Tuesday, July 29, 2008

200 big ones

Yep this is my 200th post! Not so great considering I've been on this over a year haha! But oh well it's 200...felt like some milestone to me!

I have a very busy week ahead of me. For starters, Thursday is my birthday! I am turning 26 yay...I think. That's the down hill side to 30 and I'm not sure how I feel on that one. I'm sure I'll get over it but time sure is flying by.

Last Saturday the 26th, marked 4 years since my mom passed away and tomorrow will be 4years since we buried her...makes for a fun birthday the day after no? I was at the lake when someone asked the date...I said the 26th, realized the date, thought about my mom and tried to make the best of my weekend. Not too bad this year...but don't worry, I'll have many an obstacle come October to think about my mom.

Then on Friday my friend Shasta comes into town for my bridal shower on Saturday and the bachelorette party that night. I'm excited to see her and actually get to spend some time with her. Our visits are usually so short so it will be nice to have some quality time. Then Brian the best man comes in Saturday morning for the bachelor party. We decided to do the parties far from the wedding date so that these out of towners could have a chance to come and they are both coming and that is way exciting to us!

I'm stoked for my bridal shower...it's a cooking shower. The invitations turned out so cute and it's being thrown by a co-worker of mine. She has been awesome to me through this wedding planning process and she said in the very beginning that she would fill all those mom like roles if I ever wanted her to. I can't say enough how great she has been...anyway back to my fun shower! The invitations all say let's teach angie how to cook! Totally me! So we get to cook all these recipes up and then everyone brings me a simple recipe to share. Fun fun fun!

That night we are going out for our parties. I know we are doing dinner, something in the middle that is fun and silly and then heading downtown. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun pictures from the night!

I know I've been a sucky blogger, but I'm hoping after this week I get one more week to do whatever I want before school stuff starts. I plan on taking lots of time to myself!! All this little wedding stuff that I thought would be so much fun in the summer time is sucking! The little stuff is all the hard stuff!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wyoming was...

interesting! We got back late Sunday night and I have been working around the house to get settled back in from the trip. While we had a lot of fun in Wyoming, it wasn't exactly the greatest trip ever. There was a lot of fighting and a lot of hurt feelings and then it spilled over after we got home. Fortunately the fighting wasn't between Dave and I!

When we got there we stayed with Gabe and Bri. I really like these guys and was looking forward to a great weekend. It was Dave's and Gabe's 10 year class reunion and it was also Jubilee Days which is a big event wrapping up the rodeo leading to Frontier Days and the big rodeo in Cheyenne. So I knew we were going to have a great time. Unfortunately Bri had other plans.

As soon as we got there on Wednesday she started ragging on Gabe about drinking. Let's preface that Gabe drinks a lot and probably is an alcoholic. You can just see her tense up if she knows he's had one drink, and I understand that part of it. The person I dated before Dave loved to drink and I used to feel the same way. I'm sure I had a few immature blow ups in front of friends about his drinking, but I was 19...she is going to be 30 in December! So I do understand where she is coming from in that aspect of everything. However, I think she can talk to him about these things behind closed doors. It really isn't our business, but she doesn't care. She says it all in front of us, making us very uncomfortable.

Thursday afternoon we went to lunch and she was still at home working (she does daycare at her house). She told us she got off at 2. We said we would be back before 2 so we could all go do something. She got off early and instead of calling us and asking where we were to meet us, she blew up and this started the weekend off terribly. We came home and she had gone shopping so we called her. When she got to the house she yelled at Gabe because their daughter was sound asleep on the couch next to him. She was so comfy that after Bri demanded that she sleep in her bed and took her upstairs, Lexi walked right back down the stairs and layed on the couch and went back to sleep. After that Gabe said screw it let's go and we all went to the bowling alley. This is where I had a little too much fun!!

See apparently at the bowling alley (and I say apparently because I DON'T HAVE A CLUE!!!) I drank redbull and vodkas. I remember the first 3 and apparently the next 1 hit me like a ton of bricks. Therefore I do not remember leaving the Lanes, going to eat dinner at a restaurant where I put on quite the show, or leaving there to go home. Did I mention that I was home by like 10 because it was around 3ish when we went to go bowling. I figure I was good the first two hours and then I was a mess. I'll admit I was an absolute jackass that night! I was so embarrassed the next morning I didn't want to go around any of those people. But you know what everyone said, we've all been there everyone's been drunk before, at least I knew they weren't mad. I on the other hand was mortified by my behavior and therefore did not have a drop of a drink the remainder of my time there!! When I got home I wanted to talk to Bri so I woke her up (or so I thought, Dave said she was already awake). The next morning I apologized for waking her up and she didn't talk to me for the rest of the weekend. I tried to blow it off thinking she was just upset with her husband, but by Sunday afternoon I was a little annoyed because she talked to everyone at lunch except me. Came home thought she would just get over it. Went to Gabe's myspace yesterday and there was a nice comment on his page about how I was a stupid hurtful bitch and she had deleted me off of her friends. Ok that did it! I didn't do anything to her so I sent Gabe an email. I figured I would give him a chance to write to me and explain before I wrote her and screamed at her! I didn't hear back from him yet, but last night she called me.

