Saturday, December 22, 2007

He wins for most thoughtful ever!!!!

Dave and I had our Christmas last night. We always open our presents here at home the night before we leave to Winnemucca. There is no point in packing all of our presents up there and then bringing them all home so we have our own little Christmas each year. Well he officially wins for most thoughtful anything ever!! My big present was definitely something that I had wanted ever since he has known me...and he was right...never in a million years would I have guessed that it was this!!!

He got me a log bed! It's not here yet and he wanted me to be able to open something under the Mr. Thoughtful and creative made this for me to open!

Seriously how cute is he! I think I like this better than the real bed...ok right now I do but when the real bed gets here it will be my favorite! I will have to update with more later! We were supposed to leave around 9am and we don't have anything done YIKES!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Now it let's me do it!

There after I hit publish post it let me do the damn picture! So there you go!!

Another round of dresses

Alright I said I would post the next night and tell you all my favorites and then I waited forever and didn't post...sorry!

Here were my favorites in order from favorite to not so much! Dress #4, #1, #3, #2. Dress #2 is definitely out of the running! After looking at the pictures that night I thought to myself why did I even like that dress at the store!

Everyone that left a comment thought that Dress #1 looked the best and that was their favorite. Patty was the only person to say that she liked dress #3. This was the blog consensus. Everyone at my school liked dress #4 the best and then the one male opinion I asked was dress #3. My sister looked at the pics that night and she loved dress #3.

So Saturday when my sis was in town we went to try the dresses on again. #2 wasn't even an option anymore and it was between the other 3. So I tried them all on. And I must say that my favorites quickly changed! Dress #1, the one you guys all liked, became my least favorite when I tried it on again. I think it is just too plain...there is nothing to it and it became my least favorite. So now it was between the other 2. I had my heart really set on dress was my favorite and although it did have some bead work on it, it wasn't over the top and too foofy for me. I did however dislike the design at the bottom of the dress...especially when I tried it on and saw that it wasn't centered with the rest of the stuff on the dress. No good! Plus that dress is discontinued. So it's either buy it then, or wait and if I still like it pray it's still there.

But when I tried Dress #3 on again, it became a close tie between that one and #4. I didn't really like the buttons on the back of it, but I did like that it was more slimming on me than dress #4. I also liked that it had no detail on the bottom of the dress like dress #4. It wasn't as plain as #1 and it wasn't as decorated as #4. I started liking dress #3 the more I went home and looked at the pictures. My sister and her friend both said that they thought it looked the best on me. So did the male at my school that I asked. He said it really slimmed me up and didn't accentuate things that were already out there, as in my boobs. He was trying really hard to be nice and say that but he ended up making a Dolly Parton comment haha!

So as of right now, Dress #3 is my favorite and probably (I say that and god knows I will change my mind) the one I will go with. My sister also tried on a dress while we were there. She is 15 years older than me and she hates her arms. Shannon knows what I am talking about when I say we Arrate girls hate our arms! So she wanted something that covered that up and she was being super picky. She found a dress that she liked and ironically enough, it wasn't a bridesmaid's dress. It was the mother of the bride dress. With my mom being gone, she is going to have to partially try to fill that role too so I figure it was fitting. I really liked the dress on her. It looked really nice and complimented her well. Only dilemma now is that it changes the colors of the wedding a bit because the dress is a dark chocolate brown. But that's ok because Dave really wanted brown as a color in the wedding. Here is a picture of her and in dress 3 and her in the dress that I like on her! OR NOT BECAUSE IT WON'T LET ME LOAD A PICTURE! I feel your pain now Jen!!!

I guess I will post the picture later when it wants to work. But as of now, I think I am going to go with dress 3...not too plain, not too foofy! So good job Patty for picking my favorite dress...even if it was my favorite after my second try on haha!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Dresses

I went to try on dresses tonight. I can't say that I was dying with excitement but after I put on the first dress I was a little more bride like. I tried on about 7 dresses and I can't say that I found one that I was just in love with that I couldn't live without. The last three we tried on were more of just seeing if I liked a halter or strapless because everything I had tried on previously was strapless. There were 4 dresses that I liked and had her write down. I didn't feel like the lady was all that helpful. She was nice, but I kind of felt like she was rushing us and that she didn't really want to bring more dresses and that after trying on 4 dresses I should know which one I want to buy! She had another girl come in so maybe she was actually feeling rushed but still I didn't get a good vibe from her in the helpful department. So here are the four dresses that I liked. I won't say which one is my favorite because I don't want to influence anyone's thoughts on the dresses. Please remember that you are looking at the dress here. Ignore the nerdy looks on my face, the closed eyes, and the hair that looks like it had an encounter with a weed whacker! Let me know which dresses you guys like...I hope you can see them good enough in the pictures.
Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

And finally Dress #4

So there you go ladies...after you all comment I will post another blog letting you know which ones I like more than the others or what I like about each one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let the Madness Begin!

It's been a while since I have written...I seem to want to do everything else at night besides write on a blog (oh and grade papers...I REALLY need to grade papers!)

I spent most of the weekend Christmas shopping! I was ready to kill people by the time I made it to Target. The traffic on Virginia St. was RIDICULOUS!! It took 25 minutes to get from the Peppermill down to the mall! YUCK. Add to that the idiots that can't drive in the snow and you have a pissed off afternoon in the making. We got shopping done for my nephew...we are going to get Dave's nephew a few more little things and then my niece. Adult wise we have nothing done! I do however have Dave done which is nice. Now I just need to get him out of the house so I can wrap the stuff.

Tomorrow I am going to try on wedding dresses! YAY...I think! I'm not exactly super excited to be doing this. I know I need to start looking because I know I am going to be really picky. And I know they need a lot of time to order it and make alterations and clearly I am going to be a skinny hot mama by my wedding...think skinnier! My dad was all stressed that I was going to buy this tomorrow and what if I gained 10 lbs or lost 10 lbs (he said that to save face!) I had to explain that I was just looking tomorrow. I really want to figure out my bridesmaids dresses because my friend Shasta is coming up in January and I want to be able to show her things that I have picked out because we are having a wedding planning weekend together! But finding a dress has been the last thing on my mind and I"m not sure why. Were all you married gals excited to find your dresses or no? Either way...I will post pictures tomorrow night so you can all see some differnet styles and give me your thoughts!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wedding Planning Update

Jen is feeling very neglected and wanted to know where the fook I was!! So I figured I better write because she is going to have that baby soon and then she won't be able to read all my posts and comments and I will be very sad!!!

Church Stuff:
We went and took our focus inventory on Tuesday at the church. It was actually really interesting, but at the same time after I left I felt like I was going to come out like the bad Catholic and they were going to go know you can't get married here. There were a lot of questions that were repeated or just worded differently. They covered having children, finances, in-laws, our sex life and pretty much every other aspect of being married. There were of course some church questions and I answered some the way I figured they wanted them answered and then I answered some the way I really felt...hence why I will be the bad catholic girl that they will want to shun. The lady took my test and since I was done before Dave I said "but on the back it says we are supposed to go over our statements before we go to the marriage therapist." She never knew the test booklet said that and so I asked if we could and she said yes. Hello I was going to make sure Dave answered all the questions right haha!! So it was interesting and I did feel a bit like she was not real keen on the idea that we live together and we aren't married, but Fr. Tony didn't seen to have a problem with it so...she doesn't count over him haha!

We met our DJ last night. He was really relaxed and seemed really prepared. He told us that he likes to be involved in the planning of the reception because that is his job...he's the professional and I was all about help because I don't know how it's supposed to go. He answered all of our questions and seems like he is going to be a lot of fun at the reception. I am really looking forward to working with him. He was also giving us ways to save money saying that most people don't do the champange toasts anymore because no one like champange and it's spendy. He was telling us about a drink in hand toast where everyone just makes sure they have a drink and he said we could save about $2-300! He also said we should check out Scolari's for flowers. He said they are the only grocery store that actually has a licensed florist and they do beautiful work. He said we would also pay about half the price of a florist. I know Shannon did hers through Costco (at least I think that's what she told me) but she was also creative enough to put them not so much! So I'm really excited to work with him and have him help us with some of the planning. I feel like I have him as a wedding coordinator and then Tonya at Boomtown is like a wedding coordinator too! Sweet!

Other than wedding stuff not much is going on. I did all my Christmas cards already...we just did a photo Christmas card. It's the first time I've done those and they turned out really hello no writing other than addresses. I got them all done last night in like 30 minutes!

If I can think of anything else to write about today I promise Jen I will! I do still have to write about the award Stephanie gave me and she also tagged me for something. So I will work on that tonight after I write out bills YUCK!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go Look Go Look Go Look!!!

Ok I know most of you ladies are either getting ready to have your babies...or you just had your baby, but seriously can I be selfish for one minute and tell you all to go look at my wedding website!!!! Ok good I'm glad you understand. I promise Jen it could possibly induce labor haha!!

