Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OMG I love shopping!!!

Dave got me a gift card to Old Navy for my b-day for a little shopping spree. I really liked this because I always want new school clothes to start the year with so that was a really nice present that I will for sure use!! Chrissy and I went to Old Navy today after lunch and I saw the most adorable shirt ever there. That was until I put it on and it looked like a TENT on me! Not cute at all on me!!! I wanted a new shirt tonight to wear to dinner so we went over to Maurices.

I love this store...I used to adore going to Boise or Carson because they had one there...then Elko got one too! Well after I got a little curvy, I couldn't really wear their jeans anymore. And I started not liking anything there. Well there is one now in the Spanish Springs area so Chrissy and I went because she has been getting tons of cute tops there. Oh my god...I found like 15,000 shirts I wanted. I got the cutest new shirt and I love it!!!! Then the girl talked me into a new pair of jeans and they fit good but I just wasn't that comfortable in them but bought them anyway because I wanted a new pair.

Then Chrissy had to return some shoes to Lane Bryant. I have always thought of that store as the "fat lady store" (and in absolutely no offense to anyone that has ever shopped there) because growing up that's the stigma that was attached to the store. My sister and mom always shopped there, but I was like ugh so don't want to shop there. Well guess what I bought a pair of jeans there today and they are a size 1!!!!! I don't even care what that translates into! They felt kinda tight as I was pulling them up and I was thinking yeah right lady...but then they hit my butt and it was like oh my god we love your butt and your body!!!! I swear the jeans screamed that they loved me and I loved them instantly. They are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I have every worn and I don't even care that they came from Lane Bryant because they are a SIZE 1!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for a wonderful day of shopping...

25 years

When I was little, like 8, I figured that by the time I turned 25 I would be married and have at least one baby, maybe even two. I knew I would be done with college and figured my husband and I would be living in a nice house with a cute yard. I said I was 8 when I thought this.

So here I am today, turning 25, not married with no kids! The start of my birthday has NOT been wonderful. My stupid cat decided that he needed to use my face as a launch pad or treadmill whichever way you would like to look at it. He scratched the hell out of my face, put a hole on my nose, and made my lip swell up like a freaking balloon. Because it is my birthday and I am a nice person...I will share with you the picture. Please be warned that it was taken at about 5:30 this morning, I was pissed, bleeding and very cranky that this was the start of my birthday. You must also swear to say that I look wonderful in this picture (just kidding you will all laugh your asses off)

Yeah so happy birthday to me...thank you Tiny. My lip is even bigger now and I am just hoping that it goes away before I have to go to lunch with my friends. I am going to go shopping today too. Dave got me a gift card to Old Navy...yay he's the best so that I could have a little shopping spree! He also got me some books that I have been wanting...some for me and then some that I really wanted for my classroom. So other than the cat needing exercise this morning...25 doesn't look so bad...even if it's not what I planned when I was 8.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Fun and Flip Flops

I am doing a flip flop exchange with one of my friends. I am wondering if anyone out here in the blogging world would also like to participate. When I first got the paper I was like ugh I hate these things...then I saw flip flops and thought well hell it can't be that bad! Here's how it works...

I would send you a letter with my friend Chrissy's name and address and my name and address. You would then have to buy a pair of flip flops for Chrissy...these do not have to be expensive either just a cute fun pair of flip flops. Then, you would move my name to the #1 spot and add your name. Send it to 6 people. Those 6 people would then send me flip flops...they send it out...you then get your flip flops...you see how it works. In theory, you would receive 36 pairs of flip flops for the price of one. I'm sure that everyone won't end up doing it and the chain will break somewhere so you probably realistically won't get 36 pairs.

If you are interested leave me a comment. I'm going to try to send out the papers by the end of this week. Shannon is doing this with me too so it will be a lot of fun.

I mean really...who doesn't love flip flops!! (and yes I own every color you see here of the old navy flip flops!!!)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three Years...

