Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A year ago

Steph wrote a blog and asked what we were all writing about a year ago. I couldn't even remember if I had a blog a year ago so I went to investigate. I find I did have a blog and then I was reminded of my this year is so much nicer than last year at this time!


Yes most of my blogs were about how I wanted to dangle my student teacher from her tiny toes and then possibly leave her there for a day or two. The blogs that weren't about her were about my kids in some way because I was still very new to blogging...I started blogging at the end of January of 2007. My other blogs were about our new dog, the grocery store and how it was my enemy (hmm that has changed some too now that I am eating better), how Valentine's Day will probably never be the same for me, and about the struggles that Dave and I were having because of our friends that were causing problems in our relationship. The one that I found the most interesting was the one about Alone Time.

We just went to our counciling session for our marriage this week. I haven't blogged about this yet because I haven't really had the time to get into it, but I will give you the short version. We had to take this focus inventory to basically bring out all the topics that they want to make sure that couples that are going to get married go over. Communication, finances, family of origin, parenting and stuff like that. There's a bunch of things. Well we take it and then we have to meet with a marriage counselor. No biggie until we get our results and we score like a 58. Well in a teacher's world that is failing! Then she says in this very caddy voice...well most people score in the 80s. So now I'm all stressed about this test. Anyway we go and meet and all it was was that Dave put unsure on a lot of things and there were a few he just read wrong because he needs detail and the questions were very vague and broad. So she said we probably would have scored in the 90s...making me feel much better.

Back to the point of this. One of the questions had to do with us agreeing on the need for alone time. He of course put disagree and I knew he would. As we talked with the lady I told her that in the last year I think he and I have really grown together as a couple. There have been things that we have really worked on together and we have changed for the better. For example, one of my questions was about sharing our feelings...I must beat the dead horse until I am done talking about it and he must have a few hours to process and then he can come back and talk to me about it. Alone time was another example. If you read the post about the alone time, I had no need for it. I didn't understand it and I always took his need for alone time about wanting to be away from me...that somehow it was connected to me. Over the last year I have learned that it has very little to do with me and everything to do with him just wanting some time to himself. He told her how I always said going to work was my alone time (obviously because I viewed alone time as time apart from each other) and that was true in that post a year ago. Now I understand that sometimes it's just nice to have alone time so I can blog without feeling like I am missing out on time with him. Or I can have alone time and read a book without being interrupted.

I was very nervous about this meeting this weekend and in the end I realized how much we had grown together as a couple for the better. And thanks to Steph for making me go back and check out my posts. Finding that alone time post really proved everything that I realized this weekend!
PS: Patty I promise to write more on my story tonight or tomorrow!
PSS: Jen I promise to have wedding dress pictures up hopefully this weekend...I need help getting into the damn thing and Dave can't help me!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Book Meme

No my darling Patty it wasn't from all the wedding planning that I have been doing that has prevented me from blogging. I would have to say it is a little bit of laziness mixed in with a little bit of oh shit I forgot about the book meme haha!!

So I was tagged by Patty and Jen for this so I will do 2!! There is another meme that I am stealing from Jen's page that I want to but I don't know if I will have time to do that one this morning. So without further ado, the book meme...

Here are the Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

This is the book that I bought a while ago with the intentions of reading very quickly, however, school started and then I forgot about my book :( I read way more in the summer time. My book is Janet Evanovich's Motor Mouth.
"I'm going to follow her, see where she goes. Hooker handed me the keys to the SUV. In a small, dark corner of my brain there's a fear that once you're out of my sight you're going to get on a plane and go home without me, he said."

Wow I get the sentence about Hooker! Hooker is her bounty hunting buddy! These books are really good if you have ever read anything in her series. Most of them are about this girl that is a bumbling bounty hunter and somehow manages to pull off her job even though her life is an absolute disaster.