But really I finally finished (well almost) the website. As much stuff is up as I can put up right now except for a few missing wedding party we need more! But Dave still has to ask a few guys and I have a few girls to ask. He finally wrote his engagement part tonight. I did the how we met part and I told him I wanted him to write the how we got engaged. I dozed off on the couch tonight and that's when he wrote it...So freaking cute!! I'm glad I made him write it in his words because my version would have been so plain and boring compared to his cute little stuff. Hee hee!

We met with the priest today and we both absolutely love him. He's really funny and is going to make sure we are both super comfortable. I told Dave if he thought I was excited before now I am super excited because it feels even more real. It didn't seem as real when we were just planning and talking to the "other" people like the reception site and the photos and stuff. But the church...I have to admit I had a small panic attack right before we met with him. I was all set to get married at Boomtown and just call it church for me. But I'm glad that I got over myself and we met this guy...he is going to be way easy to work with!

So without further's the wedding website and I expect some guest book comments since you guys are the first ones that are getting to see it and all :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Funeral Potatoes

Ok so you all asked what the hell funeral potatoes were. They are a potato casserole and I believe they got their name because they are easy to make and a lot of people bring them for funerals or take them to the grieving family so they don't have to worry about dinner. I will have to find the recipe for you guys but here's the gist....

You take the frozen hashbrowns and you mix in cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix and sour cream and cheese...after you bake that all together for a while then you take it out, stir it up and then you melt a little butter in a bowl and put cornflakes in there...once they are buttery you spread them across the top and add more cheese if you want. Bake again and they are ready to go. The original recipe doesn't call for onion soup mix...that's something my sister added. I accidentally made it one time and forgot the onion soup mix and they were way bland...I thought they had no flavor and I told her good call for adding that little flavorful treat in there!

As soon as I get my recipe stuff out I will post it up here. I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy now though...maybe you can have your recipe after that haha!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I got tagged!!

Jen tagged me so now I get to play too!

4 dishes I like to cook:
1. I love to cook these ranch baked chicken quesedillas
2. Breakfast scramble
3. Potato soup
4. Funeral potatoes
*Disclaimer* - I CAN cook these dishes...but I usually just let Dave do it!

4 Qualities I love in people:
1. sense of humor
2. honesty
3. compassion
4. relaxed

4 Places I've Been:
1. Mexico (border town only)
2. Washington D.C.
3. Tennessee
4. Arizona
*Clearly I do NOT travel enough!

4 Things in my Room:
1. my cat (this is now his home because of the dog)
2. all black and white pictures of Dave and me
3. a laundry sorter...that doesn't get used much because landry goes on the floor
4. a tv

4 Dirty Words I like:
1. Fuck
2. Shit
3. Cocksucker
4. Ass-fuck

Now who can I tag...let's see Shannon already did it...Jen already did it...Patty already did it...AHA!!

Steph consider yourself tagged! If you have already been haven't posted about this yet so you are tagged now! And I'm going to tag Shawna from the Tummy Tuck! I only have two, but hey post away girls!

Thank you!

Thank you my lovely cousins for your advice on the groomsmen vs ushers. I think we are going to seperate them out because then everyone can have a chance to be involved. I'm glad Lisa commented again because I didn't know she was reading and I appreciate her input. And thanks Shannon for taking time out of being ready to pop to help your poor clueless cousin on her wedding!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Groomsmen VS Ushers

Ok I already pretty much know the answer to this question but I'm asking it there a difference between an usher and a groomsman? Now let me answer NO! I know that usually the groomsmen are the ones that seat people at the wedding, but we are having an issue with the boys side. You see I thought I would be the one with too many girls and him being no it's me that's short and we are not going to have 9 people on both sides so clearly he must make cuts!

Here's the problem: Dave has his brothers and then 2-3 friends that are from Wyoming that he would like in the wedding. He will negotiate on 2 of the friends from Wyoming but one is for sure. Then we have his friends here...if he puts in all 3 of the Wyoming folk, he has one spot left. How does he pick between the 4 friends from here without having hurt feelings? And trust me...there would be hurt feelings among 2 of the remaining 3. One would be like whatever and not care at all...but it's that friend that I think should be in the wedding! But I don't really want to put my two cents in on his side because those are the people that he should choose.

He said why can't we make the rest ushers? He said he had been to a wedding this summer (the one in Wyoming) where there were groomsmen and ushers. I was originally going to make my nephew an usher so apparently the thought was in my head. I've seen weddings that have ushers that are seperate from the groomsmen and I have seen weddings where the groomsmen seat the people.

So it's time for you ladies to weigh in...seriously we were stumped and Dave said write on your blog they always have good advice haha!! So even he knew where I was going to go for help! Shannon you may not have that baby until you comment on this post! Jen you either!! I am absolutely anal about trying to get this next part planned and when I get stumped I feel like I need help IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you very much haha!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Engagment Photos

My friend Diana took these pictures of us today. We were going to have our other friend Ryan take our engagement pictures but we weren't sure how much they were going to be. Diana said she really liked to take pictures and said that if we didn't like hers we could still have him do it...she just liked taking pictures and thought it would be fun. So the original plan was to have Ryan still take more...but seriously how cute are these pictures! We need no more photos she did a great job!

Hee Hee throwing leaves at each other...

Those are just a few of my favorites!!

Ahh...her two cents!

My little wedding book says that you should keep the in-laws to be informed of wedding stuff so they don't feel left out. It says that telling them the details as you plan is the best way to make them feel involved and a part of the whole process. My little wedding book is stupid!

Friday I was talking to Dave's mom and was telling her all of the planning stuff that I have started. First of all for the love of all mankind could she just act excited? I know she's not exactly the most excitable person but I have seen her get all excited over less...hello her first son is getting married! Be happy! So I proceed to tell her all the details and the date (yeah bozo hadn't even told her what day we were getting married!) and so on. She then proceeds to say well what do I need to do? My first thought: Wow! That was really nice of her to offer to help us! I said that we were still trying to get some about prices and that then we were going to see what we could pay for and see what we would like to ask our parents to help us with. I told her that usually the grooms family pays for the rehersal dinner and some random was all I could remember out of the little wedding book. She was fine with that and our little convo ended.

Enter Saturday morning! She calls to tell me that she just finished talking to Aunt Mary...this is the mother of the cousin who's wedding we went to this summer. She proceeds to tell me that Aunt Mary said they paid for the rehersal dinner and the dj so that is what she was going to pay for. Uh did she not hear the detail where I said we would ask our parents for help when we needed it? No huh ok well at least she is offering to pay for these things...still a nice gesture stop being a synical bride. Does it stop there...oh no! Then she tells me that I will book the dj that Chris and Karmella had. Wait WHAT?? I said well Karmella sent me all of the info on him and I haven't looked him up yet...I was just trying to get the ceremony site and the reception site out of the way first. But I will defenitely look into him and thank you for offering to pay for those two things. (Please note that I am still being very nice and very respectful to her two cents). Do you think that was ok...oh hell no! She just kept saying over and over that I needed to book that dj, not just look into him, just go ahead and book him for that day. I tried to step around it for as long as I could and she just kept it up. So I just finally said that we were going to look at a few other djs and compare prices first...if we found a different dj and she still wanted to pay for him, thanks, if not, oh well thanks for the offer anyway! Dave sat in the corner and laughed at me becuase he said you know how she were the one that wanted to keep her involved!

Later Saturday morning, Dave and I are going over our guest list. We are trying to make a rough one so we have an about idea on the food. That's all we pay for at Boomtown so having a rough number will help us with a rough price. Anyhoo he calls his mom to see if there is anyone important that he forgot or someone that she feels should be there. She shares a few names we already had and then tells him that she is buying all kinds of stuff! Fortunately for him I heard him say, don't start buying a bunch of stuff for the wedding...we don't even know what it will look like yet! After this comment he says do you care if my mom buys us our champagne glasses? I look at him like she's retarded because won't we just have some simple plastic glasses or doesn't boomtown provide the toasting glasses? This is until I realize that she means OUR toasting know the ones with your names that the BRIDE AND GROOM pick out! Yeah those ones! I then give him the are you fucking kidding me look and he says to me she says they're really pretty. I nicely (through grit teeth) say isn't that something that we pick out together and I thought you said it would be neat to do something with minnie and mickey since that's where we got engaged! He did end up telling her that we wanted to pick those out and she was just like ok then! So I don't know if it hurt her feelings or what but that's something that we pick out. It's not something someone just gives you...or at least I would like to pick ours out.

So in summation: there are certain things that we do not want to listen to the little wedding book on...and filling her in is one of them!!

Friday, November 09, 2007


As if I haven't already consumed my days with wedding planning (and made Dave's eyes roll at me at least 15 times a day)...Jen gave me this great website She said it had lots of ideas and those kinds of things. She did not however tell me that I had what I had been wanting to do for a very long time...Create a Wedding Website!!!!

