Friday, June 29, 2007

Random annoyances

I play on a softball team. Last night was our last game...we actually took second place overall so it was fun because for most of us it was our first time ever playing softball. This weekend our team is playing in a 48 hour goodbye to Don Mello park tournament. Basically it was our coach that said the team was going to play and then some of the team stepped up to actually play. Chrissy and I aren't playing...I am going out of town and she is going to the lake. Here's where my annoyances come in...

So our coach (also a guy we work with) wants to borrow our jerseys. On a normal day I would say ok cool. HOWEVER, he called me the other day and this is what he said..."hey we need your jersey this weekend so make sure you wear another shirt under it so we can just have it after the game"...did anyone hear a "can we borrow your jersey this weekend" in there? Me either...THEN he has the nerve to call me the next day and say hey I need your cleats too...uh hello I DON'T WEAR CLEATS!! I told him that I never got cleats and that I only had my tennis shoes that I wore. Well he wants his neice to wear them because she only has vans and stuff and she can't play in those...IS THIS MY PROBLEM?? NO!!! When he asked my size I said 9 which in tennis shoes is true but really I was hoping that I just overshot it high enough that her little feet wouldn't fit in them!

I called Chrissy and he had also called her. She made a good point that he is a man (no offense to other responsible men in the world) and he would never get our jerseys back to us. It's not like they were given to us we all paid for our jerseys and I"m not too keen on letting someone else borrow it to not be certain that we get it back. So last night at the game neither Chrissy nor I took an extra shirt. I said with the class we had yesterday and all I just forgot. Do you know what he actually says to me...did you bring extra shoes for Erica (no I already told him I didn't have an extra pair even though I do and that they wouldn't fit her...I don't share shoes with folks I don't know!) I said no, they won't fit her...he then says when she can just wear those ones! I got a little pissy and I said I dont' have any other shoes to wear home and we are going to Sparky's after this...she will have to go get her own shoes!

We got to Sparky's and he comes too...he just kept saying he was going to have to get with me today to get my shirt. I said you know they could just wear black shirts...there's no rule saying they have to match. He just wants the team to all match. So we leave and I think I am out of the clear...

HE CALLS ME AT 7:35 THIS MORNING!!! Is the shirt really that fucking important?? He goes so what are you doing today...I explained I had numerous errands to run and laundry to do for our trip this weekend. He goes well I'm going to have to meet up with you somewhere near south of town so I can get that...oh and by the way is it going to be washed because I don't want to give someone a stinky jersey! Are you fucking kidding me?? Let me get this want me to let you use my jersey, my shoes, my mitt and you want me to make sure these are all squeaky clean...UH NO!

This turned out to be way longer than I thought and sorry for all the rambling...but my god it's a shirt! It's not life or death! Would you guys have loaned out your stuff after hearing all the stuff he wanted...he's not exactly one to give stuff back either (he borrowed my school stuff once in October and I got it in MAY!!)

Your thoughts...

Monday, June 25, 2007

How do you choose?

There has been something on my mind way before Dave asked my dad if he could marry me. Something that I know all girls do since a very young age when they are planning out their dream wedding. Bridesmaids. Of course you pick when you are little the friends that come to ride bikes with you and are at your house all the time. But then you grow up and you get new friends. So how do you choose who your bridesmaids are? I know that all but one (me and Steph are the lone unmarrieds) of the people that read my blog are married (including Jen now congrats!!) and I want to know how you picked your bridesmaids. Here's the reason I ask...

Let me start by giving you the list of people that I have recently wanted in my wedding:


Ok so you can see the list is too long (or is it?? what's a good number?) Here are the things I know for sure: My sister will be my matron of honor (unless for some reason she doesn't want to be and would rather fill the role of mother of the bride...not sure how to handle that one either) and Shasta is the one that will never change she will always be in my wedding no matter what. So the top two are guaranteed. Now on to the others:

Chrissy - she's going to be in it...there's no way around this one either. We've become great friends and she is always there to support me no matter what. She is also the friend that wouldn't have hurt feelings if I didn't have her in my wedding.

