Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Traditions...New and Old

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while now...since we put up our Christmas tree. For some reason, I just cannot find the time to blog anymore. I love blogging and enjoy reading all the blogs, but for some reason lately I just haven't made time for it. At the beginning of the new year, my goal is to start blogging again like I used to.

This was my first Christmas as a married woman. I've lived with Dave for the past 3 years, but you know being married I assumed we needed to start our "own" Christmas traditions. As we started pulling out the tree, I got all excited to start our own traditions. In my mind I knew all the traditions I had as a kid and I wanted to make sure that I passed those down to my children some added a few of our own fun things. As I was planning future Christmases in my head, Dave was trying to explain to me that we already have traditions of our own. As I snapped back from my future thoughts, I tried to understand what "our" traditions were. I mean we decorated the tree, but it's not like we did anything special. We were already 2 songs in before I realized what he was talking about.

You see neither Dave nor I are fond of Christmas music. I don't mind it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or even once in a while here and there. But when Magic 95.5 starts the all day everyday christmas songs, I want to pull my hair out. Or when you are shopping...drives me nuts. So last year as we decorated our tree, Dave had downloaded a bunch of funny Chrismtas songs. He downloaded I Want a Hippopatomus for Christmas, the 12 Redneck Days of Christmas, Merry Christmas from the Family...all songs like that. There was no Jingle Bells for us...unless of course it was the version where dogs barked it so that Quincy could enjoy decorating too! We listened to them while we decorated our tree last year and this year he had them all ready to go when I started to pull out the ornaments. He reminded me that last year I said I had so much fun decorating the tree listening to these goofy songs that I wanted to make it a tradition every year! I guess that our "own" traditions had already started.

Another tradition that I have had in my family is that we always open presents on Christmas eve. I can remember the first year that my brother in law had to work on Christmas Eve so we waited to open presents on Christmas morning so he could be with us. I was ok with breaking tradition a little there because it wouldn't have been a tradition if he hadn't been there to open presents with us, but none the less it was breaking my tradition...I think I was like 14 at the time! As you can see breaking traditions doesn't go over well for me.

I can also vividly remember the first Christmas where my sister and brother in law left on Christmas day to go and spend Christmas with his family. Again I think I was like 12, however, not ok in my book. That was NOT how we did Christmas in our family and if he was going to be a part of our family he was going to follow OUR traditions. My mom quickly pointed out that my sister was now starting her own family with her own traditions and she was going to have to share her time at Christmas with both of her families. Annoyed, I tried to understand. This year, my niece and nephew, and I must admit even my sister, had to learn this lesson all over again. You see we went to Winnemucca for Christmas Eve and then came back on Christmas Day to spend it with Dave's dad. I went a day early so that I could have some extra time with the kids, but you could tell that they were bummed we were leaving on Christmas morning as was my sister. I think she tried to keep us there as long as possible! In 26 years, I have never not attened Christmas mass. I'm not overly religious, but we are dealing with tradition here, not so much the actual act of church. It snowed like you cannot believe in Winnemucca. I swear they got at least 8 inches of snow if not more and then I come home to Reno where we literally have a dusting in comparison. The snow was too much in the morning and my dad decided they would go to church at night. That meant I wouldn't be included. I tried to be like yay I get out of a long mass with a boring priest (even if my sister called to run in that it was a nice service because of the new priest), but part of me was sad. There was another little piece of tradition slipping away from me if I had to spend Christmas day not with my family. You would think that it's not a big deal because all we do on Christmas day is get presents from Santa and then it's pretty much over. We do the presents and big Christmas dinner the night before. But we are lazy and play games all day on Christmas day...something I didn't do this year.

When we got to Fernley, it was all different. No games, we just sat with Dave's dad and talked. We ended up watching a movie and then he opened his presents from us. We had already opened ours from him while he was gone to Wisconsin because he gave them to us early. Even though it was a different tradition, it was nice. I had fun spending the time with my father in law. I realized it didn't matter if it wasn't the same tradition, it was still Chrismtas and he was just as much a part of my family now as I was of his. So time must be spent equally. It's a lesson in growing up if you will. Things change as we get older.