Oh yeah I have spent a good chunck of my day today (and my night last night) working on it. Dave said I could (actually he rolled his eyes then said whatever) because this was the free one and it wasn't one that was like $30. It basically goes over all the details of the wedding and our little love story if you will. It gives all the details that an out of town guest would need about booking rooms as well as other travel accommodations. Once we pick out wedding party it will include a picture of them and their job at the wedding. So very excited in case you didn't know!

Chrissy said I was way more of a bride than her...oh yeah I'm all about the bride stuff today! So thanks Jen for directing me was very helpful and soon you will all have a website to check out...I'll post it when we get more on it (like tonight haha!)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guest List - UGH!

So I have started to compile the guest list. Right now I just have my side of it that I am working on. I am for sure going to need lots of advice and help on this part because I forsee this being a very difficult thing.

My first question is how do you deal with kids at the wedding? I'm not against kids being at the wedding, but my main question comes to how do you count them for food? I will use Shannon as an example and hopefully she won't mind :) I will invite Shannon and her family...that will be an invitation for 4 (yay 8 days till Codi!!). Now Brandon will eat food...but will Codi he will be close to a year old...I'm not sure how to include them? Or what about kids that are around Brandon's age...would they count as a full meal? I guess this is something that I will have to ask the caterer lady, but I just wondered how that all worked. Like I said it will be a kid friendly wedding...but I just don't know how to count the kids when looking at food.

Next on the list is what about single people. I know that it's up to us if we put + guest, but at the same time if our caterer is a per person tab...if we invite a guest too then we are looking at extra money? I know I would hate to have to attend a wedding by myself but at the same time, the people that are single wouldn't actually be there by themselves...does that make sense? For example, my friend Janine...she would be alone (well she can have her son there) without a date, but she would have all of our co-workers and I plan on seating them all together. So the few people that are listed as singles would have their other friends there...making it a nonawkward situation for them.

Finally, how do you deal with the "obligation" know the people you feel like you have to invite because they have been your parents' friends for years? That's just an example, but how do you avoid the whole oh my gosh she didn't invite me kind of thing?

Here is the first thing that I am not looking forward to when it comes to planning...and this is just my side...Dave's side will be obnoxiously large (well maybe that's a stretch) plus all the people that aren't family that he will want to invite!

Seriously you girls will be tired of me talking about this in no time...consider this my version of a pregnancy haha!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let the Planning Begin!!

Now that there is a ring on the finger, clearly I can start planning my little heart out right? WRONG! Ok well I am planning even though Dave is like oh my god can we just enjoy the engagement for a while...uh hello we enjoyed it the rest of the weekend in Disneyland and we enjoyed it the week we came it's time to get down to business!

We have picked a date...October 25,'s exactly one year that we will be engaged. We had no idea how to go about picking a date or anything and we saw that day was a Saturday so we went with that. There goes my summer wedding plans hello fall wedding!

I have started looking around at places because yes I am breaking code and getting married here in Reno and not going home to Winnemucca! It will be easier for me to plan if all the people I have to meet with are here instead of a 2 hour away drive and I can't expect my sister to go and do all my errands for me...hello she has a family too and 2 very active children. She's a busy woman and doesn't need to be running around doing all my errands. I think we are going to get married in a church and we are leaning towards having our reception at Boomtown. I have heard from three different people that their receptions were wonderful up there and that the woman is really easy to work with. She even sets up and cleans up for you. Chrissy's reception was there and it was gorgeous! They do a nice job and it's reasonably priced.

Dave's cousin was married this summer and I was looking at their pictures...they are really nice and she is also real reasonable. I called her yesterday because I had the little reminder in my email to view Karmella and Chris' pictures and she seems like she would be easy to work with. We are going to set up a consultation with her for next week and will probably end up going with her.

So that takes care of (or at least I am pretty sure if we go with these places and people that it's done) date, catering, reception and photos! Four big things out of the way and only about a billion more to go!

In other exciting news I have lost 8lbs since joining the Tuesday Tummy Tuck!

Monday, October 29, 2007

All the details

Now that I have had time to come home and actually relax, I can finally post about my weekend. I will leave out all the boring stuff for you guys and get right to the engagement. We had a fun trip all around and it was a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better time. We got there way late Wednesday night after getting lost in the ghetto (thank you OnStar for saving our asses!) and went straight to sleep. Thursday morning we got up and headed to the park. We checked out the line for the new Nemo ride and saw it was already ridiculous after the park only being open for 10 minutes. We decided we would go to the Matterhorn. Here was where Dave started to act weird...actually he was weird all morning and really quiet. The sign clearly states that the bigger person goes in the back! Picture to prove it!! So I said that I should ride in the back of him...he insisted that he would not do this. I thought fine whatever it's your legs that are going to get spread apart like a wishbone when my fat butt sits between them! I could not sit behind him I later found out because the ring was in his waste band and I would have felt it! Then we go to Peter Pan and while in line (apparently very sneakily since neither Chrissy nor I heard them talking about this) Chrissy's husband Eric was giving Dave shit. He said so are you going to do it or what...and to his surprise and everyone else on the trip, Dave said YES! Eric was like oh! So they began talking about how this was all going to happen. The plan was to walk under the little castle tunnel and right out in front of it. This could not happen because there was a show in front of the castle. We wandered back and forth and as we got to the front of the castle, the show ended. I took a bunch of pictures of the characters (because I clearly act 6 when in Disneyland) and we headed to the bathroom. After coming out of the bathroom (where I have decided the boys plotted this all out) both boys were ADAMANT about taking our pictures in front of the castle. I thought this to be weird but Dave said well there's no one out there right now so there won't be a bunch of people in our pictures. Good enough reason for me! We walk out there and he says "we'll take one of us, one of them and then one of the four of us". Clearly the boy wants the damn pictures and he has really put some thought into this...still I have no clue and have not caught on. After they both yell at us telling Chrissy to get out of the first picture and that we would be going first, Chrissy and I were getting a little annoyed about the damn picture! I go up there and Eric is way back like he's taking a picture only his sneaky ass is videoing it! Dave put his arm around me for the picture and he said (you all asked for details you are literally getting the play by play from this point to the end of the next few sentences!) Babe...(here I can now see Chrissy out of the corner of my eye frantically throwing stuff out of the backpack to get the video camera all the while yelling at Eric for not telling her this was going to happen now so she could have been prepared)...I love you...(still watching Chrissy and listening to Dave...brain going in slow motion starting to think something very weird is up)...and I was wondering (brain has now figured out holy shit this is going to actually happen like NOW)...if you would marry me (him now down on one knee with my beautiful ring in hand!)...(me crying...Chrissy saying oh my gosh YAYAYAYAYAYA...Eric laughing and Dave still waiting for an answer!) I nod yes and he puts the ring on! I now dance around like a freaking sprite on crack saying yay in a very high pitched voice. Chrissy continues to try to video all the while trying to hug me and video the ground while trying to find my ring. If I could figure out how to put it on here you would die laughing at me! Dave even teared up and Chrissy caught that on tape too which was way cute!

He said he wanted to make sure he did it early because he didn't want to lose the ring on a ride. He said his mind went completely blank when he walked up there and started to put his arm around me. I said that was ok because it was simple and sweet and I probably wouldn't have remembered much more! We called my sister who we had to wait forever to meet and she of course came over and bawled. So it was nice to have them there to celebrate if you will. Here's a few pictures from the trip:

I absolutely love my ring. It is simple and perfect for me! He did a fantastic job considering that I haven't seen the ring since our first trip to Roger's last year!

Right after the engagement. I thought I really had to have these wedding ears...until I realized they were $24 and I really didn't have to have them that much anymore! I was over it and I could settle for the picture. We never did find the groom hat with ears.

And just a few favorites. The first one is of Chrissy and I and the next one is of the four of us. We took an ungodly amount of pictures but I figured I'd share just a few for now.

Where I was proposed to!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

He's not a Cromagnon Man Jen!!!!!!!!!!!

So you all know what that means!!!! I'M ENGAGED! HE DID IT HE POPPED THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In case you couldn't all tell I am way beyond excited and happy and every other emotion that I could feel. After we started driving he was making a few comments and I thought ok I'm not getting my hopes up because obviously this would not happen on this trip....oh yeah he totally rocked my socks and surprised my ass when I least expected it! We just got home and I have to get to bed because we haven't slept well in days...I promise to fill in with details tomorrow and pictures! BUT YAY I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disneyland here we come!

I am leaving today after school on our little vacation. Everyone is trying to discourage us with the fires that are going on but I called our hotel and the fires are no where near that part of California (so the lady tells me!). No ruining my Disneyland trip!! I will be back to fill you all in on Monday!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good to be home

So I haven't posted in like a week on here because I've been so busy over on the Tuesday Tummy Tuck blog. So therefore I have been neglecting this wonderful blog!