Christine - we are good friends then she took time off to have her baby and it gave me a chance to get closer to Chrissy. Christine has always been supportive and both Dave and I are good friends with her and her husband.

Kayla - Dave's sister had always planned on having her in the wedding...not so sure now becuase of items in Betrayed Blog below. How do I handle that one...I'm sure she would have hurt feelings, but at the same time do I want someone in my wedding that I'm not 100% sure that person is happy for me to be marrying Dave??

Teela - yes I skipped one...Teela was the person that kept everything about me and Dave a secret for so long. It was because of another wedding that I met Teela and she always kept my secret and never told anyone we were hooking up...even when she became a part of our group of friends. She has always said yeah Dave is being a butt or no Ang you need to calm down you are being dumb...she is always truthful.

Monica - ok here is the person I am not so much starting to question, just am wondering. Monica and I were inseperable. We even lived together until she moved to Fallon to do her student teaching. And I think there starts the problem...she moved to Fallon and never came back. So with her in Fallon, we don't see each other that often. It's like we are living two totally different lives. We talk on the phone maybe twice a week (we used to talk everyday like 10 times a day) and we see each other if she comes up here (i need to go there more often). I saw her at the rodeo Friday and it almost felt like I didn't know her. She has a whole new set of friends down there which is expected, but it's like she is wishy washy with her friends up here. It's very hard to explain and I guess it's just something I feel. She wasn't super supportive of Dave and I when we first got together, but she is now I guess. I just feel like we've grown apart and I wonder if I could take her out of my wedding and just have her attend or if that would mean starting world war three? I actually don't know if it would hurt her feelings or if she would just kinda be like oh well because she is in Fallon and she does have her own set of friends there? I guess I wonder if she feels too like we have grown apart. I mentioned that Dave was going to talk to my dad and it was just like oh (with that surprised shock of bitterness almost, not the surprised I'm happy for my friend shocked which Teela had).

So I guess I would like all my married blogging buddies advice...Shannon, Shasta, Jen, Julia and anyone else that would like to chime in! How did you pick your bridesmaids, how did you avoid hurt feelings on a day that is supposed to be all about you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dave needs

So next I googled what Dave needs and while some were funny...none spoke the truth more than this...

Dave needs support from a stable and harmonious family ...

Google said it...not me!

What I need...

I saw Shannon had posted this on her site and I had to laugh. Of course then I had to try it out for myself! If you want to try it go to google and type in what (your name) needs...

Angie needs...a family who will access and work with a therapist (hmm...they must have been listening in on my phone conversations this past week)

Angie keep her products organized (how about my life organized!)

Angie start making good movies (hell I didn't know I made bad ones!)

Angie fix George up with one of her friends (hey I have a friend that needs a all I need to do is meet George so I can hook them up!)

Angie duct tape HIS mouth shut ASAP (good thing they didn't say HER mouth shut or I would be on the phone to google)

Angie take over the wheel of her psychological car from her Pusher (what the hell does that even mean??)

Angie agent to become an actress (nah I'm good)

Angie needs...some self esteem and self love so she can make her romantic decisions (hmm...I probably could use a little of both)

Angie badly! (why yes yes I do...dinner is on the way)

Angie needs...a night of blinding sex to get out of the coma that Bob left her in (um blinding sex YES...not sure who Bob is but I certainly don't appreciate his shitty bedroom skills that left me in a coma!)

and finally...
Angie needs...a big, sturdy, and high quality diaper bag!
  1. I believe this was supposed to be posted under the Shannon needs section
  2. I had better not be needing any kind of diaper bag anytime soon or I am in big trouble!!