And for book numero dos - This book is my wedding planning book The Everything Wedding Organizer! Here is about the only reading I have done since school started (not including children's books of course)
"When it's time for you to make that long trek down the aisle, you can walk to the same piece as the bridesmaids, or to a piece chosen especially for you. Sometimes the bride will walk to the same song as the bridesmaids, but played at a different tempo"

So in case any of you were wondering about wedding music choice this is the book for you :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The truth

Ok it's been forever since my last post...oh so sorry! However I have been sick!! I lost my voice somewhere around Tuesday/Wednesday and then went around bragging about how I didn't feel bad I had just lost my voice. God apparently thought that was rude of me so he went ahead and made me feel bad somewhere around Friday. This was the point where my head filled like a balloon and I was sure the best thing was for it to pop off the top of my head! None the less I am feeling better today...not great but it will have to do!

Here are the truths and yes Lisa got both of them right! Many of you got one of them right because I think I have talked often about it!

1. I like to skinny dip and do so every chance I get. BIG FAT LIE!! Hello I belong to the Tuesday Tummy Tuck...there is no way in hell my naked self is going swimming anywhere (not even back in the skinnier days would you have found me doing this!)

2. I enjoy drinking wine. LIE However I am seriously trying to develop a taste for the stuff so if anyone has good flavors or types of wine feel free to let me know (Jen I believe you would be a conosiour here :) Is it odd that I would like to develop a taste for wine?? Hmm...

3. I can function in organized chaos. GUILTY!! TRUE TRUE TRUE Let me give you an example of my organized chaos. You see my desk at school is always full of papers, books and pretty much everything else I drop on it. Come into my room and ask me to find anything on that desk. I will promptly go and lift up this stack of stuff and shift the other stack off to the side and pick up whatever you asked me. Now, if I clean off my desk and put everything away, I will spend a half hour trying to find that same thing you just asked me for. So while it looks like chaos it is very organized to me!

4. I have a book full of poems I have written. LIE! I am SOOO not good at writing poetry. If I can't get it to rhyme I am no good at the stuff...it has to rhyme (has to do with that whole symmetrical thing...then it's lyrically symmetrical...yeah I'm that odd!)

5. I met President Bill Clinton when I was in Washington D.C. LIE Been to Washington D.C. and been inside the White House for a tour while he was in office, but never met the guy.

6. I am extremely patterned based and everything must be symmetrical. DUH!! This is the truth that you all got right. Anything that has a pattern or a pattern can be made to it, I am good at...Guitar Hero perfect example. I can be playing and all of a sudden I don't even know how I just hit all these notes because I kind of spaced out...but my fingers had the pattern down and did it on their own. And hello me very symmetrical...and it's not always symmetrical like you think...symmetrical in my mind is sometimes different. I have pictures on my walls and they are in threes...top one is vertical, next one down is horizontal, next one down is vertical (again back to the pattern stuff!)

7. I have been to Hawaii LIE But maybe for our honeymoon????

8. I don't like to talk on the phone. BIGGEST LIE ON THE LIST ACCORDING TO DAVE! He says I have it glued to my ear permenantly!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

6 lies, 2 truths

Ok so I am stealing this from Shawna because I think that it is a way fun game! If you want to do it you have to write down 8 statements, 6 of them being lies and 2 of them being true. Make sure your lies are good so that you can try to throw people off!

1. I like to skinny dip and do so every chance I get.

2. I enjoy drinking wine.

3. I can function in organized chaos.

4. I have a book full of poems I have written.

5. I met President Bill Clinton when I was in Washington D.C.

6. I am extremely patterned based and everything must be symmetrical.

7. I have been to Hawaii

8. I don't like to talk on the phone.

Alright girls, see what you can come up with...I thought this would be really easy but I must have over thought it because it took forever and I don't know that these are very good ones.

And Jen I will try to take some pictures today in my dress for you!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Chapter 14: Sworn to Secrecy

I knew immediately that I had to make her swear not to say a word. For some reason at this time, I still wasn't ok with our friends knowing. They are so judgemental and I just didn't want to hear all the shit we were going to get for hooking up and actually liking each other. It is much easier to spill your guts to a complete stranger than it is to your bestest friends isn't it? Yes I think so too.