Dave got home Monday night...yes that's right I said MONDAY! They were supposed to come on home Tuesday and I figured he wouldn't get home early so I was admittedly a little bummed. Monday night at about midnight my cell phone goes off because I have a text. I remember looking over thinking gosh I just wish that was Dave! I open it up in my half sleepy state and is says "How much do you miss me?" WAIT OH MY GOSH DID THAT REALLY SAY FROM DAVE?? I said um hello a ton and where are you...I was hoping that if he was in Fernley he would drive home even though that was really selfish of me considering that it was midnight and they had already driven forever. His response was I'm at the door! What a great surprise...I told him he was lucky...if I wouldn't have heard my phone and he would have walked in I would have been scared shitless!

In other boring news...I had my evaluation yesterday. I have always had good evaluations but this year I was nervous. Not nervous because I was questioning my ability to teach. Just nervous because I felt like this was my first real observation. My old principal dozed off during the observations and my old VP never really cared and just said oh you are doing fine. But my new principal, who I do adore, has never observed me. We had to fill out paper work and get all this stuff ready for him. You know like a real honest to god observation! Anyway he came in and was really impressed with my teaching. He said that my kids and I had a good rapport together and that I did a good job of involving all of my students. This made me feel good because making sure I call on all of my students always is something that I concentrate on. To sum up the whole day he said and yes I quote (and toot my horn all in one sentence) "Watching you teach today was the highlight of my day!" Yeah I rock I know!

7 days until we leave for Disneyland! I am so beyond excited I can't even begin to tell you. I have a good feeling like something is actually going to happen but I could still be wrong. I told Dave that I joined the Tuesday Tummy Tuck blog in order to lose some pounds. I said then I will be all ready to get into a wedding dress if you ever propose...he said you think so huh with a little smirk! And he has been way lovey (yeah probably because he's been gone a week) so I'm hoping. Otherwise as Jen said he will definitely be a Cromagnon Man!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Freaking out a little less

After I wrote my post yesterday about Freaking Out, I freaked out that I had even written it. I mean if I put it in writing then it must be true!! After listening to Chrissy and Jen I have decided that I'm ok with a little flirting and a little crushing. It's normal to find things appealing about the opposite sex whether it be their physical appearance or their personality. It's healthy to still want others to find you attractive or enjoy your company and want to be around you. It becomes unhealthy when you cross the line physically or become too emotionally invested in the person. Since I already know that physically, as in the bedroom, there is nothing there then I have nothing to worry about. As Jen's husband put it..."I don't care where you get your appetite as long as you come home to eat!" I liked his analogy and I told Jen I was stealing it! Oh and thanks Jen for all the awesome advice!

Our other friend Christine called tonight and she said you know he's totally got a crush on you. I was overwhelmed with the freaked out feelings like everyone knows this and I'm apparently the one that was clueless to start with. I was rushed with feelings like people actually think we have something going on and that's not true. But then I just told her...apparently we enjoy each other's company, we fill some void for each other and as long as I eat at my own house I'm fine!! Of course I had to explain where the hell this random comment came from but hey it works for me.

So I feel a little better today about the whole thing. He took me to my car after school (I had the oil and stuff all changed before our trip) and then tomorrow I have to pick him up because he is having his car worked on. I made sure his wife was aware of BOTH situations and she was cool this time. So that also made me feel better.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ok Jen

You should be entertained and busy at least for a few hours...the comments you will have to respond with will take you a while to give good advice and you have three long blogs to read. That should keep you busy for a few hours and then tomorrow you will have more new blogs! But right now I'm off to watch Private Practice becuase I"m pretty much a Grey's Anatomy/new spin off show addict!

Cross your fingers and all other lucky charms!

We leave for Disneyland in two weeks...this time in two weeks we will be in California! Chrissy and her husband are going down there with us. We planned this as a little birthday treat for Dave because he loves Halloween and his birthday is tomorrow. So the four of us thought it will be fun to go down there and do Disneyland and Knotts SCARY Farm (not sure I will like that because I HATE to be scared but I''ll suck it up for the other three that are going to enjoy it!). I'm excited for a vacation but I'm more anxious than anything and here's why:

I think (hope/pray) that Dave is going to propose while we are there! Here's why I think that: He told me so! Ok let me explain...a while back my friend Christine (not Chrissy) said that if she was me she wouldn't still be with Dave...she alluded to the fact that he is not worth waiting for and that he should have already made that kind of a committment. Well obviously I don't agree or I wouldn't still be dating him. I do think he is more than worth the wait and I know that we will be married so I've been ok about the whole thing. Anyway, her comment just hurt my feelers on that particular day and I came home and made the mistake of telling him about our conversation. This BLEW UP!!!! He basically had nothing nice to say about her...he was mad that I was letting my friends influence what I thought (he neglected to hear that I did NOT AGREE WITH HER!!!!!!!!) and basically just blew up at me. We got into a huge fight and I was trying to explain that I was just making the comment not agreeing or looking for info from him. In this process of losing his cool, he said and I quote! "Do you want to know when I was going to you?!@?!?!?!?!" Of course I said NO! Begging him not to tell me this because while I am fine knowing that it is coming I want no further details as to when/where/how. Well being that he was mad at HER he ruined MY proposal. He told me that he wanted to do it in Disneyland with both of our families there. TIME OUT! I don't want our families there...if it's Chrissy and Eric with us fine...but not all of our families no thank you! TIME IN! I was livid...why did he have to ruin that for me when he was mad at her?? I pointed out that if this is what he wanted then he should have been more active about getting Chrissy and Eric not to go (or go if he didn't care if they were there) and that if it was to be a surprise he needed to get the families to go and not tell me...clearly he couldn't leave the planning to me because I wouldn't know about a surprise so I wouldn't know to invite our gosh damn families! Anyway...I dropped it from that point on. I told him that I was going to be upset because I want the proposal that he had originally planned of course I wouldn't get it becuase now I knew about it. So I dropped it...I played dumb (not that he is dumb and thinks I don't remember) like I forgot all about him ever saying that. Ready for the irony of this situation? My sister and her family are going the same time as us now. Not becuase he called and said hey go so i can propose no no! Because they had to postpone their trip because my neice broke her leg! So if you are following this all...his little plan is just going to fall into place...right into his lap without him doing any work for it. His mom has called and wanted to know when we were going becuase they were going in November...hmmmm really! Now they might also be going the same time!

Here's my thoughts: Either he just said that at the time to hurt my feelings because he was made at Christine or that was really his plan. If it was his plan, I really hope he goes through with it because I want the proposal that he originally had planned not something new. If he just said it to hurt my feelings, I will be upset because how rude to do that! So those could be the reasons why he wouldn't propose, thus upsetting me. My other plan worked and he goes through with it (this could be my nerves about it actually happening or thinking that it might causing me to have the freak out crush from the previous blog), thus making me happy! Honestly I don't think he will do...because I have an idea so he won't go through with it. I would truly be surprised if he did it because while I have an idea I'm not expecting it because he knows I know (make sense?) But he keeps saying how excited he is to go to Disneyland and he has been super lovely the past few weeks (hence the happy couple...why am I freaking out again). Either way...

CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND ALL OTHER LUCKY CHARMS FOR ME! Update to obviously follow. What do you all think...pick it all apart and tell me how much I'm reading into apparently everything in life right now! :)


Since Dave is out of town I am obviously staying by myself...this means that I must turn on my OCD about the dark and have a fit about every single noise that I hear. Last week Quincy got out of his kennel somehow and tore up the ripped down three sets of blinds and ruined them! Broke plates, trashed the bathroom, cleared the kitchen get the picture. So I have a huge freaking window with no blinds on it while Dave is gone! I do not like this...the computer sits right next to it (it's a sliding glass door) and I am having a hell of a time sitting here next to the dark open window typing becuase I am just positive that I am going to turn around and some man is going to be standing there looking at me...yes having a slight panic attack as we speak!

My alone in the dark OCD is so bad that when Dave said well honey just make sure the bar is down and the door is locked that I looked at him like he was speaking Chinese to me. I lock every door when he isn't here including the bedroom door! I lock myself in so that no one can get me! I have resorted to putting a blanket up the best I can so that no one can see in my window...did I mention that the window is in the backyard surrounded by a fence and no one can see into it...YEAH I DON'T CARE! I still freak out about it because I hate the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone want to have a slumber party??

Freaking Out!

I'm not even sure that I want to write this post but I am seriously freaking the fuck out for a lack of a better way of putting it. Before I start writing let me make myself must read to the end or this post won't make sense...and no judging me!

My first question is: Is it ok to have a little crush if you are perfectly happy at home? Do the married women find themselves having little crushes or is this something that is just happening to me? Let me start by saying that I am very very VERY happy with Dave. We haven't had a fight or even a slight argument in a very long time (and yes I'm surprised because I am an argumentative person), the past two weekends have been an absolute blast together, we are going to Disneyland in two weeks (see next blog!) and things are literally perfect. So this is why I am freaking out about a little crush for lack of something better to call it.

