Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wedding Planning Update

Jen is feeling very neglected and wanted to know where the fook I was!! So I figured I better write because she is going to have that baby soon and then she won't be able to read all my posts and comments and I will be very sad!!!

Church Stuff:
We went and took our focus inventory on Tuesday at the church. It was actually really interesting, but at the same time after I left I felt like I was going to come out like the bad Catholic and they were going to go know you can't get married here. There were a lot of questions that were repeated or just worded differently. They covered having children, finances, in-laws, our sex life and pretty much every other aspect of being married. There were of course some church questions and I answered some the way I figured they wanted them answered and then I answered some the way I really felt...hence why I will be the bad catholic girl that they will want to shun. The lady took my test and since I was done before Dave I said "but on the back it says we are supposed to go over our statements before we go to the marriage therapist." She never knew the test booklet said that and so I asked if we could and she said yes. Hello I was going to make sure Dave answered all the questions right haha!! So it was interesting and I did feel a bit like she was not real keen on the idea that we live together and we aren't married, but Fr. Tony didn't seen to have a problem with it so...she doesn't count over him haha!

We met our DJ last night. He was really relaxed and seemed really prepared. He told us that he likes to be involved in the planning of the reception because that is his job...he's the professional and I was all about help because I don't know how it's supposed to go. He answered all of our questions and seems like he is going to be a lot of fun at the reception. I am really looking forward to working with him. He was also giving us ways to save money saying that most people don't do the champange toasts anymore because no one like champange and it's spendy. He was telling us about a drink in hand toast where everyone just makes sure they have a drink and he said we could save about $2-300! He also said we should check out Scolari's for flowers. He said they are the only grocery store that actually has a licensed florist and they do beautiful work. He said we would also pay about half the price of a florist. I know Shannon did hers through Costco (at least I think that's what she told me) but she was also creative enough to put them not so much! So I'm really excited to work with him and have him help us with some of the planning. I feel like I have him as a wedding coordinator and then Tonya at Boomtown is like a wedding coordinator too! Sweet!

Other than wedding stuff not much is going on. I did all my Christmas cards already...we just did a photo Christmas card. It's the first time I've done those and they turned out really hello no writing other than addresses. I got them all done last night in like 30 minutes!

If I can think of anything else to write about today I promise Jen I will! I do still have to write about the award Stephanie gave me and she also tagged me for something. So I will work on that tonight after I write out bills YUCK!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go Look Go Look Go Look!!!

Ok I know most of you ladies are either getting ready to have your babies...or you just had your baby, but seriously can I be selfish for one minute and tell you all to go look at my wedding website!!!! Ok good I'm glad you understand. I promise Jen it could possibly induce labor haha!!

But really I finally finished (well almost) the website. As much stuff is up as I can put up right now except for a few missing wedding party we need more! But Dave still has to ask a few guys and I have a few girls to ask. He finally wrote his engagement part tonight. I did the how we met part and I told him I wanted him to write the how we got engaged. I dozed off on the couch tonight and that's when he wrote it...So freaking cute!! I'm glad I made him write it in his words because my version would have been so plain and boring compared to his cute little stuff. Hee hee!

We met with the priest today and we both absolutely love him. He's really funny and is going to make sure we are both super comfortable. I told Dave if he thought I was excited before now I am super excited because it feels even more real. It didn't seem as real when we were just planning and talking to the "other" people like the reception site and the photos and stuff. But the church...I have to admit I had a small panic attack right before we met with him. I was all set to get married at Boomtown and just call it church for me. But I'm glad that I got over myself and we met this guy...he is going to be way easy to work with!

So without further's the wedding website and I expect some guest book comments since you guys are the first ones that are getting to see it and all :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funeral Potatoes

Ok so you all asked what the hell funeral potatoes were. They are a potato casserole and I believe they got their name because they are easy to make and a lot of people bring them for funerals or take them to the grieving family so they don't have to worry about dinner. I will have to find the recipe for you guys but here's the gist....