I hope that next year at this time, Dave and I will be in a house of our own. I think we are going to start the process of seriously looking right after the first of the year. My hopes is that next year, everyone can come to our house for Christmas. That way we don't have to worry about Dave having to rush home to get to work the next sister and brother in law always have the day after Christmas and Christmas Eve off...Dave never does. My dad is retired so he could come. Plus then I would be able to actually have a Christmas at my own house where I get to cook a dinner for everyone. That would be a new tradition in itself!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In which I swoon...

Today is our one month anniversary! I'm not sure where the time has already gone, but I can't believe that we have already been married a month! I went to the store tonight to get a special dinner. I made him a steak and got myself some chicken to grill. That's right...I said grill. I have never barbequed in my life because I am afraid of fire and BBQing involves flames!! Well tonight I had Dave show me how to do the BBQ and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!! I was really proud of me for doing that because that meant that he could come home and relax and I did it all!

But...oh but ladies...he didn't just come home! He came home with a single rose and the cutest card! The other day we were talking about being married a month and we figured out that if we were married for 90 years that's 1081 months. So my card says that this has been the best month ever and he can't wait for the next 1080!! Plus the card is all about a fairy says once upon a time...happily ever after...just to make a long story short. Yep...I oohhed and aahhed at him all night. SWOON...

And without further ado, here are my wedding pictures! Unfortunately if you really want to see them you get to see them ALL. I won't get them for another few months but now the website is already up. I know some of you that read have already seen them because I sent them to you in an email but for those that haven't here is what you need to do:

Go to
Username: Angie & David Wedding
Password: 14057

The pictures of Dave under his name of him all alone on the wall...well let's just say I saw those and fell in love with my husband all over again! They are my favorite, but then I'm a little biased :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The last day of my single life!

All of our wedding guests started arriving on Wednesday night. My friend Callie that I hadn't seen in 5 years came out with her parents for the wedding. That was great because I hadn't seen her parents in like 7 years and they came all the way from Virginia to spend the special day with us!

Me with Callie and her parents at the wedding

Then everyone else came into town on Thursday. All our friends from Wyoming, Dave's family, my family...everyone! It was so much fun to have everyone here, but at the same time very overwhelming. You feel like you need to spend time with everyone, and at times, it's hard to mix everyone together. I have to say I was so happy with my dad that weekend. He was good about doing everything with us and even came to lunch with all us "kids" after the rehearsal. We took my niece and nephew with us and went with all our friends...we didn't figure my dad would want to come. Then my sister called and said to add 3 more because they were coming. He was a good sport the whole weekend and stayed the entire time at the reception...never once complaining about anything...that added to the perfect weekend in my eyes!

Here I am with my daddy...

Here are Allie and Daunte at lunch...once they met each other, we had a hell of a time separating them. They actually got along really well, again something that added to the weekend. This is why Allie came to lunch with us...she got the sad pouty face and walked up to Daunte and said "bye Daunte" in the voice that says...nobody invited me to go. So the kids came with us!

After our lunch, we all just went and hung out. I should go back and tell you what a disaster rehearsal was. The lady seemed like she didn't have a clue what the hell she was doing which bummed me out because when we met her she seemed to have it all together. The priest didn't even come to rehearsal, which is probably why Dave and I were suprised to have a kiss in the middle of the ceremony! Fortunately, we worked all the kinks out at rehearsal and you wouldn't have known they happened by the looks of the ceremony.