So I had a comment from Lisa (is this my cousin Lisa by the way??) and I wanted to clarify what Wyoming had to do with asking my dad. First of all he drove to Wyoming, meaning he had to drive through Winnemucca. If he didn't have me he could stop and ask by himself. Also, he said that he didn't want me to go to Wyoming becuase he wanted a chance to talk to his friends up there and get their advice...especially his friend Brian that just got married. He wanted to know how he went about asking his new wife's dad and stuff like that. So that's what Wyoming had to do with asking my a round about sort of way.

And to Lisa...I don't mind if you stop by often and read!! I look forward to your comments!

Monday, June 18, 2007

He asked permission...

Dave asked my dad permission to marry me! That was my surprise. I can only imagine how hard that was for Dave...just him and my dad. You have to know my dad to know that he likes Dave but he isn't going to get all excited and give this huge reaction. I asked Dave what he said and he said that he told my dad the main reason he was there today was to ask his permission to marry Angelique. He knew to use my whole name how freaking cute! My dad hates nicknames becuase that's not what he named us...anyway back to the story. So at first my dad said what...he's 74 hard of hearing...poor Dave started to say it again and then he said oh oh!! My dad got quiet and then told him that he had his permisson...then he got quiet again and told Dave that it didn't matter what he said because I was going to do what I wanted anyway!! POOR DAVE!! He knows my dad so at least he didn't take it the wrong way. Then my dad told him that he appreciated him asking first! Too freaking cute!!! Then they sat and visited for like two hours!! Dave called my sister and went to see them but he never said anything to her. She called my dad and he told her!

So that was my surprise and a darn good one! This means that the proposal can't be too far away!! I'm all giddy like a total dork right now but I think I can be!!


Dave's sister Kayla and I have always been close. I always support her when her family thinks she is being retarded. When she wants to date black guys and her mom and stepdad basically tell her no because he is black, I am the one that always says you can't tell her who to love...just let her be. When her mom gets mad at her Daunte's dad because he doesn't pay child support, I defend Kayla and tell her mom that she is dealing with this in her own way...leave her be. And when she is being totally out there and doing dumb stuff...I am honest with her and tell her to knock it off.

Today she asked me to load some pictures on her myspace page because her computer was being dumb. So I did. I saw a message from this girl Arryell that is the twin sister of the girl that just married their cousin. Please keep in mind that I had earlier in the evening requested Arryell to be my friend on myspace. Here's what the message said:

Arryell: Hey girlie! Here's my number....any good news about you know who being single yet??? :)

Kayla: hey you. my cell is .... an no he's not single yet. He's in wyoming right now for another wedding...i wish he would get single soon though! :)

Hmm...anyone remember the guy that was in wyoming for another wedding right now...yeah MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND!!!!! WTF!!!!! Yes I copied the message exactly as it was written for you guys so that there is no mistaking here what she has said. Now obviously while uploading photos there aren't messages to yeah I did look at her messages but that does not compare...even she isn't mad about that! I was talking to her on yahoo messenger while i was loading pictures for I instantly get the icky want to throw up everything from the last three weeks feeling in my tummy. Why would she even write that? Is that really what she thinks? Why the hell does this Arryell girl care if he is single? And how in the hell am I going to tell her that I know she wrote that. So I started by just saying are you honestly happy that dave and i are what do you suppose her answer way...OF COURSE she is happy we are together. So I poke some more and finally i just said I saw what you wrote to arryell about how you wish he was single soon. Long story short...she doesn't know why she wrote that...she loves me being with him and she is so happy that he is going to settle down and blahditty blahditty bullshit! I said why would I believe that...she said that she wasn't sure if we were going to be together for a long time (hello she wrote this on thursday and we have been together for 3 years!) but now she sees how serious he is getting with me and knows i am the right one for him.

So what the hell am I supposed to believe? I have always thought that she really cared about me and that she was the one person in the family that I could trust and tell everything I don't know. Why bother giving this Arryell girl hope like he would become single and she could pursue him if you are really happy that he is with me? Second of all...what the heck kind of girl is busy trying to get all the info on my boyfriend while I am happily dating him? Yeah you remember I said I had requested to be her friend earlier...this was before I knew she was into my boyfriend and then I deleted my request...and the picture that I had of her on my myspace...well the nice one that said how nice her speech was...that one is gone...maybe it can come back later! there is still a picture of her on there with her sister but only because I like the picture! Now I have the icky jealous feeling too DAMN IT!!!

