contraption that they use to imobilize her. I am still waiting for my sister to call me back...she said that they were trying to find stuff small enough for her...they want her to have crutches and they don't have anything that small in Winnemucca...they still weren't sure if she would have to have a cast or if they could imobilize her a different way. Either poor little girl!! And espeically having to start school that way :(

Here she is at her ballet recital in May...she was a mouse in Cinderella!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it a full moon or is Wal-Mart just full of freaks?!?!

Now I know what you're's the weekend before Burning Man and I must have seen a bunch of burners in Wal-mart...WRONG! Actually I was disappointed because I didn't see any and I always enjoying seeing those that go to Burning Man...

I told Chrissy that I would take her pictures to Wal-Mart tonight because she wasn't going to have time to come into town. She's been stressed and I thought that this was something nice I could do for her. So I drop off the pictures and it's going to be an hour. I have to do a little shopping so I try to stretch it out so I dont' have to come back. Of course I find everything instantly and it only takes like 20 min. So I go back to the photo department to just wait. I wasn't trying to rush them and they were very nice to me. The girl kept saying we are trying to get them to you as soon as we can...and I just said I'm not in a hurry, you told me an hour my shopping just didn't take as long as I expected no biggie. Hence why I was sad no burners to people watch. But then what I saw made those burners that stand out blend right in with everyone else!

A foreign group walked up. 2 girls and one older guy. One girl asked for help with a camera so the photo girl went out there. She came back hysterically laughing. I think to myself oh she probably couldn't understand them...I think they were German from their accents...for sure from Europe. Anywhoo...the other girl that is with this group then walks around the corner and I see what is causing all the laughter. She is tall and heavier...she was stocky I guess you could say. You know when people lose a ton of weight and they actually have skin on their tummies that hangs over their pants...yep she had it (not that I'm judging because by no means is my body perfect but at least I try to keep those imperfections covered up) hanging out over her jeans. Her shirt, which was too short adding to said tummy problem, was white and it was see-through because the material was so thin. It was also bursting at the buttons because her giant knockers were trying to eat the shirt. She was wearing a BRIGHT TEAL bra under said see-through shirt. Not too bad yet right...let's get to her eyes. She was wearing bright green eyeshadow! Not like an emerald or any other green you have no....she was wearing GRANNY SMITH APPLE green eyeshadow. And it was all the way up to her eyebrows...came out like cat eyes and was on her lower eyelid too. Now I know you are saying well Angie girls sometimes do that they use a matching eyeliner duh! No no...she had it on the actual whole lid making it seem like she had huge green bags under her eyes! So yeah I see the chuckles but I don't know why they are STILL laughing. Let me tell you why...

The girl decides to sit down on the bottom shelf where the cameras are because she is getting impatient. She sits down and sits spread eagle. THERE IS NO CROTCH IN HER PANTS!!!!! IT'S BEEN CUT OUT OR RIPPED OUT OR SOMETHING!
I glance over and notice that this is the case and I am thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL DOING??? DOES SHE NOT KNOW HER HOO HOO IS HANGING OUT?? So I turn away as not to be obvious that I am chuckling but it's like a train wreck. I had to look again to make sure I did just see what I thought I did...yep and at second glance she is wearing a black see-through thong!!!!!!! So you can actually see her naughty bits! I am dying...what is she thinking? The girls behind the camera counter are laughing uncontrollably and the best part of it all is that this chick things she is hot shit! A guy walked up and she actually gave him the fuck me eyes...he thought he too was hot shit until he looked down and saw hoo hoo hanging out and then he turned and quickly walked away. A mom and a child walked up and the mother said OH MY GOD! they left. Two mexican guys walked up and they were talking in Spanish...fortunatly my spanish is good enough to understand that the thought she was a prostitute!

I love seeing all the burners because they are interesting people...they come from all over, from all walks of life and it's interesting to see them as they are shopping. Especially since they are such happy people and are all so excited to be attending this big event. But this woman...she made even the oddest burner seem like a normal joe schmo.

Bonus: I got all the pictures (2 rolls of film) for Chrissy for $3 because the lady said she only charged me for developing (which waht the hell is the other $5 on each set of picture usually for) because I was so nice...not sure if I was just nice because I was being patient or because I wasn't rolling on the floor with laughter at the woman and her crotchless jeans!!!!

Boy weekends

Dave is hunting this weekend and next weekend he will be at Burning Man. There's your background.