I should also back up and tell about the fight with the mother in law Friday morning before rehearsal. Thursday night I called Dave's sister and told her there was no way that I was going to be able to go with her to pick up her cousin at the airport on Friday morning. I had to get Dave's brother at 9:30 and hurry to the tux shop to make sure his tux fit (only two of the tuxes fit when we all went in to pick them up! and if I didn't have him there before 12, his tux couldn't have been fixed and rehearsal was at 11). She said she forgot that she had to pick him up so she called her mom. Is it my problem that her mother was drinking and partying it up and so she didn't apparently pay attention to the fact that she said she would pick up the cousin (her nephew) the next morning...I think not. However, I get a phone call while I am up picking up Gabe and Bubba that morning before getting Dave's brother asking me why I couldn't wait 15 minutes for the cousins flight. Dave's mom started giving me a bad time and I calmly told her that I didn't have time to wait for him and that I didn't have room for him in the car. This is why I called Kayla the night before to let her know that she needed to make sure she got him! Well she just kept saying over and over so I leave to go out of my sister's room to talk to her and I hear Dave's grandma say "that's just great, he would do anything for them and then last minute they can't even pick him up!" That pissed me off so I calmly told his mother that I could hear grandma and I did not want everyone fighting. I told her I couldn't get him, I had called to let Kayla know that I couldn't wait for her to get him (originally we were going to the airport together to get everyone) and that there was really nothing I could do. So I hung up and called Dave pissed. I started crying becuase when I told his mom that I didn't want everyone fighthing she said oh get over yourself Angie no one is fucking fighting. Well my sister finds me crying and says give me the phone (as if more drama will make it better!) Ask Shannon my sister is a fiesty one. So I yelled at her and told her if she caused a scene I would be pissed. Then his mom called back and "kinda" apologized but I was still annoyed. She was just pissed because she had been up partying and she wasn't going to make it into town on time to get him...again not my problem, I got my stuff taken care of and it was never my responsibility in the first place to get the cousin! Oh well, she got the cousin, Dave told her to knock her bullshit off, and everyone made to to rehearsal on time. And it's a good thing I didn't give in because Dave's brother's jacket was way too small so we had to make another stop to get another jacket!

Ok back to where I was before I had to backtrack...after lunch on Friday we all went home and just hung out. Then Monica, Kayla and Callie and I went up to decorate for the rehearsal dinner. For my little luau going to an inside deal, it actually turned out really cute. The boys from Wyoming were staying at Boomtown so they came down with their wives and helped us. It was nice to have them there because when I got to pick the boys up was the first time that I didn't feel any stress whatsoever during the wedding. They were both great in calming me down after my little upset with the MIL and made me laugh the whole way to the airport. Here's a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner Friday night...

Dave's grooms cake that I made for him!!

no idea why it's's not that way on my computer!

Dave cutting his groom's cake

Dave and his brother Brian

Dave's family and me

Baby all remember she was supposed to come 6 days before the wedding, but came a month early! She is doing great and getting big. Her dad, Eric, and I thought the picture with the flask was funny...we got her to smile haha! (PS getting annoyed that blogger is turning my pictures around and I can't fix them grrrr)

Brian, me, Dave, Robert, Courtney

Lisa, me, Shasta and Callie...friends since grade school

My dad and us

After the dinner I told Dave bye as we spent the night apart. I'm glad we did because when I finally saw him as I walked down the aisle, I understood why you don't see your groom the night before. It's what you wait for all day while you get ready to see him and then there he is and it's a perfect moment! Dave's sister stayed in the bridal suite with me and so we figured it would be fun if we had all three kids stay with us, her son, and my niece and nephew. It was seriously the best thing I could have had the night before the wedding. Having the kids with us made me remember what life is all's not about the stress of planning a wedding. It's not about worrying about if every detail is right or if something is going to go wrong. It's about having fun and spending time with people you love. That's what's important! We started off by piling into the jacuzzi tub and letting our feet sit in the water. We tried to all jam together for a picture but you can see it didn't go so well! Then we decided to play a little elevator tag and run down to see if the reception room was done...but they had locked the doors on us! So we ran around the casino (well the part that is actually the convention center) in our pjs and bare feet playing elevator tag. Then we went upstairs to go to bed. Surprisingly none of the kids argued when we said it was time for bed. The only argument we got was a few tears when we had to separate Daunte and Allie and they had to sleep in separate rooms. We bribed them and told them that the sooner they went to sleep, the sooner they could play together again!! It worked and we all headed off to bed.

Tiptoeing around to play elevator tag

Smashing together in the elevator for a picture

Allie and Daunte (our flowergirl and ringbearer)

Everyone in the jacuzzi tub

Me and my sister in law Kayla

The kiddos in the jacuzzi tub

Trying to separate them for bed!!