I work with a guy who is just the sweetest. I'm pretty sure I have blogged about him before when I wrote about his wife (yes he's married!) freaking out about me giving him a ride. Anyway to make a very long story shorter...we flirt. I have come to terms with this...we call each other our school husband/wife becuase we are constantly doing things for each other and helping each other out. It all started three years ago when he gave me this ring pop ring as a joke and since then we have called each other school husband and wife. Totally a joke have NEVER thought anything about it. Then the whole ride thing happens and I don't get why the wife flips out...then my friend says maybe he has a thing for you and I say "What are you retarded? He's clearly MARRIED!!!!!!" This year things have just seemed to be even more where we do everything together. Again I reiterate that I am happy, he seems to be happy (I don't ask because it's a pointless subject) but suddenly I find myself actually wondering what the hell he is in right now as I write this! I find myself getting annoyed if he doesn't come in my room anymore and say good morning like he does EVERY SINGLE MORNING! I find myself reading into all of the little jokes he cracks that he has cracked for the past three years but suddenly I feel like they need to be read into. I find myself trying to spend more time with him. We have all (like about 10 teachers) been going across the street after school on Fridays to have a drink and he has been going (he would have never gone last year). Then Friday night he called and said that if anyone asked he was at a anyone asking I'm assuming the wife! UH HELLO What does that mean???????????? I honestly think it was at that moment that I freaked out.

I am freaking out because I am happy. No guy has ever swayed me from Dave...when I dated Jonathan I was easily swayed or tempted. This has not happened with Dave...I haven't ever been tempted to want to do something or ponder someone for so long. Yes I can look at a guy and say oh he's good looking or whatever but never actually ponder the thought of him. And it's not like I'm being tempted into wanting to actually do something with this guy...that thought hasn't crossed my mind. Part of me thinks it's because I can see what a great guy he is and I think his wife way doesn't appreciate him. He's a good husband (another reason why I'm freaking out because hello it's not like he has come onto me or anything and here I am reading into stuff) he helps out all the time it's not like their relationship is one sided and yet I feel like she's just not right for him (as if that's my choice/decision to make!) So back to the freaking out...if I am happy why am I wondering about him? I miss Dave already but then I go to school and it's like oh but wait I have this guy to hang out with...Why is it that he is coming into my mind so much...why am I being bothered by the things he now says and why am I reading into every single comment? Today he could tell I was bothered and I'm getting bitchy at him like he's doing something wrong when he CLEARLY has done nothing wrong! Why be bitchy at him? Because I think he needs a better wife and I am now crushing on him, yet I don't want to date him? Yeah that makes perfect freaking sense! Because that's the other thing (starting to ramble I am aware) when I was with Jon I could see myself being with other guys...I knew in my heart that he wasn't the one for me but I stayed with him becuase it was comfortable and at the time I needed stability not happiness persay. But never with Dave have I felt that even now...the only way I could explain my attraction to him(the guy at my work) is this: I could make out with him but I can't see sleeping with him, dating him or anything else. It would be like ok let's kiss and then I'm it's not like I'm all THAT attracted to him (holy shit if you understand that sentence amen to you!) I know that Dave is the person that I want to marry and I smile at him just becuase he's that damn cute to if this is all the case WHAT THE HELL IS MY MIND FUCKING WITH ME FOR?????????????

I talked to Chrissy last night and she said that for him my friendship must fill a void that he doesn't get with his wife (when I thought of it like that I felt much better...much less of a piece of crap for wanting him to not be married to her anymore). She's not an overly friendly person and he I must fill that outgoing void. But what is it that I'm missing that I am feeling a void that he seems to be filling? Is it just that I enjoy that someone is finding my personality or me attractive and is flirting with me? Everyone enjoys flirting! Or is it just normal to have a little crush...not one that you want to act on...but one you just want to daydream about? Make sense...yeah it doesn't to me either...HENCE THE FREAKING OUT!

The reason I said read to the end was because I want to make sure you all understand that I am in no way acting on this...or thinking or ruining what I have...or being a homewrecker to him...I am happy...just annoyed and confused that I am even sitting here writing a blog about feelings that I shouldn't be having!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blogging for Jen!

Alright Jen I'm not really blogging for you, but I finally have time and I have lots to write about. The problem now is that I have so much to write about I don't even know where to start organizing any of my thoughts to get them down! But I will be writing this week so you will have plenty to be reading!

Dave left this morning for his week long hunting trip. This is probably why I feel like I actually have some time to catch up on blogging. As I said before I just hate coming home from doing school stuff on the computer to sit in front of this computer and write. I feel like I get to spend no time with him so I have been cutting back and trying to blog before he gets home (which he has beat me home every single day for the past two weeks!) or doing it on the weekends. Either way I can catch up now!

For once I finally get the "alone time" factor. I am bummed that Dave isn't going to be here for a week, especially since Thursday is his birthday, but at the same time I am looking forward to it. I'm going to spend a little more time in the classroom and get caught up and get ahead on a few things so that I won't feel so overwhelmed at school. I bought a book that I want to read. I can probably finish that before he gets home. And I think that I am going to go out with a few girls this weekend and that should be a pretty good time. So I guess I'm happy for the alone time so that I can get this stuff done and not feel like I have to put it off so that I can actually hang out with him. Geez you would think we didn't live together!

I definitely have more to write and I will get them up here tomorrow. I started this one earlier tonight and then had to run errands. I made sure to finish this boring blog just for you Jen...then you can read the interesting stuff tomorrow haha!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Music and Love

Music is probably one of my favorite things. I listen to music on absolutely every occassion and I am pretty sure that there are certain songs that were written especially for me (well not for me but I can completely relate to them so you get the point).

One of the fun things that Dave and I do is play songs for each other. Every once in a while I will find a real sentimental song (yes I am an admitted sap!) and play it for him. Usually it brings a tear to his eye (and yes he would kill me if I said that) For example, I found this song when he was away one weekend called say yes. It's all about asking a girl to be in your wedding telling her how wonderful it would be to walk down the aisle and blah blah blah it's a proposal song. Hello perfect song for people that love music. So I played it and he of course teared up. Lately, he has been playing all of these retarded songs becuase if Dave isn't sarcastic 95% of his day he might die. Tonight I came home and he was like I have a song to play for you. I thought oh boy here we go again. Corny as this may be I have to post the lyrics here for you all to read:

You're the angel in my pocket
You're that whisper in my head
You're the perfume on my dirty shirt
The favorite words I've ever said
You're the edge I've just stepped off of
You're the sunlight throught my window pane
You're the road I wanna break down on in the pouring rain

'Cause I know I"m not easy to hold but you've reached me baby
You saved me from me before I was too far gone
Girl I love you for taking me on

I spent my life spinning my wheels
But I was getting no where fast
You took my foot off the gas
You brought me miles from where you found me
And now I ain't going back

Ok that's enough of the lyrics for you to get the point. The chourus especially speaks true because dating him is truly taking on a lot. He is so relationship wearly and a disaster when it comes to this stuff that it's not just dating someone as much as it is working on the relationship, but in good ways. So I just thought that was a very cute song. Corny I know but I just absolutely love love music!!!

I'll be back later tonight to write the in law type blog!


I haven't been able to write on here for a while. It just seems that I am getting home from school around 5ish then we have dinner together, then I grade papers and some where in between all of this I would actually like to spend time with Dave. So I have been putting off writing blogs (not that I've had anything all that interesting to talk about) and trying to speed read in the morning after my shower all of the blogs I like to read.

One fun thing that did happen a few weeks ago was parent night at my school. Had the best turn out ever...tons of parents were there and it was great. Till that last parent was there and he's a nasty stakerish kinda guy. I was prepared for him and my principal was super cool and kept coming in to get this guy out of my room. Well when I asked my principal if he would be around, he said yeah and then hesitated and said call my cell phone if you can't find me. Well he was thinking that I didn't want to be alone with this dad (which I didnt' but I could handle) but I really had a question for him (boring teacher stuff). He finally came in and made the dad leave which was nice. Well to make a long story short...a new fifth grade teacher has the sibling of my student with this dad so we were sharing funny parent stories and I said he talked to my boobs all night becuase he did. I have had parents talk to me and glance down at my boobs, but at least they could make eye contact. This guy was exactly the opposite...he talked to my boobs like they were acknowledging him and then he would occassionally glance up at my eyes. It didn't bother me I was just saying it was funny. I have big boobs...tell me that if a woman walks by and has big knockers you don't sneak a glance and think holy shit she has big tits! So people look whatever. Well this new teacher went to the principal and told him how UNCOMFORTABLE I was and that I was terrified to come talk to him about it!