So any advice on what to say to her...we talked over the computer all night...thank gosh for her because i was so hurt i couldn't really speak to her! I want to believe that she really is happy for us... and I want to think that maybe she was just being dumb and giving her friend false hope like we have all done (oh yeah he would totally be interested in you when you are complete opposites) but now a part of me has doubts!

Ugh I need to get to bed...I have class in 6 hours!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6 days...

Ok so the mom is gone! The boys are still here and I am sad they are leaving tomorrow. They are the part of the family that I actually get along with (well the sister too) and absolutely adore! Look at how cute they are seriously...

Yeah they are adorable and tons of fun to be around. However...wait till you hear this. So Dave left for the wedding that I was uninvited to for surprise reasons...see next paragraph! And the boys are with me until they leave tomorrow. Well their mom is totally paranoid because apparently I am unable to care for a 18 and 17 year old. She seriously asked them if I had fed them!!! WTF?? Of course I have fed them...I didn't lock them in a fucking dungeon and tell them they couldn't eat for days...she wanted to know if they were full and if I had been feeding them. then she informed me that I needed to tell the airport that I am their older sister and i need a guest pass to walk them up to their gate. Uh hello they are 18 and 17 and fully capable of reading. Pretty sure they can do it without me. So now tomorrow we can't talk to her until they are actually on the plane becuase she will need to talk to me to make sure I actually walked them up there. UGH! Oh Oh and then she informed me tonight that SHE had to talk to Dave for a long time because SOMEONE needed to keep him awake! Uh...I have talked to him like every two hours since he left this morning and I had just talked to him like 20 minutes before her! If he hadn't have left me at home, he would have had company!

So on to that subject. He left today for 6 days. Have I ever mentioned that I hate to be by myself? Yeah I do I hate sleeping at my house alone...I hate not having someone to come home to and I hate being alone! This is the trip that I was told that I couldn't come on because there is some surprise...actually to start with I was just told I couldn't go because I wasn't invited. Ladies...would anyone here be upset besides me? Ok thanks (ps if you don't side with me don't comment haha just kidding!) So it wasnt' until I was beyond upset because of the shady way he went about telling me i couldn't go that he told one of my friends to save his own ass. So it is something that is a surprise and something that has to do with a step towards getting married. I just don't know what the hell it has to do with Wyoming...well I have an idea of what it is, but I don't know. So now I will spend 6 days wondering what he is doing in Wyoming with the people that I have never and seem to never be able to meet and stirring over what the hell my surprise is! Ugh...I'll blog some more when the boys leave tomorrow :(

Monday, June 11, 2007

The 9 day adventure

Ok so as I said I would be back and it still took me a few days to actually get back. It's been busy with all the family in town and trying to figure out who is staying with us each night. One night it's just the boys...the next it's the boys, dave's sister and her son, the next night it's no one. My house seriously looks like a bomb went off, but that's ok. Surprisingly enough it has been a pretty fun trip. While I still don't agree with 99.9% of the things Dave's mom does, she has made a real effort to be nice to me again. She is acting like she did when she first met me and it feels nice to not be the bearer of all that is wrong for her. I say she is acting, but I really hope that it's not just an act! She actually was super nice to me at the wedding and stuff and was dancing with us and everything...she did get a little snippy with me at the end and try to blame stuff on me, but I just POLITELY said that it was not my fault but I would help her if I could. (Notice i said politely very large...this is because she was being snappy with me after 7 margaritas, 3 shots of jagar, and 3 more drinks of I don't even know what you call them). And I pointed out to Dave that she was making an effort and that I appreciated it so all has been calm. However instead of the calm before the storm, we had the huge freaking hurricane and then the calm. I guess I should have started here...