It was the perfect night before the wedding...

Welcome to Married Life!

I're all thinking oh my gosh Angie is actually blogging! I have been a complete slacker and am finally ready to get back to blogging. I chalked it all up to the wedding and trying to get things ready...then it was report cards the Monday I went back to school (what I was thinking not taking that day off I have no idea!) and I had to have them done by Thursday. Got those out of the way and I feel like I actually have time to myself again...time to blog and time to relax!

The wedding was perfect. In my eyes, not a single thing went wrong. The priest did do our vows wrong (that only bothered Dave and he actually wasn't that bothered...he wanted to say I do because he knew he would cry if he had to repeat everything, the priest messed up, he had to repeat the vows and he cried!) and randomly had us kiss in the middle of the ceremony so we totally weren't prepared for that at all, but aside from that the day was seriously perfect. The weather was beautiful, everything was on time (or at least I never knew we were running late if we were) and things went smooth. I don't have many pictures of Dave and I together yet, but I have a ton of the reception. Here's my favorite picture so far of us together:

That's really the only picture of us together that I got on my camera.

I see I'm going way out of order so I figure I will break this up into a few posts...the rehearsal dinner, the fight with the mother-in-law, and the night before the wedding...then the actual wedding!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama...Come on pretty mama

Ok we are stumped!! Dave and I have no idea where to go on a honeymoon!! First of all here's where I disappeared to this past week...Chrissy my wonderful bridesmaid that is know the one due 6 days before the wedding?? Yeah she is having the baby NOW! She has toxemia and they put her in the hospital on Tuesday. We just got back and they had broke her water and given her the patosin (the medicine that I cannot spell!) to help speed her along. So to be helpful and take some stress off of her, I have planned her lessons for the next few weeks and gotten everything at school done with and taken care of. Now back to honeymooning!

We cannot decide where to go. I always wanted to go to somewhere warm and tropical and we are going to go in December while I am on Christmas break. So we were just talking about it and Dave says "put it on the blog". Ok, now he is using my blog for his own purposes haha! But seriously, where do you all think a good honeymoon spot would be? Where did some of you go...or where have you always wanted to go?

I wouldn't mind Hawaii although I know how expensive everything over there is. I would like to try out one of those all inclusive resorts, but seriously I know I'm not going to want to lay on the beach in a bikini (I might have lost weight but we are not bikini ready by any means!) and drink mai tais all matter how appealing that sounds! I know you can go off of some of the resorts, but I don't want to be in a new country and be all nervous you know. Dave thought of Europe but then he said it would be colder in the winter time so we would have to wait for summer. I thought of going to Disney World...then I wasn't super impressed because it's mostly the same rides and then there's Epcot and the Animal World and stuff. But I don't know that I would like all the other stuff. So if that's the case, we could just go back to Disney Land and then go to the beaches down around San Diego or up by Carmel and Montery, but then Dave said he thought those places burned. So really we have no idea! And neither one of us have any real expectations for the honeymoon. It's not like one of us is saying oh well I want to be able to snorkle so we know it needs to be beach like. We have no idea at all!

So any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Dave would love you all a very long time...and I will too :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Precious Moment

My friend Jeremy was in town this weekend. He comes down every weekend for the Hot Air Balloon Races and then he volunteers in my classroom on that Friday. He usually spends from Thursday to Sunday with us and he stays here at our house. A little background on Jeremy...he was hit by a car when he was 6 by a drunk driver. He has learned how to do a lot on his own but he is a little behind if you will. He manages to drive himself to Reno and we have taught him how to get himself to the balloon races and he has really come a long way since I met him almost ten years ago. Back to the story...

Jeremy brought my birthday present with him since this was the first time I had seen him since my birthday. He lives on his own and doesn't have a ton of money but he always makes sure to get me a present. I tell him year after year that he can just call me but he insists. And for the very first time in my life I am glad that he insisted!