I was a little surprised to see her name come up on my phone so I answered, ready to have words because that's what I thought she was calling about. She's very insecure and I figured Gabe told her I wrote him today about the comment and then she was calling to rip me one for that. Nope she called to apologize! I must say I was a bit shocked and the short version of that call was she apologized over and over again and said she did it just to be hurtful and she realized that she was being mad at the wrong person. I told her I agreed and that's what I thought until yesterday morning when I read her comment and I told her that was pretty rude and immature. I was honest and told her how uncomfortable she made me feel all weekend long and she apologized again and again. There's no point in dwelling on it so I told her that I was really glad she called and that I appreciated the fact that she apologized. We just needed to move on. She was like no it's not ok and I just told her there's nothing we can do to change it. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes.

So our trip went from fun, to shitty, to fun, to uncomfortable to coming home and having the shittiness continue to everything being back to normal! Let's just say I'm more than happy to be home! But I'm also more than happy that things are better between her and I because I wouldn't want anything to come between Dave and Gabe's friendship. And the only other good thing that came from our trip was we were able to spend time with Juan and Christina and I was able to get to know them. They were the friends that saved us Saturday morning so we weren't trapped in the house when the big fighting went down! They are both awesome but Christina and I get along really good! I had a lot of fun with them and they made the bad parts of the trip good so I'm happy for that!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Uninvited Guests

Last night we had a going away party for our friend Eric. He got a new job in Sacramento and he is moving this weekend. It was nice having everyone together. And by everyone, I mean all of the old group of friends that used to hang out, plus their now soon to be wives and a few extra friends. Eric really enjoyed himself and the party was fun. That was until the uninvited guests showed up. You will all rememeber this piece of work that I have previously talked about. Yeah well her and her boyfriend showed up! Clearly I would never have invited such yuck to a party that I would be throwing, but you know what apparently someone (and by someone I'm pretty sure I mean her brother or this other girl that was there) did invite her. I happened to be at the bar getting Eric a shot when she walked in and when I got back to the table my good friend Monica said...."so I'll be buying you a drink now no??" I went ahead and took that drink and sat and chatted with the girls. I was nice and I made no eye contact with the devil's spawn. Fortunately she didn't speak a word to me either. This gives me hope that when her name is intentionally left off of the invitation that she will not be inclined to attend anyway because apparently she doesn't like me either anymore. Perfect!! So needless to say other than her annoying presence and her god awful voice, she didn't bother me all that much. You see that was until this comment was made by her neanderthal boyfriend (ok I shouldn't call him that...he seemed pretty decent last night although I've heard in the past that he has issues).

"So how's Quincy working out for ya?"

How's Quincy working out for us? How's Quincy working out for us?!?! Why let me tell you how he's working out for us you worthless piece of shit. Thanks to you and your right hand skank, he has major abandoment issues and now we have to have him on doggie prozac in order to keep him. Thanks to you and your right hand skank (and of course let's give our good friend Steve here a little credit for his mistreatment) the dog freaks the fuck out when we leave him anywhere...or when Dave leaves for that matter. He's gone through 3 kennels too, but thanks for asking. He was on day 4 of his 5 day sentence when we picked him up so thanks for the phone call to tell us you all were ready to get rid of the dog so we could have come and picked him up instead of having to rescue him from a dog shelter that is a fucking kill shelter that has caused much of his anxiety. So how's Quincy working out for us...why he's just fucking peachy!!! Oh and PS we'll be sending you his prozac bill every month you fuck stick!

Fortunately for all involved at the table, Dave went ahead and answered this question. He did make sure to point out that Quincy had major abandoment issues and when he said we had him on medicine to calm him down, Steve actually laughed like are you serious? Ha yeah fuck head we are serious again THANKS!!! What a bunch of jackasses no!!!

As if the uninvited guests weren't enough, then Eric and Kenny started talking down by me and Teela. Remember I now can get along with Kenny and not want to rip his face off his shoulders. Side note, he looks fantastic after all the weight he has lost and I didn't even recognize him when we walked in. I'm very happy for him...now back to Eric and Kenny's conversation. So they are sitting there talking and Eric is relatively drunk and he is saying how Kenny should go ahead and spit game to Teela (Eric's ex if you all remember)...then Eric the charming little shit says oh yeah I mean you already hooked up with Angie...hell probably even Katie (one of the other soon to be wives there) too. Kenny immediately looked at me...my stomach immediately did a flip flop...Eric immediately regretted what he had just said and Teela gave him a tittie twister to remind him of what a fuck he was! Then Kenny was like you know how about we don't bring that shit up...and kept trying to pussy foot around getting himself out of the glare that was coming from me! Then Eric says oh who gives a shit...Kenny quickly reminded him that a few people probably did give a shit and then Eric proceeded to say how they (him and Kenny) got left out of the wedding...they are our ushers so that we could include everyone. We could have left them out but we chose to include them. Kenny goes yeah I see that managed to get me down to an usher...AGAIN LET ME REITERATE THAT YOU ARE LUCKY YOU ARE PART OF IT PERIOD!!!! I of course wanted to say that I would like to set the record staright and that he is a big fat liar, but again I went ahead and sipped my drink and was the bigger person. No need to start shit in the middle of a bar and rehash open old wounds. It was an awkward moment for all of us, but oh well huh! I try to keep the peace with Kenny and don't want to start shit all over again.

All in all we had a pretty fun night even with our uninvited guests and slip of Eric's tongue. Hopefully Eric had a good time and enjoyed his last get together with everyone before he moves!!