You take the frozen hashbrowns and you mix in cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix and sour cream and cheese...after you bake that all together for a while then you take it out, stir it up and then you melt a little butter in a bowl and put cornflakes in there...once they are buttery you spread them across the top and add more cheese if you want. Bake again and they are ready to go. The original recipe doesn't call for onion soup mix...that's something my sister added. I accidentally made it one time and forgot the onion soup mix and they were way bland...I thought they had no flavor and I told her good call for adding that little flavorful treat in there!

As soon as I get my recipe stuff out I will post it up here. I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy now though...maybe you can have your recipe after that haha!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I got tagged!!

Jen tagged me so now I get to play too!

4 dishes I like to cook:
1. I love to cook these ranch baked chicken quesedillas
2. Breakfast scramble
3. Potato soup
4. Funeral potatoes
*Disclaimer* - I CAN cook these dishes...but I usually just let Dave do it!

4 Qualities I love in people:
1. sense of humor
2. honesty
3. compassion
4. relaxed

4 Places I've Been:
1. Mexico (border town only)
2. Washington D.C.
3. Tennessee
4. Arizona
*Clearly I do NOT travel enough!

4 Things in my Room:
1. my cat (this is now his home because of the dog)
2. all black and white pictures of Dave and me
3. a laundry sorter...that doesn't get used much because landry goes on the floor
4. a tv

4 Dirty Words I like:
1. Fuck
2. Shit
3. Cocksucker
4. Ass-fuck

Now who can I tag...let's see Shannon already did it...Jen already did it...Patty already did it...AHA!!

Steph consider yourself tagged! If you have already been haven't posted about this yet so you are tagged now! And I'm going to tag Shawna from the Tummy Tuck! I only have two, but hey post away girls!

Thank you!

Thank you my lovely cousins for your advice on the groomsmen vs ushers. I think we are going to seperate them out because then everyone can have a chance to be involved. I'm glad Lisa commented again because I didn't know she was reading and I appreciate her input. And thanks Shannon for taking time out of being ready to pop to help your poor clueless cousin on her wedding!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Groomsmen VS Ushers

Ok I already pretty much know the answer to this question but I'm asking it there a difference between an usher and a groomsman? Now let me answer NO! I know that usually the groomsmen are the ones that seat people at the wedding, but we are having an issue with the boys side. You see I thought I would be the one with too many girls and him being no it's me that's short and we are not going to have 9 people on both sides so clearly he must make cuts!

Here's the problem: Dave has his brothers and then 2-3 friends that are from Wyoming that he would like in the wedding. He will negotiate on 2 of the friends from Wyoming but one is for sure. Then we have his friends here...if he puts in all 3 of the Wyoming folk, he has one spot left. How does he pick between the 4 friends from here without having hurt feelings? And trust me...there would be hurt feelings among 2 of the remaining 3. One would be like whatever and not care at all...but it's that friend that I think should be in the wedding! But I don't really want to put my two cents in on his side because those are the people that he should choose.

He said why can't we make the rest ushers? He said he had been to a wedding this summer (the one in Wyoming) where there were groomsmen and ushers. I was originally going to make my nephew an usher so apparently the thought was in my head. I've seen weddings that have ushers that are seperate from the groomsmen and I have seen weddings where the groomsmen seat the people.

So it's time for you ladies to weigh in...seriously we were stumped and Dave said write on your blog they always have good advice haha!! So even he knew where I was going to go for help! Shannon you may not have that baby until you comment on this post! Jen you either!! I am absolutely anal about trying to get this next part planned and when I get stumped I feel like I need help IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you very much haha!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Engagment Photos

My friend Diana took these pictures of us today. We were going to have our other friend Ryan take our engagement pictures but we weren't sure how much they were going to be. Diana said she really liked to take pictures and said that if we didn't like hers we could still have him do it...she just liked taking pictures and thought it would be fun. So the original plan was to have Ryan still take more...but seriously how cute are these pictures! We need no more photos she did a great job!