I thought Jeremy would enjoy going to my dress fitting with me. He got to see me in my dress and he thought that was really cool. Well that meant he also got to witness my major meltdown. See I was already running late when I first got home. I got home at 5:30 and we had to be there at 6. We had a wedding present that had come in the mail and of course I took the time to open that...but not Jeremy's present. Then we go to the store...I have my meltdown...we come home. I still don't open my present. I realize that I forgot all the shoes at the store! In my disappointed leaving, I forgot to pick up all the girls' shoes. So we go back to the store and then we pick up some dinner real quick. When we get home, I'm obviously sad...still not sure what to do about my dress and so on. I'm talking to my sister on the phone and I see Jeremy's present sitting there. I figure I better open it, plus presents are always a good cheer up right??

As I said, Jeremy doesn't have a lot of extra money. So he does a lot of shopping for birthdays and Christmas at yard sales. Like I said it's the thought that counts...not where he gets stuff. Well I start opening my present and I see this board. On top of the board are a CD that he made me with a birthday song and a pair of scooby doo socks. I like Scooby Doo but I can't for the life of me get Jeremy to understand that I won't wear Scooby Doo stuff...I am an adult after all! Of course the socks were purchased at a yard sale and bless his heart they have a whole in them. So I focus on the looks like something I've seen before. It looks like the boards my mom used to work on. You see my mom used to draw on cutting boards or boards like the one I was looking at and she would woodburn the picture into them and then paint them. When she got good at it, she started cutting things out of wood and making them. Back to where I was...this thought is in my head and I place my hand under the board to turn it over. I swear to god it felt like slow motion! I could feel the woodburned image on the other side and I started thinking he must have made me something like my mom used to make. Or maybe it's a sign he got...but deep down I knew what it was...I flipped that board over and looked to the bottom right corner where I knew her initials would be and sure enough...THERE WERE MY MOMS INITIALS!!!

I'm on the phone with my sister when I start looking at it and I just start bawling. I'm already emotional from the dress stuff and this just pushed me over the edge. I looked at Jeremy and in a very emotional voice I ask him where he got this...I'm thinking my mom made it for him, then I realize that wouldn't be's a little girl. Then I think that someone gave it to him to give to me...knowing that my mom made it. You all want to know what Jeremy's response was??

"I bought it at a yard sale. It's precious moments isn't it?"

You see Scooby Doo isn't the only thing Jeremy likes to buy for me. He also makes sure I get something Precious Moments. I used to collect them and think they were really cute. Again...I no longer have room to collect them and I have kind of outgrown liking them like I used to, but Jeremy always gets me something precious moments. All he saw was a precious moment girl and he bought it for me. He had absolutely no idea that my mom had made it. Not a clue. So I start bawling some more! I'm asking my sister who my mom could have made this for and I'm frantically asking Jeremy what yard sale he bought it at! Dave can clearly see that Jeremy is getting the wrath (or what sounded like the wrath because I was bawling and frantically asking him all these questions) of the dress alterations so he comes over and looks down at the board in my lap. He looks at Jeremy and said oh Jeremy...her mom made that. Jeremy is confused as all hell, I'm crying, my sister is stunned and Dave is over in the corner trying to hold himself together because you know he is rather sensitive haha! Once I pulled myself together long enough to listen to Jeremy, he informed me that as soon as he saw that board he knew he had to buy it because it was precious moments and he knows how much I like those. He never even saw my mom's initals on the bottom and wouldn't have even known what they were if he had seen them. The whole coincidence of it all was just too overwhelming for me.

I waited so long to open the present...I kept putting it off. Then it came on a night when I would have loved to talk to my mom, to get her advice on what to do on my dress. And the fact that Jeremy had no idea made it that much sweeter. I mean had he known it still would have been sweet, but not was that much better. And would you like to know the greatest coincidence of all...look at what the little girl is doing in the picture...

How do you think I felt at that moment...when it rains it pours right! There I was standing in a big old puddle and here she was telling me she was there and it was going to be ok. I'm not a super religious person. I don't know exactly where I stand on the whole signs from above thing. I would love to believe that they really happen but then there is the skeptical side of me that thinks it's just impossible. But when a sign like this slaps you in the's a little hard not to believe. Again, the fact that Jeremy had no idea shows me that I was meant to have that board. I needed to open it on the night I did...that's why he didn't send it to me. That's why I didn't open it when I first got home...I didn't need it then. I needed it when I was sad and things with the wedding weren't going my way. I needed my mom to tell me that she was here, she was going to be here on the day and she would see every single part of my wedding.