WTF! Hello I played softball with this guy and have had way more conversations with him than her. If I was bothered I would go see him and tell him, I wouldn't be embarrassed or bothered so I was annoyed she said something. You ask how I knew she said something? Because I went into his office to ask a question and he immediately started apologizing to me. I was obviously confused and then when I realized that we were talking about my boobs I was like uh...what the hell am I supposed to say. So I said what I said to you guys "Boss, I have big boobs people look at them I wasn't uncomfortable about that I just didn't want to be here all night because that dad wouldn't shut up!" Does it sound like I have a problem telling him things? NO! He laughed but he really was concerned that he had let me down and that I could come talk to him and that I had felt uncomfortable and he didn't want that. Which was very thoughtful and nice but all the while I was thinking...and I know I have caught him glancing at the twins on more than one occassion!!!!

Hmm I think that's about all for now...I'm trying to put my thoughts together to write a blog very similar to Shannon's today because I know exactly how she is feeling and I don't quite understand that point of it either!


Ok so I owed Jen two more weird quirky facts about myself from the meme she tagged me for. I have now remembered number six after watching Kid Nation (which by the way I think is an odd show because I don't like it but I do...weird I know)

#6 I hate port-a-potties. I would probably rather shit my pants than use a port a potty. If I have a choice of going to the bathroom out in the open behind something or using a port a potty you can best believe you are going to see my butt. I am terrified that something is going to come up out of that NASTY hole and bite my butt! Yes I really do believe this and it was further proven when my sister was building her house. While the workers were in the process of building the house, there was a port a potty up there. It was seriously really nice, didn't smell and was clean. So I suck it up one day because there is literally nothing to hide behind and I go in to pee. Guess what runs across my foot...A GOD DAMN LIZARD!! Yeah proving my point that things live in there whether they are in the shit hole or not. I am always worried that I will get locked in and what if the thing tips or something and I have all this shit all over me??

Not to mention the awful smell that plagues this places. It is a literal shit hole in every sense of the word. Oh and the other thing is I can't stand the sound of my pee hitting all the other stuff down there...JUST PLAIN NASTY!!!! Someone was telling me (and now I can't remember who it was and how valid this could be) but there was a guy somewhere back east that was arrested because he was down in the SHIT HOLE looking up at women's hoo haas when they were peeing...thus FURTHER proving my point!

So port-a-potties are quirk #6...I thought of a 7th one and then I forgot it...don't worry it will come to me!

Monday, September 10, 2007

All the blogs I've needed to write...

Ok I have tons to write about and I was sick this weekend which is why I didn't get them up this weekend. So here is all of the blogs I have had to write about:

#1 - Quincy and his ungodly vet bill! Ok last Thursday (like a full week ago!) I came home and Quincy had pooped all over his kennel. Ugh he was sick. So I let him out and threw the kennel outside...well while he was out there he went to the bathroom like a straight 10 I thought geez he is really sick. Then I brought him in and gave him a bath. Yeah disgusting! Well as soon as I let him out, he went running back outside and again like a straight 10 minutes and then he threw up a huge pile of ickiness. Well never having had a dog before this struck me as weird (yes I am now aware that I probably over reacted to start with) so I tried calling Dave. He didn't answer becuase he was getting a hair cut. Long story short I took the dog to the vet and they basically told me that he had a tummy ache...the damage: $451.07!!! HOLY SHIT! UGH so I was very disheartened over this damn bill but happy there was nothing seriously wrong with my dog!

#2 - Burning Man and the missing boys. Again you can have the condensed version. Dave and his dad had a great time other than the icky weather. They decided that since they had never stayed for the Sunday night burning that they would this year. Well of course there is no cell service out there so Dave couldn't call and say hey plans had changed. I was expecting Dave back in Reno sometime around 10-11 on that Sunday night. Yeah I got no sleep becuase I was really worried about them. We had heard there were some wrecks out there and I got nervous becuase they NEVER stay for Sunday. His dad finally called me on Monday morning at like 7:30 to say they were home and Dave was in the shower. How my genius boyfriend didn't think to call me first is a whole other story! It took them 8 hours to get home from there due to the traffic. Yeah needless to say they won't be staying next year until sunday but rather leaving at the butt crack of dawn that day to avoid some traffic!

#3 - My friend Jeremy was here this weekend. God bless the kid...he was hit by a drunk driver when he was younger and we became friends in high school. There are times when he just drives me absolutely bonkers but this weekend he made some great strides for himself. I don't baby him at fact I can be kinda bitchy and mean to him because everyone else babies him and he is never going to be able to do stuff on his own. Before he could drive to the University Inn and that was it. Then he learned how to do that and drive to my house (fortunately I have always lived off of McCarran in some direction). This year he stayed at our house to go to the hot air balloon races. I was not getting up at 4am to take him so if he wanted to go he had to learn how to drive up there. He did and that was pretty big for him. He also learned how to drive to my school from the park, and how to get back to the mall from the park. Pretty good steps for him!

I think that's all I have to blog about for now...if I missed something I'll go back and read that post and see what I missed!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Meme

Ok I was going to write about all of those things in order, but Jen gets priority because she has waited oh so patiently for me to do the meme she tagged me for! So I am supposed to write 7 weird or quirky facts about myself...

#1 - I must do things on the hour, half hour or every 15 minutes. I will not get out of bed in the morning unless it is an "even number" as I call the hours, half hours and 15 minutes. Example: I set my alarm for 6:30 am. I then hit snooze...well that means I have to hit snooze 3 more times until I will get out of bed...becuase that would make it 6:45 am. I don't care if I am going to end up being late...if I hit snooze again at 6:45am, I will not get up until 7 am. I do have to say that I have gotten a little better about this because sometimes if it is 6:40 I will drag myself out of bed but if it goes to 6:41, nope gotta wait! This also applies to things I do in my classroom...I have computers this year starting at 12:45 instead of 1 and I think that is just ridiculous! Things like events or classes should always start on the hour!

#2 - I cannot for any reason stand blood in my mouth (the taste of blood) or see it in anyone else's mouth. It literally makes me gag and want to throw up. You could have a gash the size of Texas on your leg to where I could see bone and I wouldn't flinch...but last year I had a little girl who had her tooth pulled out and I was helping her change the guaze out because when she returned to class she was still bleeding quite a bit. I gagged...everytime I had to help her my class would bust up laughing! Even she felt bad because as we are throwing stuff away, I am heaving over the garbage can...the same said day I cleaned up a knee that had a huge gash on it...didn't bother me a bit!

#3 - EVERYTHING must be symmetrical in my world. And by everything I mean absolutely everything. I will not hang a picture frame on opposing walls unless there is another one for the other wall. I have three pictures hanging on my wall and there are now three pictures on the wall on the other side of the entry way. They also must go like this (think of paper and setting up a word document) portrait, landscape, portrait. On the other wall they go landscape, portrait, landscape. So not only much the be symmetrical, they must also be complimentary and be opposites of each other to balance. I am incredibly anal about this from my house, to my classroom, to general things in my life. If you are friends with me at some point, I have made you change something because it wasn't symmetrical. I honestly bought Chrissy another picture frame because she had hung up this one cute one but didn't get another one...therefore her wall was unsymmetrical and bothered me! I fixed it for her and she filled it with pictures of us because I am so damn quirky she said!

#4 - Colors were meant to be complimentary that's why we have a color wheel. In my classroom if I write a poster, it is done in complimentary colors. Red is underlined with green, blue with orange and purple with yellow. My homework folders are yellow and purple, my tubs all match my color groups and every poster in my room is done with complimentary colors. And I refuse to put the colors red and pink together for any reason other than Valentine's day...

#5 - I have weird food things...I like to eat salty flavored things with sweet things...I like to eat M&Ms and something salty like Ritz crackers. Dave also says I am weird because when I get chicken nuggets I have to have three different sauces to dip in. Not one...3. And I dip in a certain order. First Hot Mustard...then sweet and sour and then BBQ.

That's all I can think of for now...I still owe Jen two more and I promise I will get them up here!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pulling Out My Hair!!!

Ok I have tons to blog about and I'm not going to get to until this weekend. Here's my list of blogs to come:

Jen's Meme - I have some good ones
Burning Man and the missing boys
Quincy and his ungodly vet bill
More School Stuff
My friend Jeremy

So see I really do have a ton and a half to blog about, but no freaking time. I promise either tonight or tomorrow these blogs will be up so be ready for some reading!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lesson in chocolate and girls #1

Last night we finished up a yummy dinner and went outside to wash our cars. After we came in I sat down and Dave went to get a water. Here's what I said:

Honey, will you bring me a cookie (we have the super soft chocolate chip kind YUM!)

He comes back with A cookie! ONE cookie. I looked at him and said um how come you only brought me one cookie? His reply: Well you asked for A cookie. I quickly gave him a lesson in girls and chocolate. If I ask for a cookie, I am trying to be lady like...please return with no less than 3-5 cookies...otherwise you are just going to have to make another trip to the kitchen to get me more!