Today is three years since my mom passed away. Grief is a very interesting emotion. Let me give you some background before I get into three years ago today. My sophomore year of high school, my mom found out she had ovarian cancer. She was never really discouraged by this, or at least she didn't let on to it so she could be strong for the rest of us. I know she had hard days where everything got her down and she could cry but for the most part, she was strong. She did her chemo and stuff and my senior year she was in remission. I left for college thinking things were better. She lapsed and it came back. She had several surgeries and had to make several trips to Reno for hospital stays and chemo. It was my last year of college that she decided that she was done coming to Reno and she found a Dr. in Winnemucca that she loved. Dr. Kim got to see her one day when her g-tube was coming out. Because this turned out to be a minor surgery Dr. Kim got to continue being her Dr. This made my mom happy and made me sad...to me her not wanting to come to the Drs. in Reno meant a little bit of her had given up. Not that I blamed her...
It ended up that she wasn't going to be able to make my college graduation. She had always said that she would live to see my graduate from college. So one day my sister called me and said that this program in Winnemucca that helps families have things to cheer them up. Kinda like make a wish, but nothing that big. Anyway...my sister called to TELL me that I couldn't make any plans for the following weekend because I was going to come home to graduate in Winnemucca for my mom. Selfish me said NO! First of all no one ASKED me if I wanted to come home to do this, afterall it was my graduation. Second of all, in my mind this meant giving up months with my mom. This graudation was to take place in March...actualy graduation in May. Remember her comment she would live to see me graduate...I felt like if she got to see it, it was ok for her to give up. Not by my hand friends! In the end, I did the graduation (after apologizing to my poor sister who I screamed at for just trying to do something nice for my mom and me) in WInnemucca. The Dean of Education came to Winnemucca with his wife, brought invitations for everyone, my cap, gown, honor cords and everything. He presented me with my diploma (well i got my real one in like july when they are mailed to us) and we had a nice little party. Here I was thinking that it was a few people and there must have been 30 and I don't even know how they all knew! Well my sister I'm sure but still. Very emotional day. In the end I am very glad that I did it. Although my mom wasn't able to come to my graduation in May, she was still alive. She hung on for three more months until there was no possible will left in her. Here are a few pictures of the graduation...

My family

All of my family, the dean and his wife, and everyone's favorite Dr. Kim

To make a long story shorter...she ended up having to be put into the nursing home in Winnemucca. This definitely dampened her spirits. She felt very old and I have to admit I didn't like it either, but she needed that kind of care. Little by little...she gave up. The morning of July 26, 2004 was a tough one. The night before my sister and I slept there by her side. She was short of breath and we were told she would go at anytime. I can sleep in a cramped corner on a concrete floor if tired enough and my sister was getting no sleep. I finally told her to go home since she only lived blocks from the hospital around one in the morning. I stayed by my mom's side and remember the nurses coming in every hour on the hour...give her morphine. Each time I woke up and each time I thought, please just not be breathing anymore. I can say that now and be ok with it because my mom wasn't in there anymore. She wasn't talking, couldn't keep her eyes open, and only moaned in response if my dad talked to her. But at the time I remember thinking how mean I was being, that I was crazy for wanting my mom to go. That morning, her brother, came to the hospital. We called him the night before and told him he needed to come. I will never forget that moment when he walked into the hospital. It was 9:00 exactly on the clock. He went in to see her, talked to her for about 15 minutes while we all went in and out just waiting. I went in around 9:25, looked at her take a breath and see that she didn't take another one. The pronounced her death at 9:26. She was waiting for her brother to come say bye before she left. I am a firm believer in that statement. My sister missed getting to see her by 2 minutes and my nephew and his dad had worked all morning to make her a huge sign that said we love you grammy. She didn't get to see it by 2 minutes. (you know the point of this blog was for me to write and say that today wasn't a hard day for me like differnet days...now I am bawling...no more background info for you guys) We buried her the day before my birthday on July 30. Another tough day obviously.

I was going to say that today however, isn't a tough day for me. I can make it through the day and not cry and not be upset (well until I decided to write this!). That doesn't mean I don't think of my mom. I have thought of her all day today. But for me...it's not necessarily her date of death, or her funeral or her birthday or things like that that bother me. The toughest times for me are the first week of school. You see I started my first teaching job exactly one month after my mom died. I never got to tell her about my first day of school as a teacher and that makes me very sad. I also get sad thinking of the upcoming (hopefully) engagement that I will have. I wont' get to call her and tell her and hear how excited she is that I am going to marry the perfect guy for me. Dave only got to meet her once when we were friends and it was a brief encounter. At least she knew who he was and I'm sure she looks down to now see me dating him. So that makes me said that he never really knew my mom. I called my dad and I try not to bring it up to him...he's sad and lonely at times and no need to rub in that today is three years. I called my sister and she is always so disappointed to see that I'm not as sad as her. She said I"m all booby today...I said oh I'm not, I get that way the first week of school. Then she goes you don't even know what today is! Yeah actually dumbass I do...I just choose not to dwell on the fact that three years ago today she was taken from us...I choose to dwell on the fact that she won't get to see my wedding and see my kids like she did with my sister. This is why i say grief is a funny emotion. Everyone handles it differently and at different times. I can hear a song in the middle of january on the radio and burst into tears...I think of my mom all the time...I don't have to only be sad or only remember her today.