So for now, I have to truly treasure all of Jeremy's yardsale presents. He never knew just how much of a "precious moment" he would give me this year for my birthday!

Major Meltdown

Thursday was not a good day around my house. You know the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...yeah it should have been my name instead of Alexanders!

Thursday I had my dress fitting. I was nervous, excited and a whole bundle of emotions. I was nervous because I was going to be seeing myself in my dress the way I will see myself in 45 days (not that I'm counting or anything!). For some reason that just made me feel like it was so much more real. I was excited because as you all know I've been blogging on Tuesday Tummy Tuck and working to lose weight. So far I've lost 35 lbs and so I was excited to see how the dress was going to look on me all pinned up and skinny like :)

That all came to a screeching halt when she pinned the dress. Here I am before any can tell it's big on me

Then she started pinning and my heart started you can see my face where clearly it is a fake smile!

And here the dress is all pinned can see that clearly I have lost lots of weight! YAY!!

Then came the bombshell! Since I had lost weight, it was going to be $291 to alter my dress! That was as much as my dress was in the first place. You are supposed to pay for the alterations right then well I had no idea that it was going to be that much...I budgeted like $50-$100 for alterations...not an entire new dress! So needless to say I was sad, I was pissed and I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was being punished for losing the weight. I feel great and I feel like I look great...I'm not perfect yet, but I'm happy with myself and then it was like well hell I might as well gain all the damn weight back! Definitely not going to do that so I guess I have to eat $291!!

I tried to figure out if I wanted to take it to another shop...but if I did and they messed it up I don't know what I would do...not sure if I could get another dress here in time and I would be stuck paying for it. If I left it at David's Bridal and they messed up, they are responsible for paying for it! Then I had the idea to trade it in for a smaller size. I ordered my dress in a size 16. They say that for every 20lbs you lose you go down a dress size and by they I mean David's Bridal. So technically I would be about a size 12 (I'm five lbs off of losing 40lbs!). I tried on the 12 and it was way too zipped but I wouldn't have been able to breathe at all. Then I tried on a 14 and it fit funny! It was too big around my boobs and it fit tight across my stomach. So what sense does that make?? You see how much she is taking in on the sides, but the next size down didn't fit right either! SO ANNOYING!!!!

So for my own peace of mind, I decided to just leave it where it is and have them do the alterations. I'm going to talk to the manager and find out if my dress was really a size 16...I'm starting to think there was a possibility that it was cut wrong and it was really a larger size. I mean how do they take that much in on the sides and stuff and the next size smaller dress doesn't even fit right? Makes absolutely no sense. Plus I was never told how much alterations could be...I knew I would have to pay for alterations but I was informed when I went back in on Thursday night that I should have been told an approximation of alterations.

So that was my dress meltdown! I was able to come home that night and find something that sent my night into an even bigger emotional spin...but that you can read about in the next post!! :)


Yeah I have been seriously MIA!! School started and that meant that hell started around my parts. I haven't even had a chance to blog about all of that!! So I will start there and then we will go through wedding stuff and such.

School this year is going to be a challenge to say the least! I have some kiddos that have some major behavior problems and then some kiddos that struggle with reading. I like working with the kids that are struggling because it is so nice to see them make growth...behaviors are only cool if they can be fixed! Kids that steal on the first day of school make my life a living hell. Kids that blatently look you in the face and laugh at you when they get in trouble...not so cool! Dislike greatly! So needless to say it's going to be a tough year especially trying to do last minute things for the wedding!

Wedding planning is still going. We managed to get so much done over the past month. We ordered all of our favors and all of our last minute things...guest book, napkins, ring pillow, sand bottles and sand. We just need to order our toasting glasses and our cake stuff and then we are totally done. We finished our wedding slideshow (which turned out awesome!) and I finished Dave's wedding present. It's a photo book and I love it. I cried making it! It is going to be the perfect present to give him!