When he went back in the kitchen...he brought the whole bag! Does he not know that I have no self control over chocolate? Fortunately I managed to only eat 3 more cookies...phew!

oh and Jen I haven't forgotten about the meme...I have a few things and I was trying to think of more but I will be posting I have another few blogs to write about my hellish weekend! So there should be plenty to read tonight!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 3

Alright...I need a place to vent! I am already very very annoyed at a child in my class. Now being a teacher, you are supposed to like all your kids. Guess what...we don't! This child is SOOOOOOO distractable. Literally a breeze could pass by and she would be completely off task. She sits directly in front of where I teach meaning I am in her face all day and she still gets off task and doesn't pay attention. UGH! I have never ever had a child pull their clip on the third day of school...guess what...she pulled it TWICE!!!!!!

This is also the child whose father is going to drive me bonkers! He sent me and email yelling at me...I responded. The same day I got the email he sent a note with his daughter saying to email him to let him know I recieved this message. Ok wrote again and said I got that message. Yeah no response from him though. I am supposed to drop everything and write him immediately, yet he can't take the time to actually respond to my email.

UGH UGH UGH. I don't know how I am going to be able to deal with this child all year long. She wanted to go to the principal's office today becuase she was tired of being bullied by this boy...who upon talking to him has no freaking idea who she is!

Other than was decent...came home and had a yummy dinner! Oh and to clarify for shannon...yes one of the boys that is a twin has two thumbs on one hand! I'm pretty sure that he can actually use it like a claw and it is opposable...very interesting little guy!

oh and did everyone hear that someone lit the Man on fire already at Burning Man??? I'm surprised the guy isn't dead! I guess he could go to prison for arson...craziness!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The first two days...

Ok a two minute blog because I actually have time tonight and I can still feel my feet! Last night I was so dead from school...dumb as it sounds when you are used to sitting all summer long and then you go to standing all day on your feet in shoes built for fashion not comfort, your feet kill. Fortunately Dave gave me a foot rub! So needed it...and he was so well rewarded later on ha!

My class this year is going to be intersting. I have twins and they are way cute. They are identical so I have to really try hard sometimes to tell them apart...although if their hands are where I can see them, one has two thumbs so then I can tell them apart! I am going to love the boys and I think the girls are going to drive me nutzo! I really wish I had my girls from last year (sigh I want Justine back Steph!) but I will get used to these ones. On day two of school I already have a dad that is going to be SUPER ANNOYING! Granted he just wants what's best for his daughter, but making her school day hell by pestering her teacher is not helping the poor kid...she also has some health issues that could pose a challenge.

All in all should be an interesting year. I can tell you now I will have great stories!

Sorry this is a short one but I'm off to sort out assessments...yeah that's my life now!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trying this out...

I have never loaded a video before on the computer...I see there is a new link in blogger where you can just add a video so I'm giving it a try. It is a video of Allie on our trip to Elko...she was sleeping and watch what she does with her tounge!! She was totally asleep the whole time!! It's only about 30 seconds long too.

FYI: It is taking forever for the video to upload!!!!!

It says I can continue editing my post during upload so that's what I'm doing because it's taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!

I will be very upset if it doesn't work and I sit here and wait for it to says it is 13M of 56M so far...and I have fast internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND THERE WAS AN ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH I told you that I would end up just getting annoyed...I will try again tomorrow!

My poor niece :(

Allie broke her leg today...she is five and is starting kindergarten on Monday! The poor thing is going to have to start school with either a cast or some other contraption that they use to imobilize her. I am still waiting for my sister to call me back...she said that they were trying to find stuff small enough for her...they want her to have crutches and they don't have anything that small in Winnemucca...they still weren't sure if she would have to have a cast or if they could imobilize her a different way. Either poor little girl!! And espeically having to start school that way :(

Here she is at her ballet recital in May...she was a mouse in Cinderella!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it a full moon or is Wal-Mart just full of freaks?!?!

Now I know what you're's the weekend before Burning Man and I must have seen a bunch of burners in Wal-mart...WRONG! Actually I was disappointed because I didn't see any and I always enjoying seeing those that go to Burning Man...

I told Chrissy that I would take her pictures to Wal-Mart tonight because she wasn't going to have time to come into town. She's been stressed and I thought that this was something nice I could do for her. So I drop off the pictures and it's going to be an hour. I have to do a little shopping so I try to stretch it out so I dont' have to come back. Of course I find everything instantly and it only takes like 20 min. So I go back to the photo department to just wait. I wasn't trying to rush them and they were very nice to me. The girl kept saying we are trying to get them to you as soon as we can...and I just said I'm not in a hurry, you told me an hour my shopping just didn't take as long as I expected no biggie. Hence why I was sad no burners to people watch. But then what I saw made those burners that stand out blend right in with everyone else!

A foreign group walked up. 2 girls and one older guy. One girl asked for help with a camera so the photo girl went out there. She came back hysterically laughing. I think to myself oh she probably couldn't understand them...I think they were German from their accents...for sure from Europe. Anywhoo...the other girl that is with this group then walks around the corner and I see what is causing all the laughter. She is tall and heavier...she was stocky I guess you could say. You know when people lose a ton of weight and they actually have skin on their tummies that hangs over their pants...yep she had it (not that I'm judging because by no means is my body perfect but at least I try to keep those imperfections covered up) hanging out over her jeans. Her shirt, which was too short adding to said tummy problem, was white and it was see-through because the material was so thin. It was also bursting at the buttons because her giant knockers were trying to eat the shirt. She was wearing a BRIGHT TEAL bra under said see-through shirt. Not too bad yet right...let's get to her eyes. She was wearing bright green eyeshadow! Not like an emerald or any other green you have no....she was wearing GRANNY SMITH APPLE green eyeshadow. And it was all the way up to her eyebrows...came out like cat eyes and was on her lower eyelid too. Now I know you are saying well Angie girls sometimes do that they use a matching eyeliner duh! No no...she had it on the actual whole lid making it seem like she had huge green bags under her eyes! So yeah I see the chuckles but I don't know why they are STILL laughing. Let me tell you why...

The girl decides to sit down on the bottom shelf where the cameras are because she is getting impatient. She sits down and sits spread eagle. THERE IS NO CROTCH IN HER PANTS!!!!! IT'S BEEN CUT OUT OR RIPPED OUT OR SOMETHING!
I glance over and notice that this is the case and I am thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL DOING??? DOES SHE NOT KNOW HER HOO HOO IS HANGING OUT?? So I turn away as not to be obvious that I am chuckling but it's like a train wreck. I had to look again to make sure I did just see what I thought I did...yep and at second glance she is wearing a black see-through thong!!!!!!! So you can actually see her naughty bits! I am dying...what is she thinking? The girls behind the camera counter are laughing uncontrollably and the best part of it all is that this chick things she is hot shit! A guy walked up and she actually gave him the fuck me eyes...he thought he too was hot shit until he looked down and saw hoo hoo hanging out and then he turned and quickly walked away. A mom and a child walked up and the mother said OH MY GOD! they left. Two mexican guys walked up and they were talking in Spanish...fortunatly my spanish is good enough to understand that the thought she was a prostitute!

I love seeing all the burners because they are interesting people...they come from all over, from all walks of life and it's interesting to see them as they are shopping. Especially since they are such happy people and are all so excited to be attending this big event. But this woman...she made even the oddest burner seem like a normal joe schmo.

Bonus: I got all the pictures (2 rolls of film) for Chrissy for $3 because the lady said she only charged me for developing (which waht the hell is the other $5 on each set of picture usually for) because I was so nice...not sure if I was just nice because I was being patient or because I wasn't rolling on the floor with laughter at the woman and her crotchless jeans!!!!

Boy weekends

Dave is hunting this weekend and next weekend he will be at Burning Man. There's your background.

This weekend I was slightly peeved about because he always helps me the Saturday before school starts in my room just to be an extra set of eyes and make sure I"m all ready to go or help me move stuff around at the last minute. Then we spend all day Sunday just relaxing...we usually have a nice breakfast together and then do something before life gets crazy with school (because usually he has had school but now he is done). BUT (and Shannon will be so proud...her mentoring has paid off!) he was nice and told me about being invited to go and his interest in going on Monday...he didn't spring it on me like he normally does the night before. Then he said a big word that I am pretty sure has never left his mouth... COMPROMISE! He said well I was thinking that we could compromise and I could come help you during the week after I get off work so that at least you still have my help. Whoa! I was a little caught off guard. Admittedly I was peeved and he knew...but I couldn't throw a fit and make him feel guilty so he wouldn't go. Way back I probably would have. Shannon has helped me to become a better person in my relationship, showing me how to compromise even more than I think I am and how to just let him be sometimes. But I knew this weekend had to be different...he did everything I have ever asked of him when it comes to the boy weekend stuff by not springing it on me and by helping me still so that we both got things done we needed to. So he just left for that trip. Next weekend is burning man and there is no questions about that...I would never plan something that weekend because I just know that is his favorite thing to do and I would never ever try to stop that weekend...