Sorry this got to be so long but it sure felt nice getting it all out...thanks for reading

Friendly Advice

I have two friends that are dating each other. I was the person that introduced them and I was the person that helped bring them together. In the beginning, she was an incredibly independent girl. She was the kind of girl who was like "I don't need a boyfriend...or Ugh he is so mushy with all this relationship stuff and I don't like that"...interestingly enough we call her Dave's twin weird huh! In the beginning, he was way into her and just loved absolutely everything about being her boyfriend. He would seriously just dote on her...one night even telling her that she was "amazing". Again this was in the beginning.

They have been dating for three years now. Things are much different. She is no longer the strong girl that we once knew. He has completely widdled away her self confidence and any self esteem she had for herself. He has made her completely uncomfortable in her body because he chooses to say "I'd fuck that bitch...or I'd bang her" to every girl that walks by. Tends to wear one down. This is nothing I haven't told her...she knows all of this and is aware of it. Yet she can't bring herself to break away. He has a I do what I want attitude and no girl is going to tell me differnet. Out of all our friends, and we all have boyfriends/girlfriends now, serious ones, he is the one that has the least respect for his significant other. He is the one that doesn't want to call to just say hey I'm still out with the guys sorry I wasn't home when I said I would be. Or he just goes off and does what he wants when he wants. He would go to dinner with girls or go out with his friends and not invite her. He told her she needed her own friends to hang out with and when she got those friends, he decided to incroach and always wanted to hang out with them. I think he wants to always be with them because he sees that the rest of us are settling down. We are over going out and getting wasted every weekend.

Now to why I'm writing this...apparently she met someone this weekend. She is interested and she doesn't know what to do. She loves her boyfriend very much, but I think it is becoming a difference between loving him and being in love with him. She said last night that nothing they do they couldn't do as friends ie. they aren't having sex. So I did my best to give advice to one friend that will only hurt the other. What do you do when you are so close to both people? I think they could use the time apart in order to really appreciate each other means to the other. And like I told her, yeah it will be weird when we all try to hang out because we are all mutual friends, but I can't tell her "geez you know it would be better if you stayed so it's not weird for all of the friends" She deserves to be happy and I don't think she will be truly happy with him. I have a feeling if they do break up he is going to act like he's ok, but really actually be hurt by it. I could be wrong maybe he won't act ok and be hurt or he will be fine with it and not be as hurt because he sees it too. What I am frustrated with is that he has told her before that when he wants to break up with a girl he just pushes her away and treats her like crap until she dumps him. Uh hello...why not just man up and say you want to be done??

So what do you think...what advice do I give to both friends because in the end he will ask me too

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I ♥...

This is why I've been gone and haven't posted...I'm reading reading reading!!! I am almost done with the book though...I should finish tonight or tomorrow morning if I get all my stuff done today! Then I will be back to the blogging world!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Yesterday I hung out with one of my students from this past year. Interestingly enough, Stephanie works with her mom so I was actually able to see Steph when I picked up Justine. We came to my house for a while, then went and got my friend Chrissy's little sister Justie. We all went to lunch and went swimming. It was actually pretty fun considering I spent my day at an indoor pool swimming with the two girls. We were having races, flip contests all sorts of fun stuff. On the way home, we got ice cream and then we headed up to the University to drop Justine off. Fun day then turned into icky ca-ca!!