So there's the I will update you on the major dress is worthy of a post all it's own!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our First Fishing Trip

For my birthday, Dave's dad got me a gift card to Sportsman's Wharehouse. These boys are going to get me all set to like the things they do and I find it very cute that his dad gets me gift cards to places where I can get stuff to participate in these activities with them. It's like an open feeling to be included in the "boy things" if you will. Anyway...I knew exactly what I was going to buy when I opened that card and saw what he got me. I was going to buy a fishing pole!

Dave had been talking about going fishing forever. I'm always like yeah we'll go but apparently I have never showed a great interest. I've always been fine going, we just never went. So I thought I will get the fishing pole and surprise him! I called Steve to ask what kind of pole I needed and he was actually helpful. I walked into Sportsman's Wharehouse and played the dumb girl act. Actually I walked up to the guy and said I need a fishing pole, I'm clueless as I"m a first time fishergirl! He laughed and spent the next hour helping me. This guy was awesome and if I wasn't in such a hurry (I was late to pick dave up for lunch) I would have found a manager and commented on the great customer service I received. Dave always laughs when I do this but seriously, the guy spent an hour helping me...he deserves some kuddos! Anyway the guy helped me find a fishing pole (IT'S PINK!!) a tackle box and all the stuff I needed to go in it. Then I went up and picked out some waders so that I could go out in the float tube with Dave too.

I went to get Dave and he seriously thought it was the best thing ever! He saw it in the back of my car and was like aww honey you bought a fishing pole. He liked it so much it brought a little tear to his eye because I wanted to share in an activity with him. What can I say he's a bit sensitive and I love it! I got exactly the reaction I was looking for and more. He understood that this was my way of saying yes I would love to go fishing with you. He loved it so much that we went this past weekend and he gave up going down to Hot August Nights to spend the weekend fishing with me. He's a big H.A.N's the equivalent of Patty missing the SuperBowl if the Jets were playing :) So that showed he really wanted to take me fishing.

We went to Squaw Reservior on Friday and planned to stay until Saturday evening and then come home. The weather SUCKED! It was windy and yucky and where we had to fish was all rocky so my line kept getting stuck and Dave had to break it off. Needless to say the fishing trip did not start off like either of us hoped for! Here's a few pictures from Friday...

Here I am loading my bait onto my hook (thanks to the helpful guy at Sportsman's showing me how to do it all!)

Here is Dave with his only catch! You'll hear more about why that happened later on.

Here I am all pissed off about fishing...I was thinking it was boring and I was pissed that I was now on hook 4 of 5!!

We gave up on fishing and went and played games. Someone had a chocolate donut and got a messy face...I love this face!

After we played games for a while we decided it was time to cook some dinner. While Dave was cooking, the wind calmed down and you could see the fish jumping. So I went back down and tried fishing again. I didn't catch anything, but I had a lot more fun! Here we are getting dinner ready!

Dave working with our spread!

Us together at dinner

I got bored so I took pictures of me!

After dinner we sat down to eat and the damn mosquitos ate us alive! Julia will appreciate this story! They were annoying to me but they were down right pissing Dave off. He was freaking out slapping his legs and cussing at all the bugs. We ate fast and he goes that's it we are going in the tent! The tent? But we just built a campfire and it's like 8:30. The campfire was put out and we were in the tent! I must say it was much nicer. We hung the flashlight from the top of the tent and then we played games. We also took pictures because we got bored!

Quincy was pretty much over us playing the he got in the middle of it! He wanted lights out and time for bed, not us up talking and laughing with bright lights!

Saturday morning we woke up and fishing was much better. It was like glass so I casted out and caught my first fish!! I was very excited but I wasn't sure how I felt about holding mr. fish for his photo op!

I had to laugh at Dave...he said honey do you want this picture from the waist up?? I looked at him with my best snobbish look and said HONEY...waist up pictures were so last summer! I've lost weight full body pictures are AOK now!!

And here's a few more pictures of me out in the float all I caught 3 fish that day. Dave never did fish (he only did on Friday) because when the game warden came to check our licenses he asked Dave if he was familiar with the trout stamp. Dave said yeah don't I have one on there? Apparently he didn't and he forgot to buy one this year. He always buys one and he said he probably thought I never actually go fishing and use it so why bother...why bother?? Hello bother because I bought a fishing pole dork!