This brings me to boy weekends. One of the guy teachers at my school, you know the one with the wife that freaked out because I gave him a ride, said that he would basically have his balls cut off if he got two boy weekends in a row! He had two weekends where he played softball in a row and she is still giving him greif over it. I do have to admit that I will miss spending my weekends with Dave just because the first few weeks of school are hectic...but it's two weekends. It's not like months or anything...

So I'm wondering about all the married folks out there and how you all feel about the "boy weekend" or whatever you would like to call it. I never thought that I was "giving" Dave permission to have two weekends in a row, but then we don't have kids...this other couple has kids too so that might change things (although the dog is freaking out because Dave is gone and that is about the same to me as a kid right now ha!) I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal but apparently in some marriages it is...

So how does everyone out there feel?

Finally and then some

This week has finally come to an end THANK GOD!!!! Teachers had to be back to school Wedensday and of course we were all out there all week anyway. I spent until 8 pm on Tuesday and last night until 9:30...starting each day at 7:30! It is so exhausting and the thing that is really slowing me down this year is helping others!!!!!

I attended a training last week and our new vice principal was there. It's for a data system on the computer and she is a technology freak! She loves the stuff and just feeds off of it. Well apparently me attending the training equaled two things:

1 Angie knows computers = she must help every teacher that needs any little thing on their computer

2 Angie knows computers = she must want to hear all about the technology things that the vp wants to share

Guess what Angie thinks it equals - ONE HUGE PAIN IN MY ASS!!!!

I spent the entire morning before lunch helping other teachers...set up gradebooks, install clipart, create a graph...I didn't get shit done! This means that I now have to spend part of tomorrow doing the things that I wanted to do today!

I finally started telling people NO! I was surprised because usually I will just continue on doing it even thought it is annoying me...but I decided to say NO enough was enough. I said if you want help you are going to have to wait until after I get stuff done in my own room.

Now all I want to do is just rest and I have lots to blog about for once and finally the time to do it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today I went to court to deal with that traffic ticket. I decided that I would plead not guilty and see if I could at least get the fine reduced or dropped all together (not that I thought that would happen but still...I felt like I really stopped). After walking into the court with like 60 other people, we got to watch a video of our constitutional rights. So here's what I gathered...

#1 I could do traffic school if I was eligible (and I am) but that meant that I was basically saying I was guilty and I had to pay the full $170.

#2 I could plead not guilty and go see the city attorney and negotiate with him. But then traffic school wasn't an option.

#3 I could see the judge and she would tell me either I could do traffic school or go see the attorney (so why wait for her when I could choose that myself).

I didn't know what to do...I didn't know if I should take my chances with the attorney guy and see if he would reduce the fine and take the point on my license. But then if we couldn't come to an agreement I would have to have a real trial with lawyers and witnesses and stuff. What was I going to do drag Justine and Justie up there for me? NO!

So I just took traffic school and paid the damn fine! Ugh stupid cop and his dumb ticket!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The coolest invention EVER! (I know...I'm a dork)

How freaking cool is this...It has post it notes INSIDE of it!!!! I have discovered that I am probably the only person that has never seen these before but ingenious!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

3rd grade

I know I teach third grade and all but seriously do my friends have to act like they are students in my classroom? Chrissy, Christine and I all teach together. They teach 4th grade and I teach 3rd. I love them both to death, but I just don't understand something. Do you remember when you were little and your mom would tell you that three was a crowd? Or that sometimes you played nicely with one friend and when you added another one into the mix it turned into a disaster? Yeah that's how I feel, well how we feel.

Christine took last year off to have her baby. Totally understandable. However, she feels like she should have been missed like the queen of England. We all missed her and are thrilled to have her coming back to school. She was actually going to transfer schools and that would have sucked so I'm glad it didn't work out and she is staying with us! Our boss however doesn't know her that well yet. She was 7 months preggo when school started last year so she wasn't in her right mindset and he was a brand new principal trying to deal with running a school. They didn't get to know each other like we all have been able to know each of them. Christine very much needs to feel loved, and while we all love her, really we do, it's going to be hard on her this year because she feels like our boss doesn't "love" her. He will learn to as soon as he gets to know her...but she needs it now.

Chrissy is worried that Christine is going to be jealous of our friendship. I knew Chrissy before I knew Christine even if I only knew her as an acquaintance. Dave was friends with Chrissy long before me (small world huh) and always enjoyed hanging out with her. Christine is 10 years older than both of us and Chrissy is my age. I think Chrissy is silly in thinking this, but I have a feeling she is going to be right. We always hear comments about how the boss likes us (and he does!) and all that stuff. Hello, he got to spend a year with us! He will see all the great things she does this year and will like her just the same.

It just reminds me of that advice...two's company and three's a crowd. I feel bad because I don't want either of them to feel uncomfortable and I think it would be silly if they did.

Wow what a rambling post...that made much more sense in my head than when it hit the cyber world!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What is it about Hot August Nights and all the cars that make guys' penises swell to size jumbo? We went for the locals cruise last night because Dave has a 68 camero. His dad came with us and I have to admit that the three of us had a ton of fun and pretty much laughed all night. But when someone would say nice car or give him a thumbs up or something like that...Dave would light up like a kid on Christmas morning...or that look of oh yeah I just banged the hottest girl I am such a bad ass. I think that's what had me laughing all night! I kept saying uh just grew another 2 inches haha!

Seriously maybe it's all the exhaust that gets to them!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Great Parental Debate

To spank or not to spank...that seems to be the great parental debate. Today I was watching Montell and the show was about parents who disagreed on how to discipline their children. One parent thought spanking or tapping the hand (some form of physical contact) was the correct way to discipline and the other parent was more of the one that was going to take away privileges instead of spanking. It was interesting to watch because it wasn't like a show that was all about people for spanking or against spanking. It was couples trying to raise their children that disagreed on the correct way of doing so. Let me tell you about the guests:

Couple #1: (in advance Shannon will shoot this man if she ever encounters him I assure you)
The father thinks that discipline should be done by spanking and the mother says no. She says that the child will grow up to fear the father and the father says that if the child doesn't fear him to some point that he won't listen. The fathers main reasoning is that is how he was raised and he turned out fine. Montell was really riding this guy's ass and I can't say that I blame him. At this point, the father is just tapping the child on the hand...seem harmless right...did I mention that the BABY IS 7 WEEKS OLD!!!!! (Yes Shannon just screamed obscenities at her computer) This man believes that the 7 week old baby understands that he is doing something wrong by being tapped on the hand. The parenting expert on the show said that babies can't comprehend something like that or begin to really learn and retain until 6 months old.

Couple #2: The father thinks spanking is good discipline, again mom takes away privileges. This father spanks with a paddle and has left bruises on his children before. They are age 16, 12, and 8. The mother said that if he ever spanked them again she would take all three and they would leave because she didn't want them taken away. So he has been forced to try to see things from her point of view and talk to the kids to explain consequences. Interestingly enough he thought that if he went to jail for abuse that would be ok because he has consequences too and he needs to show his kids that they also have consequences.

Couple #3: The MOTHER thinks spanking is good and the FATHER was adamant that she not hit the child. I emphasize the difference because it was a big deal on the show. The fact that it is usually the father that disciplines in this way and not the mother. This father is so upset that he if his wife taps their son on the hand, she gets hit on the hand. If she smacks the child's leg, the father hits her on the leg. Montell kinda got on him too, but at least he is trying to show her that it doesn't feel good. Montell said he was undermining her, but whatever...she was just getting a hurt ego in my opinion because he was treating her like a kid!

So I don't have kids and have never really formed an opinion of this. My parents weren't spankers, but my mom was a yeller. The main reasoning behind the disciplinarians on the show was that this was how their were raised. Since most of the people that read my blog have children, I was wondering everyone's take on this. When is a spanking ok or is it ever? Is a quick tap on the hand ok or is that just the same as spanking? It was an interesting show and I would be interested to see how the moms that read this (or their husbands) discipline their children.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pictures for Shannon

"The Leg Spreader"

Shannon pointed out that my myspace had pictures from my birthday, but not my blog. So here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner.

Dave and I at dinner

Chrissy and Eric...I call him my other husband

Monica and I

Jamie and Steve...she spent a majority of the night educating us all on anal sex!

Chrissy and I in our cute new outfits (you can't see the jeans that I ♥)

Teela and Kenny

Dave, Eric and Steve...these are the boys I spent every weekend with and pretty much all my free time with a few years ago...I'm glad I settled with the one on the end, even if he does look wasted in this picture and he was the sober one!

The girls taking another shot!

Me, Monica, and Jamie

There are the birthday pictures...and let me tell you I want to scream at blogger right now. It took forever to load the dumb pictures and then since it always puts the pictures at the top, I was trying to get rid of the gaping spaces between pictures and the stupid thing kept deleting the picture! UGH!

PS then I had to come back and take out the huge white space of blankness at the end after I posted!!!!