Tuesday they came into town and didn't come to see Dave. Then Wednesday they came to Reno to get the boys, but their flight was delayed. Instead of still going to dinner like planned they stayed at the casino. I guess I just value family time more than her. Long story short Dave and I spent about 2 and a half days in a huge fight. The fights all took place of course late into the night causing many tears and no sleep. I was frustrated with his mom and the fact that even though these things bug him, he won't just say hey mom, can you take a little time for me. He was frustrated becuase I was mad at his mom and he just said he couldn't choose. Ok I know he can't choose...that's his mom and I'm never going to take that over so duh I didn't expect you to choose. I just want him to stand up for himself so I don't feel like I have to! Then he pretty much proceeded to say every mean thing right down to he was unhappy and maybe we shouldn't be together! Then when I ask about this in the morning, he says he didn't mean it. THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU SAY IT??? I used to fight like that...get as many digs in as you can and apologize later for all the hurt. He told me one time that he really didnt' appreciate that and empty I stopped. Apparently he choose to pick up where I left off. And yes I have pointed it out to him and he says sorry but apparently isn't planning on changing it or doesn't realize. So that was pretty much how all of our fights went for the next 2 and a half days.

Fortunately the wedding seemed to help a little...I was still having icky feelings because I can't help but think that he obviously meant some of that or he wouldn't say them. But we all had fun. Then yesterday was the Basque Festival in Winnemucca (well actually I missed Saturday for the wedding and I have NEVER missed a Basque Festival including in womb!) He had told me he was going with me just for the day...well of course as it got closer, he got wishy washy. Again I was annoyed because I'm the person who is always here for him and yet he is shitting on me because he knows that I will be here. WHATEVER. But instead of throwing a fit I just said ok have fun with your family. I know it's important for him to see them especially the boys because he only sees them once a year. Plus if I put a guilt trip on him like they did then I am no better than them. So I went to Winnemucca by myself. Had fun seeing everyone for the whole 4 hours I was there haha! I just basically wanted to watch my niece and nephew dance.

So on Wednesday he leaves for his secret trip...well the trip isn't a secret...he's going to wyoming for a wedding but my surprise is supposed to be a part of this trip hence why I can't go. So I should know more when he gets back from this trip.

For now I must try to pick up my house and get busy. I will post a few pics from the wedding weekend in just a little bit...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm still here...

So since Shannon officially fired me from blogging I had better explain where in the hell I have been. It is the last two weeks of school therefore I do nothing but get stuff awards, letters, assessments, reports cards and end of the year BBQ. So this is why I have found very little time to sit and think to write a blog. However I do have plenty to blog's the short version...after tomorrow you will be able to have all details included!

Dave's graduation was a lot of fun. I'm really glad that he walked and I think he is too. We had a nice little BBQ at my friend Chrissy's house for him the next day and my sister got to meet his dad so that was actually nice. It was the first time part of our families have met in 3 years! Dave's mom...well still on my list for not coming amongst other things!

And speaking of the wonderful mom, she will be arriving in town later today for 9 days. While they are arriving in town today, we won't see them until tomorrow because apparently seeing your son is really not high on her priority list. They are stopping in Fernley and not coming up to Reno today. They are coming up tomorrow because they have to pick Dave's brothers up at the airport, but god forbid they come today and see has to be convienent for them!

I still have to pack up my classroom and finish off report card today...tomorrow is the last day of school YAY!! I am happy for summer break but I always hate leaving my really get attached to them. I have a feeling that mommy dearest is going to want us to go out to Fernley and I already told Dave he could but I do not have the time. Which he is supposed to help me pack up my classroom so we will see.

Also he has some big secret trip planned. And Shannon you will be proud of me...I dropped it even though he is a sucky liar...he's really pulling stuff way out of his butt! I will elaborate on that maybe Thursday!

For now I must go get ready...but if you thought I was gone...I was just ending a school year! One more day and I'll have all the time in the world!!