Sunday, November 02, 2008

Welcome to Married Life!

I're all thinking oh my gosh Angie is actually blogging! I have been a complete slacker and am finally ready to get back to blogging. I chalked it all up to the wedding and trying to get things ready...then it was report cards the Monday I went back to school (what I was thinking not taking that day off I have no idea!) and I had to have them done by Thursday. Got those out of the way and I feel like I actually have time to myself again...time to blog and time to relax!

The wedding was perfect. In my eyes, not a single thing went wrong. The priest did do our vows wrong (that only bothered Dave and he actually wasn't that bothered...he wanted to say I do because he knew he would cry if he had to repeat everything, the priest messed up, he had to repeat the vows and he cried!) and randomly had us kiss in the middle of the ceremony so we totally weren't prepared for that at all, but aside from that the day was seriously perfect. The weather was beautiful, everything was on time (or at least I never knew we were running late if we were) and things went smooth. I don't have many pictures of Dave and I together yet, but I have a ton of the reception. Here's my favorite picture so far of us together:

That's really the only picture of us together that I got on my camera.

I see I'm going way out of order so I figure I will break this up into a few posts...the rehearsal dinner, the fight with the mother-in-law, and the night before the wedding...then the actual wedding!


Jayla'sMommy said...

Welcome back and Congrats again :)
Can't wait to read everything about the wedding :))

Jiff said...


Steph said...

Yay you are back. That is a great picture. I am so happy for you!!!

Dyan said...

I absolutely LOVE your wedding pics, they are lovely... it looks like you have a wonderful family; and you are SUPER happy.... YAY!