I made an immediate date with Teela for lunch and stressed over and over that she could NOT tell anyone in this group of friends that she knew anything about me and Dave hooking up or that I liked him. She had to let on that she knew NOTHING! Being the great friend that she is, she immediately assured me that she wouldn't say anything, but that she thought it was silly for us not to tell our friends. Yes Yes I know this. Now while it's easy to spill your guts to a total stranger, it's not so easy to give them your trust and assurance that she really wouldn't say anything.

Things were immediately complicated again when Teela and Eric started dating! There was no way she would keep this from her boyfriend...I knew I was tanked at this point. But I was wrong. Teela kept her end of the bargain and lied for me weekly. She NEVER told any of our friends, including Eric about Dave and I. She only said she knew anything after we had told every last friend that we were together. Eric was a little peeved but she said look I swore to her and it was important. She's a girl you could trust with your life here folks! It might have been a small secret to her, but it was the plans to nuclear warfare to me!

It made me feel so much better knowing I was able to have someone to vent to and get an opinion from when I wanted to kick Dave in the balls for being a jackass. We emailed daily and she helped me through so much. I was able to get another take on it and know that I wasn't losing my mind because she too saw how Dave was around me and how he changed when the boys started to say stuff. That made me feel better to know someone else saw it. And it was just her being nice, because there were times that you will hear about that she told me to just get over him. Her and I had numerous inside jokes so we could communicate to each other if everyone was around. My birthday present that she gave me was like she had known me forever. The card was priceless and I still have it to this day. It was chuck full of our inside jokes and made my birthday a little better (my mom died 5 days before my birthday)

And Teela, the person I had only met one month earlier, was the person who worked 4 shifts of 10s so she could have the Friday off to come to my mom's funeral. A much better friend than Steve don't you think...oh wait you don't know...that's another chapter to come! :)

Chapter 13: Lisa's Wedding

Now is the time when things start to get a little more interesting in the old story. My childhood friend Lisa was getting married. She had asked me to be in the wedding and I of course said yes. We hadn't ever really lost touch, but we were much closer when we were younger. Then in high school we just had different friends so we didn't talk much, but it's not like anything bad happened between us. So at first when she called I was flattered and then I thought, wait why did she pick me we haven't talked in years? Since the wedding, we have rekindled the old friendship and chat much more often!

Anyway back to where I was going...Teela was a girl that was also in the wedding. She lived with Lisa at the time and they were both going to school to be accountants. If you have read before, Teela is now in my wedding.

Lisa's wedding was up in Winnemucca. Well Teela had never been up there and of course it was going home to me. Well I thought I would be the nice host after the rehersal dinner and thought we would hang out and I would show her a good time at the bar. Lisa was worried that I was going to keep her out too late and said Teela couldn't stay the night with me...what the Hell? Apparently I had a reputation of being a partier? I think not! We ended up having a great time and one of the groomsman kept giving me the eye! Well I had a few cocktails and started flirting back. Then I found out he was married and high tailed my shit right back to Teela!

We were getting to know each other that night so I thought that we could share some stories because clearly we would not be hanging out besides the wedding and she was a safe person because she didnt' know my friends. So I poured my guts about this guy I liked to her and Lisa. It felt great to get it all off my chest. The wedding came and was beautiful. Teela and I danced the night away and had fun because we were the only single people at the wedding and the invite list was on average over 50 years old! So we pretty much stuck together. I learned she was recently out of a relationship and I continued to pour my guts out to this girl. The next day we went to the little brunch with the wedding party. Teela was talking about her birthday later on in the week and how all of her friends from Vegas were home because it was summer and school was out. I said well we could get together and just have a drink.

We made plans to go out for her birthday and have a few cocktails. We had so much fun that night that we decided to go out and have a drink with my friend Eric the next night. Yep that would be the Eric and Teela that you have all heard me talk about. Eric and Teela hit it off and she became an instant part of our group! While I am very excited that she did become a part of our group and we did become great friends, the whole time I was only thinking one thing...

I just spilled my guts to this girl and now she is going to be around all these people that I have been talking about...she doesn't know that my friends don't know! What the hell am I going to do to get her to keep her mouth shut?!?!