This weekend I was slightly peeved about because he always helps me the Saturday before school starts in my room just to be an extra set of eyes and make sure I"m all ready to go or help me move stuff around at the last minute. Then we spend all day Sunday just relaxing...we usually have a nice breakfast together and then do something before life gets crazy with school (because usually he has had school but now he is done). BUT (and Shannon will be so proud...her mentoring has paid off!) he was nice and told me about being invited to go and his interest in going on Monday...he didn't spring it on me like he normally does the night before. Then he said a big word that I am pretty sure has never left his mouth... COMPROMISE! He said well I was thinking that we could compromise and I could come help you during the week after I get off work so that at least you still have my help. Whoa! I was a little caught off guard. Admittedly I was peeved and he knew...but I couldn't throw a fit and make him feel guilty so he wouldn't go. Way back I probably would have. Shannon has helped me to become a better person in my relationship, showing me how to compromise even more than I think I am and how to just let him be sometimes. But I knew this weekend had to be different...he did everything I have ever asked of him when it comes to the boy weekend stuff by not springing it on me and by helping me still so that we both got things done we needed to. So he just left for that trip. Next weekend is burning man and there is no questions about that...I would never plan something that weekend because I just know that is his favorite thing to do and I would never ever try to stop that weekend...

This brings me to boy weekends. One of the guy teachers at my school, you know the one with the wife that freaked out because I gave him a ride, said that he would basically have his balls cut off if he got two boy weekends in a row! He had two weekends where he played softball in a row and she is still giving him greif over it. I do have to admit that I will miss spending my weekends with Dave just because the first few weeks of school are hectic...but it's two weekends. It's not like months or anything...

So I'm wondering about all the married folks out there and how you all feel about the "boy weekend" or whatever you would like to call it. I never thought that I was "giving" Dave permission to have two weekends in a row, but then we don't have kids...this other couple has kids too so that might change things (although the dog is freaking out because Dave is gone and that is about the same to me as a kid right now ha!) I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal but apparently in some marriages it is...

So how does everyone out there feel?

Finally and then some

This week has finally come to an end THANK GOD!!!! Teachers had to be back to school Wedensday and of course we were all out there all week anyway. I spent until 8 pm on Tuesday and last night until 9:30...starting each day at 7:30! It is so exhausting and the thing that is really slowing me down this year is helping others!!!!!

I attended a training last week and our new vice principal was there. It's for a data system on the computer and she is a technology freak! She loves the stuff and just feeds off of it. Well apparently me attending the training equaled two things:

1 Angie knows computers = she must help every teacher that needs any little thing on their computer

2 Angie knows computers = she must want to hear all about the technology things that the vp wants to share

Guess what Angie thinks it equals - ONE HUGE PAIN IN MY ASS!!!!

I spent the entire morning before lunch helping other teachers...set up gradebooks, install clipart, create a graph...I didn't get shit done! This means that I now have to spend part of tomorrow doing the things that I wanted to do today!

I finally started telling people NO! I was surprised because usually I will just continue on doing it even thought it is annoying me...but I decided to say NO enough was enough. I said if you want help you are going to have to wait until after I get stuff done in my own room.

Now all I want to do is just rest and I have lots to blog about for once and finally the time to do it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today I went to court to deal with that traffic ticket. I decided that I would plead not guilty and see if I could at least get the fine reduced or dropped all together (not that I thought that would happen but still...I felt like I really stopped). After walking into the court with like 60 other people, we got to watch a video of our constitutional rights. So here's what I gathered...

#1 I could do traffic school if I was eligible (and I am) but that meant that I was basically saying I was guilty and I had to pay the full $170.

#2 I could plead not guilty and go see the city attorney and negotiate with him. But then traffic school wasn't an option.

#3 I could see the judge and she would tell me either I could do traffic school or go see the attorney (so why wait for her when I could choose that myself).

I didn't know what to do...I didn't know if I should take my chances with the attorney guy and see if he would reduce the fine and take the point on my license. But then if we couldn't come to an agreement I would have to have a real trial with lawyers and witnesses and stuff. What was I going to do drag Justine and Justie up there for me? NO!

So I just took traffic school and paid the damn fine! Ugh stupid cop and his dumb ticket!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The coolest invention EVER! (I know...I'm a dork)

How freaking cool is this...It has post it notes INSIDE of it!!!! I have discovered that I am probably the only person that has never seen these before but ingenious!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

3rd grade

I know I teach third grade and all but seriously do my friends have to act like they are students in my classroom? Chrissy, Christine and I all teach together. They teach 4th grade and I teach 3rd. I love them both to death, but I just don't understand something. Do you remember when you were little and your mom would tell you that three was a crowd? Or that sometimes you played nicely with one friend and when you added another one into the mix it turned into a disaster? Yeah that's how I feel, well how we feel.