I get pulled over for "rolling through" a stop sign. Not blowing it or not stopping at all, apparently just not "completely" stopping. How embarrassed am I that I have one of my students in my car with me!! So he gets all my stuff and he is being way cool. The girls are telling me they won't tell their moms and I'm thinking, oh I'm telling Brenda when I drop Justine off because she is going to laugh at me! I tell the girls that I don't have any other tickets and that he is probably just going to give me a warning. OH CONTRAIR MU FRAIR!! HE GAVE ME A FREAKING TICKET!! How much could a stupid little ticket like that cost...I mean it wasn't a "complete" stop, but I at least "paused if you will" at the sign...$170!! WTF!! So he comes back to the car and says "the bad news is I'm going to have to give you a ticket...but what you should do is go to court, plead NOT GUILTY, and then ask if you can do traffic school so that it won't raise your insurance and all that fun stuff." So let me get this straight...you are giving me a ticket and in the same breath telling me to plead not guilty? Sounds to me like you should save yourself the time and $77 (because you know it cost $77 for him to write the stupid computerized ticket) and not give me the freaking ticket!!!!!!!! He also told me that they were cracking down there becuase it was becoming a high accident area and last month two accidents involved pedestrians.

The thing is I don't think I didn't stop. He told me that the odd thing was that I slowed down way before and that it looked like I was going to stop, but then I just kinda paused and rolled. I had two kids in the car and when I have kids in the car, I drive twice as safe as normal. I had NO idea what I was being pulled over for and actually thought that he was just trying to get around me. So when he came up and said that's why he was stopping me, I was rather dumbfounded because I have never paid attention to how I stop.

So my court date is Aug 30...fortunately Justie pointed out that I will be in class that day as school starts the 27! So I'm thinking ok, I'll just call and see if I can go earlier the week before or late afternoon that day....BUT OH NO!! You can't call you have to go down there and actually ask for the court date to be rescheduled.

Can they make this any more inconvienent and difficult? Seriously!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More on the Ridiculousness

Ok so I had to come and revisit this once I finished watching the show. Let me just tell you the whole story:

These people are RENEWING their wedding vows. They were married for 15 years and they were getting (or got I missed which it was) a divorce. The decided to see a marriage counselor and ended up deciding to renew their vows and marry again.

Yes this was the woman that spent 16,000 on caviar, 15,000 on roses and had 7 dresses!! She did give her final "close estimate" of how much the wedding cost. Are you ready for this...

Seriously are you sitting down for this one???


Is this woman nuts??? This was her second time marrying this guy...imagine how much she spent the first time around!

Holy Waste of Money!

I'm watching Platinum Weddings on the WE channel and holy moly...I have never seen such ridiculousness! Here is a break down of the first girl and the money she spent:

20,000 - Crystals on the centerpieces
15,000 - The earrings she wore at the wedding
6,000 - wedding dress
60,000 - Ballroom for reception
10-14,000 - fireworks
500 - orchids
and there were 1,000 roses in each centerpiece and in the sweetheart table

I was upset there was no total at the end of the show...I mean this is just a small portion of what they paid and holy smokes!

The next one is still going and here is what she has so far...

7, yes I said 7 different dresses for her wedding day! (why?? what the hell are you going to do with all of them) One dress was 65,000 if she bought it but it was made or something and it was only now 35,000
16,000 on caviar -- they are having a 12 course meal
15,000 for 10,000 roses

Big wedding or small...I see no reason to spend this kind of money!

Aww Popsicles...

You want to know how I know Dave is the right guy for me...

I ♥ the lime popsicle seen above. I do not ♥ the rootbeer and banana popsicles...YUCK!

Dave will eat those so that I can have my lime ones without feeling like I am wasting a whole box!! (He will also eat those two flavors because he happens to like them)

Now that's love...he was definitely meant for me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Melty heart...

In March, I wrote a blog about why I teach. I told of a little boy that I had in my second year of teaching and his horrible homelife. He started 4th grade at our school, but he moved. This wasn't shocking because he had attended a different school each year and he was only in 4th grade! I knew the school he went to and I had always hoped that he at least remembered me, or thought about how hard we worked on making good choices, as he grew up. I really really put time and effort into this kid and I didn't want it to be for nothing.

A few weeks ago my principal was talking about a meeting they all had together. He said our area superintendent was thanking him for a family that went from our school to another school. They were talking about the school my little guy had gone to and sure enough they were talking about him. He had been in a ton of trouble and I was disheartened. I really believed that I had made a difference with him and he wouldn't forget. I decided I was going to see him.