Hee Hee throwing leaves at each other...

Those are just a few of my favorites!!

Ahh...her two cents!

My little wedding book says that you should keep the in-laws to be informed of wedding stuff so they don't feel left out. It says that telling them the details as you plan is the best way to make them feel involved and a part of the whole process. My little wedding book is stupid!

Friday I was talking to Dave's mom and was telling her all of the planning stuff that I have started. First of all for the love of all mankind could she just act excited? I know she's not exactly the most excitable person but I have seen her get all excited over less...hello her first son is getting married! Be happy! So I proceed to tell her all the details and the date (yeah bozo hadn't even told her what day we were getting married!) and so on. She then proceeds to say well what do I need to do? My first thought: Wow! That was really nice of her to offer to help us! I said that we were still trying to get some about prices and that then we were going to see what we could pay for and see what we would like to ask our parents to help us with. I told her that usually the grooms family pays for the rehersal dinner and some random was all I could remember out of the little wedding book. She was fine with that and our little convo ended.

Enter Saturday morning! She calls to tell me that she just finished talking to Aunt Mary...this is the mother of the cousin who's wedding we went to this summer. She proceeds to tell me that Aunt Mary said they paid for the rehersal dinner and the dj so that is what she was going to pay for. Uh did she not hear the detail where I said we would ask our parents for help when we needed it? No huh ok well at least she is offering to pay for these things...still a nice gesture stop being a synical bride. Does it stop there...oh no! Then she tells me that I will book the dj that Chris and Karmella had. Wait WHAT?? I said well Karmella sent me all of the info on him and I haven't looked him up yet...I was just trying to get the ceremony site and the reception site out of the way first. But I will defenitely look into him and thank you for offering to pay for those two things. (Please note that I am still being very nice and very respectful to her two cents). Do you think that was ok...oh hell no! She just kept saying over and over that I needed to book that dj, not just look into him, just go ahead and book him for that day. I tried to step around it for as long as I could and she just kept it up. So I just finally said that we were going to look at a few other djs and compare prices first...if we found a different dj and she still wanted to pay for him, thanks, if not, oh well thanks for the offer anyway! Dave sat in the corner and laughed at me becuase he said you know how she were the one that wanted to keep her involved!

Later Saturday morning, Dave and I are going over our guest list. We are trying to make a rough one so we have an about idea on the food. That's all we pay for at Boomtown so having a rough number will help us with a rough price. Anyhoo he calls his mom to see if there is anyone important that he forgot or someone that she feels should be there. She shares a few names we already had and then tells him that she is buying all kinds of stuff! Fortunately for him I heard him say, don't start buying a bunch of stuff for the wedding...we don't even know what it will look like yet! After this comment he says do you care if my mom buys us our champagne glasses? I look at him like she's retarded because won't we just have some simple plastic glasses or doesn't boomtown provide the toasting glasses? This is until I realize that she means OUR toasting know the ones with your names that the BRIDE AND GROOM pick out! Yeah those ones! I then give him the are you fucking kidding me look and he says to me she says they're really pretty. I nicely (through grit teeth) say isn't that something that we pick out together and I thought you said it would be neat to do something with minnie and mickey since that's where we got engaged! He did end up telling her that we wanted to pick those out and she was just like ok then! So I don't know if it hurt her feelings or what but that's something that we pick out. It's not something someone just gives you...or at least I would like to pick ours out.

So in summation: there are certain things that we do not want to listen to the little wedding book on...and filling her in is one of them!!

Friday, November 09, 2007


As if I haven't already consumed my days with wedding planning (and made Dave's eyes roll at me at least 15 times a day)...Jen gave me this great website She said it had lots of ideas and those kinds of things. She did not however tell me that I had what I had been wanting to do for a very long time...Create a Wedding Website!!!!