Christine took last year off to have her baby. Totally understandable. However, she feels like she should have been missed like the queen of England. We all missed her and are thrilled to have her coming back to school. She was actually going to transfer schools and that would have sucked so I'm glad it didn't work out and she is staying with us! Our boss however doesn't know her that well yet. She was 7 months preggo when school started last year so she wasn't in her right mindset and he was a brand new principal trying to deal with running a school. They didn't get to know each other like we all have been able to know each of them. Christine very much needs to feel loved, and while we all love her, really we do, it's going to be hard on her this year because she feels like our boss doesn't "love" her. He will learn to as soon as he gets to know her...but she needs it now.

Chrissy is worried that Christine is going to be jealous of our friendship. I knew Chrissy before I knew Christine even if I only knew her as an acquaintance. Dave was friends with Chrissy long before me (small world huh) and always enjoyed hanging out with her. Christine is 10 years older than both of us and Chrissy is my age. I think Chrissy is silly in thinking this, but I have a feeling she is going to be right. We always hear comments about how the boss likes us (and he does!) and all that stuff. Hello, he got to spend a year with us! He will see all the great things she does this year and will like her just the same.

It just reminds me of that advice...two's company and three's a crowd. I feel bad because I don't want either of them to feel uncomfortable and I think it would be silly if they did.

Wow what a rambling post...that made much more sense in my head than when it hit the cyber world!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What is it about Hot August Nights and all the cars that make guys' penises swell to size jumbo? We went for the locals cruise last night because Dave has a 68 camero. His dad came with us and I have to admit that the three of us had a ton of fun and pretty much laughed all night. But when someone would say nice car or give him a thumbs up or something like that...Dave would light up like a kid on Christmas morning...or that look of oh yeah I just banged the hottest girl I am such a bad ass. I think that's what had me laughing all night! I kept saying uh just grew another 2 inches haha!

Seriously maybe it's all the exhaust that gets to them!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Great Parental Debate

To spank or not to spank...that seems to be the great parental debate. Today I was watching Montell and the show was about parents who disagreed on how to discipline their children. One parent thought spanking or tapping the hand (some form of physical contact) was the correct way to discipline and the other parent was more of the one that was going to take away privileges instead of spanking. It was interesting to watch because it wasn't like a show that was all about people for spanking or against spanking. It was couples trying to raise their children that disagreed on the correct way of doing so. Let me tell you about the guests:

Couple #1: (in advance Shannon will shoot this man if she ever encounters him I assure you)
The father thinks that discipline should be done by spanking and the mother says no. She says that the child will grow up to fear the father and the father says that if the child doesn't fear him to some point that he won't listen. The fathers main reasoning is that is how he was raised and he turned out fine. Montell was really riding this guy's ass and I can't say that I blame him. At this point, the father is just tapping the child on the hand...seem harmless right...did I mention that the BABY IS 7 WEEKS OLD!!!!! (Yes Shannon just screamed obscenities at her computer) This man believes that the 7 week old baby understands that he is doing something wrong by being tapped on the hand. The parenting expert on the show said that babies can't comprehend something like that or begin to really learn and retain until 6 months old.

Couple #2: The father thinks spanking is good discipline, again mom takes away privileges. This father spanks with a paddle and has left bruises on his children before. They are age 16, 12, and 8. The mother said that if he ever spanked them again she would take all three and they would leave because she didn't want them taken away. So he has been forced to try to see things from her point of view and talk to the kids to explain consequences. Interestingly enough he thought that if he went to jail for abuse that would be ok because he has consequences too and he needs to show his kids that they also have consequences.

Couple #3: The MOTHER thinks spanking is good and the FATHER was adamant that she not hit the child. I emphasize the difference because it was a big deal on the show. The fact that it is usually the father that disciplines in this way and not the mother. This father is so upset that he if his wife taps their son on the hand, she gets hit on the hand. If she smacks the child's leg, the father hits her on the leg. Montell kinda got on him too, but at least he is trying to show her that it doesn't feel good. Montell said he was undermining her, but whatever...she was just getting a hurt ego in my opinion because he was treating her like a kid!