I didn't know if the school would even tell me if he went there or if they would let me go have lunch with him, but when I called she immediately knew who the boy was and didn't even have to look him up. Long story short I was able to go have lunch with him yesterday. He was SUPER excited to see me and he just kept hugging me telling me how much he missed me and how happy he was that I found him because he lost my number. Ok I'm feeling a little better. She told me he was so excited when she told him I was coming and he got to talk to me on the phone. He couldn't believe that I wanted to come and see him let alone have lunch with him. We sat and had lunch and the first thing out of his mouth was "I wasn't very good in 4th grade!" So we talked again about choices and he told me that it was his sisters boyfriend that was involved in the shooting when they closed Double Diamond Elementary a while back. He doesn't like this school becuase there is shootings and gangs and bad stuff. He just kept thanking me over and over again for coming to see him and telling me how he was happy that I found him. Another teacher we knew from Stead works there now. I was talking to her and she said "see people really do care about you buddy...you have people that care." I knew from his response that he genuinely knew I cared for him...

"Miss Plaza always cared about me...even when she was really mad at me she didn't quit caring."

Aww melty heart!! I spent an hour with him and he introduced me to all of his friends and told them how I wanted to come have lunch with him and I was a very important teacher. He was so proud to show me his school and his work and he even remembered all of what we did when I tutored him. He told that same teacher that he got to stay with me until 4:30 and those were the best days of school because he didn't have to go home so early. How sad is your homelife when staying at school and working is a better situation than going home?

Needless to say, he has my number again and this secretary and I are going to be in very close contact about him. I will have lunch with him again this summer too!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I figured it out...

As you can see I figured out how to make my words link and such...I guess if you read the help around this place you get it!

Let's Talk About Sex and Such

Again due to reading Shannon I have stumbled upon another blog...this one made Shannon blush and I had to laugh! The blog is all about having sex and positions and pretty much anything you can imagine. There was a website link on one of the posts that directs you to the Love Machine...it's basically an online Kama Sutra that allows you to pick how much input you want to put in. If you are down for a few laughs and a few how the hell did they do that...go here and click on the Position Selector...guaranteed to provide a few chuckles and raise a few eyebrows.

You should also check out their blog...it is rather amusing. And I want all my soon to be mommy friends to try out the Anjou-Style It's recommended for mommies to be in their first five months of pregnancy!

And yes apparently I don't know how to make a word a link like Shannon and everyone else in the blogging world does so whoever leaves a comment needs to tell me how to do it!

I Dislike Charter!

The one day that I actually feel like I have something important to blog about and my stupid internet is down. I called Charter 3 times today before someone could actually help me. First the guy told me to unplug the wrong cable and so I disconnected him from the phone. The second guy had me doing all sorts of things running this program and such. Nothing worked so he referred me to Microsoft. Have you ever tried to call Microsoft? Yeah no thanks. I called again and the lady was really snotty with me. She said "It shows you were referred to Microsoft." "Yes I was, however, I am experiencing a new problem" She had me unplug the right power cable and plug it back in and VIOLA! My internet worked!

I was in the middle of posting my bloggy blog and I hit publish post and guess what...PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED. Ugh so I try again and again and again...nope! And it's not even in my saved drafts! I will start again as soon as I can see straight at my computer!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meeting Grandpa

Tuesday night I got to meet Dave's grandpa. This is the first family member that I have met from Dave's dad's side of the family. I was very nervous to meet him because he is very Mormon and well the f word is the top word in my vocabulary! I stressed all day over what to wear, made sure I was very conservative and presentable. I was under the impression that we were going to Dave's dad's house because Dave's dad and his sister don't get along...did I mention his sister is Kenny's mom...I've shared about Kenny before I'm sure of it.

Anywhozits...we get to Fernley to find that Mike (dave's dad i was tired of typing that out) was still at Susie's house! That meant that I didn't get to meet grandpa in a small get to know eachother kind of setting...I had to meet him and be spend time with Kenny at the same time...how is a girl to do this and now use the f word?

Well I managed. When I got there Dave introduced me and I went over to shake his hand. He quickly informed me that he didn't want to shake my damn hand (he cussed!!) because he only hugged family. Then he told me that he heard a lot about me...YIKES...if from Mike good...if from Susie not sure! I was quickly introduced to the fact that he likes to argue, about anything. If you said it was cloudy outside he would say it was sunny. And he doesn't do it because he thinks he is always right (well about silly arguments anyway). He does it because he likes to watch people argue and debate. He and one of his granddaughters got into a political debate and you can assure that I just nodded and smiled and nervously played with my water bottle. Hello you don't debate politics with many...and certainly not a strict Mormon that you are trying to impress! I thought he was nice and he liked that I was a teacher.