Oh yeah I have spent a good chunck of my day today (and my night last night) working on it. Dave said I could (actually he rolled his eyes then said whatever) because this was the free one and it wasn't one that was like $30. It basically goes over all the details of the wedding and our little love story if you will. It gives all the details that an out of town guest would need about booking rooms as well as other travel accommodations. Once we pick out wedding party it will include a picture of them and their job at the wedding. So very excited in case you didn't know!

Chrissy said I was way more of a bride than her...oh yeah I'm all about the bride stuff today! So thanks Jen for directing me was very helpful and soon you will all have a website to check out...I'll post it when we get more on it (like tonight haha!)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guest List - UGH!

So I have started to compile the guest list. Right now I just have my side of it that I am working on. I am for sure going to need lots of advice and help on this part because I forsee this being a very difficult thing.

My first question is how do you deal with kids at the wedding? I'm not against kids being at the wedding, but my main question comes to how do you count them for food? I will use Shannon as an example and hopefully she won't mind :) I will invite Shannon and her family...that will be an invitation for 4 (yay 8 days till Codi!!). Now Brandon will eat food...but will Codi he will be close to a year old...I'm not sure how to include them? Or what about kids that are around Brandon's age...would they count as a full meal? I guess this is something that I will have to ask the caterer lady, but I just wondered how that all worked. Like I said it will be a kid friendly wedding...but I just don't know how to count the kids when looking at food.

Next on the list is what about single people. I know that it's up to us if we put + guest, but at the same time if our caterer is a per person tab...if we invite a guest too then we are looking at extra money? I know I would hate to have to attend a wedding by myself but at the same time, the people that are single wouldn't actually be there by themselves...does that make sense? For example, my friend Janine...she would be alone (well she can have her son there) without a date, but she would have all of our co-workers and I plan on seating them all together. So the few people that are listed as singles would have their other friends there...making it a nonawkward situation for them.

Finally, how do you deal with the "obligation" know the people you feel like you have to invite because they have been your parents' friends for years? That's just an example, but how do you avoid the whole oh my gosh she didn't invite me kind of thing?

Here is the first thing that I am not looking forward to when it comes to planning...and this is just my side...Dave's side will be obnoxiously large (well maybe that's a stretch) plus all the people that aren't family that he will want to invite!

Seriously you girls will be tired of me talking about this in no time...consider this my version of a pregnancy haha!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let the Planning Begin!!

Now that there is a ring on the finger, clearly I can start planning my little heart out right? WRONG! Ok well I am planning even though Dave is like oh my god can we just enjoy the engagement for a while...uh hello we enjoyed it the rest of the weekend in Disneyland and we enjoyed it the week we came it's time to get down to business!

We have picked a date...October 25,'s exactly one year that we will be engaged. We had no idea how to go about picking a date or anything and we saw that day was a Saturday so we went with that. There goes my summer wedding plans hello fall wedding!

I have started looking around at places because yes I am breaking code and getting married here in Reno and not going home to Winnemucca! It will be easier for me to plan if all the people I have to meet with are here instead of a 2 hour away drive and I can't expect my sister to go and do all my errands for me...hello she has a family too and 2 very active children. She's a busy woman and doesn't need to be running around doing all my errands. I think we are going to get married in a church and we are leaning towards having our reception at Boomtown. I have heard from three different people that their receptions were wonderful up there and that the woman is really easy to work with. She even sets up and cleans up for you. Chrissy's reception was there and it was gorgeous! They do a nice job and it's reasonably priced.

Dave's cousin was married this summer and I was looking at their pictures...they are really nice and she is also real reasonable. I called her yesterday because I had the little reminder in my email to view Karmella and Chris' pictures and she seems like she would be easy to work with. We are going to set up a consultation with her for next week and will probably end up going with her.

So that takes care of (or at least I am pretty sure if we go with these places and people that it's done) date, catering, reception and photos! Four big things out of the way and only about a billion more to go!

In other exciting news I have lost 8lbs since joining the Tuesday Tummy Tuck!