So I don't have kids and have never really formed an opinion of this. My parents weren't spankers, but my mom was a yeller. The main reasoning behind the disciplinarians on the show was that this was how their were raised. Since most of the people that read my blog have children, I was wondering everyone's take on this. When is a spanking ok or is it ever? Is a quick tap on the hand ok or is that just the same as spanking? It was an interesting show and I would be interested to see how the moms that read this (or their husbands) discipline their children.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pictures for Shannon

"The Leg Spreader"

Shannon pointed out that my myspace had pictures from my birthday, but not my blog. So here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner.

Dave and I at dinner

Chrissy and Eric...I call him my other husband

Monica and I

Jamie and Steve...she spent a majority of the night educating us all on anal sex!

Chrissy and I in our cute new outfits (you can't see the jeans that I ♥)

Teela and Kenny

Dave, Eric and Steve...these are the boys I spent every weekend with and pretty much all my free time with a few years ago...I'm glad I settled with the one on the end, even if he does look wasted in this picture and he was the sober one!

The girls taking another shot!

Me, Monica, and Jamie

There are the birthday pictures...and let me tell you I want to scream at blogger right now. It took forever to load the dumb pictures and then since it always puts the pictures at the top, I was trying to get rid of the gaping spaces between pictures and the stupid thing kept deleting the picture! UGH!

PS then I had to come back and take out the huge white space of blankness at the end after I posted!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Have you ever noticed that on days you decide you are really going to look hot for your guy and you take extra time making sure your hair is perfect...make up is great...outfit is killer that he then seems to NOT notice? UGH!

I was taking Dave lunch today which was very nice because it was out of the way of the lunch date that I had but thought it would be nice to do for him anyway. Then I thought...hmm I'm going to put on a smoking hot little outfit and get all dolled up to go see him. He barely looked up from the text message he was writing me to say hi when I handed him his lunch. Then his co-workers told me that he scarfed down these taco things they had got for lunch so I didn't see that he had already eaten!

As if not noticing my efforts today wasn't enough, then he had already eaten lunch?

Punk ass!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Shannon got me thinking this morning with her incredibly thought provoking blog on divorces. In a nutshell she said that many people don't divorce but rather stay in icky marriages and others think divorces should be done yearly! Read her blog it was really insightful whether you are married, divorced or never married yet like me!

It got me thinking and really I'm writing this blog because I want Shannon to tell me her thoughts on divorce in this aspect. Anyone elses comments are greatly appreciated as it is something that I have always found difficult to "sympathize" with (for lack of a better word).

My parents were married for 38 years when my mom passed they would be married for almost 41. They were very happy together and although I never saw a lovey-dovey side to them, I have never seen a man so devistated when his wife passed away. My parents were never all about PDA. They always gave each other a kiss if we were going to Reno or if my mom and sister were leaving to come watch a soccer game. I am pretty sure that they had a healthy sex life because at one drs appt that i went to with my dad while my sister was with my mom at hers (they both had cancer at the same time at one point in this ordeal) the dr asked if my dad still got a hard on right as my mom walked in to which she answered yes he does! YUCK! father also cried very few times in my 25 years. He cried both times my mom had surgery here in Reno because there was a high risk of losing her both times during surgery and the morning she died. I can't even describe what watching him cry was like on the morning of her death. It was the most heart wrenching aspect of the whole morning for me because it was like his other half was gone and with her a part of him died. So I have no idea what divorce would be like.

Dave's family is very much different. Dave's parents were married and according to Dave his dad beat his mom. (I do not see this part of his dad today, no temper and such, but this is what dave said so this is what I go with...obviously his dad has made a change for the better) She divorced him and married Bruce, husband #2. Bruce, from what I see he does with the boys and how he treats Dave and his sister, is a good guy. He took on both of dave's moms kids (dave and kayla) like his own and both of them also call him dad. Provided well..all that stuff and she cheated on him. Mind you she divorced him and cheated on him with a guy that is her cousin by marriage or something bizzare like that. So now she is on husband #3, Fred. Fred is no good lasts no time and she marries husband #4, Darrell, the current husband. He is ok in our book but can be a pain in the ass. So with his mom alone, Dave has seen 3 divorces. Back to dad...he remarried and this woman took him for all he was worth. She ran up all the credit cards, took money out of the bank like it was going out of style, cheated on him numerous times and ended up divorcing him causing him to file bankrupcy. So there was divorce #2 for him and he has not married again or even dated to my knowledge.