I think we are going out there again tonight so we will see...I am still looking for the chance to really get to know him where he doesn't have 15 other people all talking to him at once.

Teacher Moment

So I'm going to bore you with a teacher moment. We found out yesterday that our school didn't get a grant that we applied for. It's a bummer because it allows for some extra staffing to get to our lower students that need more one on one time. It also provided for full day kindergarten which our school needs because there is NO daycare out there. And it funded a program called GLAD which helps students acquire high academic vocabulary and scaffolds for the ESL students.

So we didn't get the grant. But that's not what peeves me. There is a school in the district that is title one. That means that they get a whole bunch of money. (I'm giving you the short version of the story and trying not to bore you with teacher stuff) Many people think schools have too much money or they wonder what schools could possibly spend money on. Well the school I am talking about had all of this funding PLUS some grant money two years ago. This school went from not making AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress as required by no child left behind) to not only making it, but being high acheiving. How great!! Here's the catch...this same school LOST all of the funding the next year. They were high acheiving so obviously they didn't need the money. They lost all of the support staff that helped with the one on one teaching for low students. And guess what...this year (well the year we just finished) they didn't make AYP!! Are you seeing the correlation here...if you give the schools money or the funding they need for the extra staffing they can meet the goal...when our classrooms are over cap and those three low kids need that extra help, they aren't getting it as much as they need. Extra staff helps with that...but no...don't give the schools money. Then wonder why they dont' all meet AYP.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Noah

In my days of sitting home for the summer and stumbling around all of the blogs that Shannon recommends, I then stumble around the blogs that those people have on their pages. I have no idea after all my readings today how I found this amazing woman, but I tell you she is AMAZING. Her husband, her daughter...all of them are amazing.

The blog is about her son, Noah. I tell you now...You will need tissues if you are going to read this blog. Those of you that are familiar with Karla, at Untangled Knots and Kate at Sweet/Salty, you will come to love Adrienne and her family.

All three of these mothers are wonderful, amazing people. May we all take a moment today to think about Karla's daughter Ava, Kate's son Liam and Adrienne's son Noah...children that have been taken so early, but were given understanding and strong parents that knew the exact way to love them.

Also, think about baby Kaleb...he gets to go home in 6 days hopefully.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Allie's photo shoot

This past weekend we went to Elko to take my dad to the Basque Festival. My neice, Allie, thought that she was having a photo shoot because I came home with several pictures of her...however, none as good as this one

She was trying to make the pig face with her pointer finger...however when we all started laughing at her and I refused to let her stop making the face while I dug in my purse for the camera she realized that we were nuts. I explained that you can't use that finger to do this and she looked down at her fingers and as innocent as innocent could be she said "oops that's not the finger I wanted to use this one is!" I still laugh when I see this...

Here are a few pictures of her sleeping...you will notice that she is never far from Dave...

I have a video of her sleeping, but I still have to figure out how to load that to here...

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Many of my blogging friends have seen this site because almost all of them are moms themselves. If you haven't seen this site, it's certainly something to see if you plan on being pissed off and at a loss for words for the rest of the day.


Two people who think they need $50,000 in donations in order to raise their kid. They have said themselves, they don't need the $50,000 but it will give the baby the right start that THEY (the intelligent parents that have set up this site) think it should have...they also think they would be good parents. Go ahead read the site I'll wait.

Ok now that you are back and steaming mad, here is my question...who in the hell are the idiots actually donating money?? Since I first heard of the site they have raised another $3000! Whether this is a scam or a real couple truly believing this is the only way to have a child, why would you give them money???? You can't possibly be that dense to think you should help them with their child. Are they in turn going to help you...no.

Also, the hate mail section that they have set up is interesting. Some people write things like this blog just saying how appalling and absurd they are. Then there are people that take it to a whole new level and call them names like the N word or other racial slurs. Hello...you aren't being better than them. There is even one guy who says that this is brilliant!!!!

After all the blogs I read today about families losing their children, or think of baby Kaleb, I can't imagine how anyone would want to help two idiots that think people should donate for their pregancy!!!