Me in my new waders

Fishing in the float tube

Catching the fish that swam under my butt when I was trying to reel him in!

A good day of fishing

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bachelorette Party

After the shower, we all went out for the bachelorette party. The night started off at dinner at the Olive Garden (YUM!!) and then we were supposed to go miniature golfing and then downtown. Unfortunately the mini golf girl was a bitch and there was miscommunication or something and we didn't get what Chrissy had talked to the manager about. So instead of dealing with this rude girl, we all left and took the business with us! So we went downtown a little earlier than originally planned I guess. It was all a surprise to me what we were doing other than I knew we were having dinner and I knew we were going downtown. We went to Rum Bullions, a local little piano bar, and they pull you up and sing to you. I got to do I'm a little teapot which turned into I'm a little bimbo haha! It was fun none the less. Then we headed down to Brew Brothers where we danced the night away. Here's a few pictures

Monica, Shasta and I all ready to go

Chrissy and I at dinner

Me doing I'm a little bimbo...and the girl that was pissing Shasta off because she wouldn't get out of our picture!

My dare was to find a man to marry me...this was the lucky suitor. He was a good sport! The first guy we asked actually thought we wanted him to marry me! Weird!

The girls at Brew Brothers...Katie got cut out of the picture!

All the girls at dinner

Shasta and my sister taking their shots!

Me giving baby Cambrea a kiss...she was our designated driver for the night haha! Chrissy was a trooper and stayed out pretty late with us for being 7 months preggo!

So we had a pretty good time...I ended up only have one drink and a shot when we first got there and then it was so hot I didn't want to I didn't want to be all hungover in the morning. So I'm glad I didn't get drunk...this way I can actually remember my bachelorette party!

The Cooking Bridal Shower

Wow I've totally slacked...I apologize now and have much to blog about. I am supposed to be at Walmart making a CD of pictures so that we can start working on our slideshow for the reception. That will take me oh like over an hour because I have many pictures to scan. Then I'm supposed to be at school working in my classroom because school starts in two weeks and I have nothing done! But instead I feel I owe some good blogs and chose to procrastinate just a little longer.

Shari, the most wonderful woman in the world, or Mama Bear as we like to call her threw me a bridal shower. I was very excited because it wasn't going to be a normal bridal shower. It was a cooking shower and everyone was going to be working on making something for us to eat. Then everyone brought recipes that were easy for me to make! You know I'm cooking challenged but the shower proved to be a great thing. I got this great cookbook from Monica's mom called Anyone Can Cook. It's the best! Dave has gone through and picked out dinners this past week (the nights we were home) and I cooked them up. I wasn't even nervous...I figured if I screwed them up oh well we started over or found something different. So far I have made pulled pork sandwiches and last night I made an AWESOME Buffalo chicken pizza. It was by far my favorite!! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the bridal shower...I won't over do it with pictures because it takes so long to load the stupid things, but for those of you who are on my myspace (I'm pretty sure all of you that read me regularly are on my myspace) the pictures will all be there.

My cute little apron that Chrissy got says Mrs. Reeder and then my favorite saying of live, laugh, love. Plus she's super thoughtful and it is yellow, my mom's favorite color.

All the girls...well the ones that were still there...we were missing a few

Monica and Shasta...Shasta had to work really hard to make my little bouquet for the rehersal dinner...we only had one bow!

The best man in the whole entire world! Literally...Dave was supposed to pick Bubba up when he was done golfing around 12 and golf ran over and when the shower was over Dave showed up. Thank god Bubba is a good man and can go with the flow...he was there the entire shower. He made friends with Shari's husband Don!

All the bridesmaids minus Kayla...she wasn't here :(

So needless to say it was really fun. I learned how to cook a few things and best of all I got over my "fear" of cooking if you will. I learned that if you mess it up it's not the end of the world and sometimes you can improvise on your recipes. The best thing about the shower?? Dave finds my new cooking skills sexy haha!