To many families this is normal. It is what people do these days because divorce is no longer socially unacceptable to the majority of society. To me it is odd, not because I think they are bad for divorcing, but because it is something I have never experienced personally. Yes I have seen people who have been divorced, but that doesn't mean I can understand it fully.

Good lord this is getting long but again background is necessary for understanding. One can easily see why Dave was so reluctant to have a girlfriend, let alone get married. I tried everything to make him feel secure because he does NOT want to ever get divorced. He said he would never put children through that and he doesn't want it for himself. His sister is very much the same way. Just because of what he has seen, I dont know how he would act in a bad marriage. I'm not sure if he would be one of those that stayed just so he didn't have to get divorced or if he would be quick to divorce because he knows it so well. Anywhoo...I talked to him one day and asked him to share his real fears about marriage and stuff like that. In his mind, we could date forever and be perfect (well that's how it used to be, now it is different). As long as we were dating, there was nothing that could go wrong because dating isn't permenant or doens't have to be rather. Once you are married, it's all going to fall apart. That is honestly what he thought. There really is no chance in marriage because he has only seen divorce and he is sure that will happen to him too if it is an official marriage. He says this because Bruce was fantastic...he said there was no reason for his mom to cheat so he saw a normal marriage for like over 10 years and then their divorce came. He feels that if that marriage can fail, any marriage can, or will, fail. We have talked about this many times and I have reassured him that we can work through things if we are both willing to do so, that our problems are not their problems, and we are not them! We are different and we will work to avoid that if we truly want to make a marriage work. From my point of view it's the exact opposite. I see no chance of divorce because you just make a marriage work. My parent's marrige was never bad, they worked through everything and were always happy together. So therefore, just like Dave assumes divorce for himself, I assume marital bliss into the golden oldies for me.

I think Dave feels better about this aspect now because we have talked so many times about it, but I know it is still a fear he has. I never gave up on him when we were trying to date. I continued to persue him even when he tried so hard to push me away. Once we dated, I have done everything to make him feel secure and show him that I am not going to just abandon him for some other guy. The problem isn't so much with him as it is with me. You see in every divorce (minus his actual parents) he has witnessed, it has been the wife that betrays the husband and leaves him. The woman has always taken advantage of the man and in end just divorced him. So I felt like I had to do a lot of "proving" of myself to show him that I would just walk away at the drop of a hat.

What do you think about the topic of divorce for two people like us when one is so afraid of it and the other can't even imagine it?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dinner and drinks (drinks being very plural)

Ugh what a night. I clearly remember now why I don't drink very often. Then not drinking very often sucks because then one drink makes me feel like I'm out partying all night. Needless to say I didn't have just one drink!! Dinner was actually a lot of fun. We all met down at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was a nice little shindig. Surprisingly enough, all friends got along, including Teela and Eric who did by the way break up. I actually enjoyed having Steve and Jamie there and wasn't like ugh when are they going home!!! I think I am finally getting over Steve upsetting me (it was three years ago...not sure if I've blogged about why but here's the short version...we were inseperable friends...people thought was must be dating although this was never a thought that crossed either of our minds...then when my mom died he didn't even bother to call...he knew because his mom called him and told him at this football camp but he never called...therefore I was highly upset and our friendship went down the tubes). After the initial shock that I am going to spend time with this person, he is ok. He hasn't been bad lately, but I know that Dave doesn't spend as much time with him for me too so I want him to be able to hang out with Steve.

When we all got there I ordered myself a long island ice tea. Apparently I was wanting iced tea but really wanted to drink so this was a smart solution (NOT!). It was the strongest damn long island I have ever had! But hey it's my birthday so suck it up and drink it. Then Teela got me this shot and I seriously laughed and laughed at it. It's called a leg spreader! Where do they come up with these names...I mean at times isn't all alcohol a leg spreader??? So I had that and it was rather yummy. Then I asked Dave if I could have another long island ice tea (yep i was already buzzing and felt that i had to ask permission) and do you know what he said...YES! I believe the correct answer was no honey because you are going to hate yourself tomorrow if you have another one. But ok he said sure so I had 3 more!!! Then all the girls took a nice little shot to end the evening.

I do have to say I had a lot of fun though. This morning my head isn't feeling as much fun and I see that I mananged to read all of Jen's blogs last night and tell her repeatedly to kick the roommate girls ass!! While I do believe that she needed and ass kicking...Jen probably didn't need to be told 5 times haha!! Sorry Jen!!! I'll post a few pics my cute new outfit with the jeans that love my butt!!